The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 8: The Sixth Seal 63-0323 (Continued)

Day 47

337  I was standing the other day in my home country there now in Arizona. And I—I read when I was a kid about Geronimo and—and Cochise and those old Apaches, 'cause I preached to them up there: fine people, and some of the finest people you want to meet are those Apache Indians. And then I went over there to—to Tombstone, where they have all the old relics and things from the war. And I looked at… They always… You know they always classed Geronimo as—as a renegade. To me he was a red-blooded American. Absolutely. He was only fighting for his rights like anyone would do. He wanted not that pollution in his land, and look what it is now, turning his children, his daughters into prostitutes and everything else, and white man coming there. The white man's a rascal. The Indian was a conservative; he was—he was a—a conservationist. He would go out and kill a buffalo; the whole tribe eat everything was left of it. They used the hide for clothes and tents and everything else. And the white man comes and shoot it for a target. Why, it's such a disgrace.
340  I read a article in the paper where in Africa, that great place full of wild game, they got these guys, Arthur Godfrey and them, going over there shooting these elephants and things out of helicopters and things like that. A picture of an old female elephant trying to die, and the tears, like, pulling down her face and two big males trying to hold her up to keep… Why, it's a sin. That's not sport. When I was standing out on the field out yonder, in where I hunt and things like that, and see where them white hunters come out there and shoot them deer and cut a hindquarters off of it and sometimes kill eight or ten little does and leave them laying there, and their fawns running around trying to find their mammy, and you mean that's sportsmanship? That's pure murder in my book.
342  I hope Canada never gets any roads in it as long as I live, to keep them renegade Americans out of there. That's right. They're the poorest sports I ever seen in my life. Now, not all of them, there's some real genuine men, but that's—that's one out of a thousand you find. Shoot anything they can see, any way they want to (That's right.); that's a murderer. That's right. He's heartless. He will shoot out of season. While up there in Alaska there, I was up there with one of them guides. He said, "I picked up… I'd go out there now and find whole herds of them great big elk—or not elk, but the moose laying there with .50 caliber machine gun bullets through their horns where these American pilots out there in—in Alaska machine-gunned them out of that plane—a herd of moose. That's pure murder..
346  They knowed in there if they'd kill the buffalo, they could get the Indian, he'd starve to death. That's the reason that Cochise had to surrender, his—all of his princes and all the rest of them, his children, and all of his people were starving to death. They went out there with big—great big loads of them, Buffalo Bill and them plainsmen had shot off all them buffaloes, forty, fifty in an afternoon. They know when they ridded that, they got rid of the Indian. Oh, my, a stain on the flag the way they treated them Indians. There you are. But remember, the Bible said, "The hour's come that God will destroy them that destroys the earth." And the whole world…
348  Look at them valleys. I was standing up there the other day looking down on the valley at Phoenix. Went up on South Mountain, wife and I was setting up there and looked down at Phoenix, and I—I said, "Isn't that awful?" She said, "Awful? What do you mean?" I said, "The sin. And how much adultery and drinking and cursing and the Lord's Name used in vain in that valley there, was about a hundred and—and forty thousand or fifty thousand people, or maybe two hundred thousand people in that valley?" And I said, "Five hundred years ago or a thousand, there wasn't nothing but cactus, mesquite, and the old coyotes running up and down the sand river there, the—the washes." And I said, "That's the way God made it, but man come in; what did he do? He saturated the ground with filth. The streets are full of gall; the sewers, the—and the rivers are polluted with—with filth." They couldn't… Why, you'd better not drink a drop—of some of that water; you'd get anything. See?
352  Look at it. Not only here, but the world over, the thing is polluted, and the world, the nature… God, have mercy. The whole world in its birth pains, the world is trying; she's travailing, Isaiah said. What's the matter? She's in—trying to bring forth a new world for the Millennium where all the…?… trying to birth a new world for a new people that won't sin and pollute her. That's right. She's in travail. That's the reason the—the—we are in travail. Christ, to bring forth the Bride… Everything is travailing and groaning. See, there's something fixing to happen. And this sixth plague lets her go.
353  Brother, the earthquake burst open, and the stars shake; volcanics will come forth, and the earth will renew itself. New lava will break forth from the center of the earth, and she'll crumble all around and around and around when she spins out in yonder. And I tell you, one morning when Jesus and His Bride comes back to the earth, there'll be a paradise of God there that… Oh, my. Them old warriors of the battle walk down through there with their friends and loved ones; the anthems will fill the air, of an Angelic host. "Oh, it was well done, my good and faithful servant, enter into the joys of the Lord that's been prepared for you like you should've had back yonder before Eve started the ball to rolling in sin." Amen. Whew. Yes, Sixth Seal's going to do something. Yes, sir. Truly the whole world is groaning and paining for the Millennium age.
356  Now, the one now is so soaked up with filth. As I preached here not long ago, I believe, preached in the Tabernacle, "The World Falling Apart…" That's exact. Look what's falling apart in the world. The… Everything's falling of it. Certainly it is. It's—it's got to fall apart. Yes, sir. Look, its frame. Let me show you the reason the world's got to do it. The frame of this world: the iron and the brass and the materials of this earth has been pulled out of it, its framework, for war and industry until it's just about ready… Well, we never had an earthquake till the other day over here in this part of the country, till just the other day here (You see?), St. Louis and down through there. She's getting so thin. They've pulled everything out of it. See? Its politics are so polluted there's hardly a honest, among them. See? Its systems… Its morals is so low, they just don't have any. That's all. See? Sure. Its religion is cankered. Yes, sir.
359  It's time for the Sixth Seal, pretty soon, to be opening up, and when she does, oh, my. The end… The Bride has done gone forth. She's done… The Queen's done went to take her place. She's being married now to the King, while this was going on. And Israel's remnant is sealed and ready to go, and then nature lets go. Oh, what a time.
360  Notice, the last verse of the Sixth Seal opened. Those who had laughed at the preaching of the Word, of the vindicated Word of the living God… When them prophets that stood there and performed miracles, closed the sun, and everything else, and all down through the age… See? They cried for the rocks and the mountains to hide them (See?), to hide them from the Word that they'd laughed at, 'cause they seen Him coming. "Hide us from the wrath of the Lamb." He is the Word. See? They'd laughed at the Word, and here the Word was incarnate; and they'd made fun of It, laughed at them, made fun of them, and the incarnate Word had dropped forth. Why didn't they repent? They couldn't: too far then. So they knowed that the punishment… They hear it. They've set in meetings like this and knowed about it, and they know that the things that those prophets had predicted was looking them right in the face.
362  The thing that they had rejected, they'd spurned mercy for the last time. And when you spurn mercy, there's nothing left but judgment. When you spurn mercy… Just think of it. And there they was. They had no place to go, no retreat. And the Bible said here, "They called for the—cried to the rocks and the mountains to fall on us, and hide us from the—from the face of the—of—and the wrath of the Lamb." They'd tried to repent, but the Lamb had come to claim His own. See? And they cried to the rocks and the mountains, prayed, but their prayers were too late.
364  My brother, sister, the goodness and mercies of God extended to the people… While Israel was blinded for this—for here just about two thousand years to give us a chance to repent… Have you turned that mercy down? Have you—have you rejected that… Who are you anyhow? Where did you come from, and where are you going? You could not ask the doctor. You could not ask anybody in the world, and there's no book you could read that could tell you who you are, where you come from, and what you're going but this Book.
366  Now, you know without… You have the Blood of the Lamb to act in your place; you see where you're headed for. So if—if God did that for you, the least thing we could do would be accept what He's done. That's all He asked us to do. And on the basis of this… If I go any farther, I'll have to come right into that plague, oh, that's tomorrow night's service, and I—I can't do it, can't go any farther. I got it marked down here, a cross: stop here. See? So then, I—I got to wait until tomorrow.
368  Now, let us bow our heads just a moment. If you haven't, my precious friend, hadn't—haven't accepted the love of this God, that I'm talking about… If you have… (Listen to this close now.) If you haven't accepted His love and mercy, you'll have to stand His judgment and wrath. Now, you tonight are at the same place that Adam and Eve was in the garden of Eden. You have a right; you're a free moral agent. You can go to the Tree of Life, or you can take the plan of the judgment. But today while you're sensible, in your right mind, and you're healthy enough to—to rise and accept it, why don't you do that if you haven't done it? Is there them people in here that hasn't, as yet, did that? If that be so, would you just raise up your hand, say, "Pray for me, Brother Branham. I now want to do it. I don't want this to come."
371  Now, remember, friends… (God bless you. That's good.) I have… These are not my ideas of this; I—I… This is not what I been thinking. This is altogether from me. So help me, the Holy Spirit knows it. And you wait, if the Lord willing, tomorrow night, I want to show you a mystery that's been going all the time right here in this meeting. I doubt very much whether you've ever seen it or not (See?), what's—what's took place. It's been something that's laid right here before you, and I've watched each night for us—for it to rise, or somebody to say, "I see it." See? Don't turn it away, please. I ask you if you're not a Christian, if you're—you're not under the Blood, if you're not borned again, filled with the Holy Spirit, if you've never made a public confession of—of Jesus Christ by being baptized in His Name to witness His death, burial, and resurrection, that you have accepted, the water's ready. They're waiting. Robes are furnished in here, and everything is ready. Christ stands ready with outstretched arms to receive you.
374  In one hour from now, that mercy might not be extended to you. You might turn it away for the last time, it'll never touch your heart again. While you can, while you can, why don't you do it? Now, while… I know the regular customary way is bring people up to the altar. We do that, and that's perfectly all right. At this time we're such crowded in here, right around the altar, till I couldn't do that, but I'd like to say this: In the apostolic day, they say, "As many as believed were baptized." See? Just if you can really down in your heart…
376  Here's all it is. It isn't—it isn't emotion, though emotion accompanies it. Just like what I said: Smoking and drinking isn't sin; it's the attribute of sin. It shows you don't believe. See? But when you truly believe in your heart, and you know that, on the basis of where you are setting there you accept it with all your heart, something's going to happen, right there. It's going to happen. Then you can stand as a witness to it, that something happened.
377  Then walk to the water and say, "I want to show to the congregation; I want to prove. I want to make my testimony stand that I'll take my place with the Bride. I stand here now to be baptized." I know that there's many women in the world tonight, fine women, but I'm awful lonesome to see one. There's one of them that's my wife. She goes home with me. She wasn't my wife to begin with, but how she become my wife, she took my name. He's coming. There's a lot of women, churches, in the world, but He's coming for His wife. She's called by His Name. Them that are in Christ will God bring with Him. How do we get into it? "By one Spirit we're all baptized into one body."
380  Now, while we pray, you pray too—inside or out. There's great groups of people in the rooms, outside standing around, out in the streets, but now while—while you are… We can't call you up here to this altar, but your heart, make it the altar. And right in your heart say, "Lord Jesus, I believe this. I've stood out here in this night air. I been smothered up in this little room, I'm setting in here amongst these people. I—I—I don't want to be… I can't miss; I can't afford it." Everything, as I told you last night… And so help me, the Lord knows I tell Truth. "I lie not," as Paul said. That vision or whatever it was, I stood there, looked and handled those people that's gone on. It's just as real as I'm standing right here. Don't miss it, my poor brother, sister; don't do it. I know you've heard preaching; you've heard this, that, and stories, all that, but let… just listen from me. This is… I know it's the Truth. See? You just… I—I can't make it any clearer. See? Don't miss it. It's all yours. Now, let's pray.
382  Lord Jesus, here before me is a box of handkerchiefs that represents the sick people. And as I pray over them, laying hands upon them, as the Bible said, "They took from the body of Paul handkerchiefs and aprons; unclean spirits went out of the people," and great signs were done, because they seen Paul, that they knowed the Spirit of God was in him. They knowed that he was—he was a strange man, that the things that he talked about, about the Word… He'd go, take the old Hebrew Word, of the Hebrew church, and bring it to life, and place it in Christ. They knowed God was in the man. Then they seen God working strange and mighty works by him, foretelling things, and it would happen that way, and they knowed that he was God's servant.
384  Lord, I pray that You'll honor these people for their respects of the Word, and heal them for Jesus' sake. Out here in the audience, Lord, there's setting, people just like it was who listened to the apostle Peter at the day of Pentecost, how he went back in the Word and got the Word, and he said, "Joel said in the last days these things will take place, and this is that." And the three thousand believed it and were baptized. And, Father, today we stand here by Your grace, and it's not because that it's—that it's a special people, but it's because… Just like the day of the Lion, or the Ox, or the Man, it's the Eagle time. It's the anointing of the hour; it's the time that we're living in. It's the working of the Holy Spirit for this particular time to prove that Jesus is not dead—the things that He said that He would do just before the evening lights went out…
385  And here we have been seeing Him do that right down along the road. We seen it come down in the scientific research and had His picture taken, the great Pillar of Fire, Who led the children of Israel, Who met Paul on the road. And we know this same Pillar of Fire that led Moses down there in the wilderness, by that same Pillar of Fire he wrote several books of the Bible, for he was anointed with the Word. This same Pillar of Fire coming upon Paul on the road to Damascus, he wrote many books of the Bible, called the Word of God. And now, Lord, that same Pillar of Fire by the evidence of the proof of the Word and by scientific research, we see It here, revealing the Word of the Lord.
389  God, let the people be quickly awakened, Lord, quickly. Those who have their names put on the Book of Life, when this flashes across their path, may they see, like the little ill-famed woman at the well that day. She recognized quickly, and she knew it was the Scripture. And now, Father, I pray that all that will receive You at this time in their hearts will settle it forever at this hour that they're finished with sin, that will arise and make preparations now for public confession of baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ, for the remission of their sins, to show that they believe that God has forgiven them, and they take on the Name of Jesus Christ.
391  Then, Father, pour down the Holy Spirit of Oil upon them, that they might be placed into the service of the Lord God, that they might be workers in this last evil day. For we realize we have just a short time, and the Church might go at any time. The Lamb might at any time leave the sanctuary up there or—or the throne of sacrifice, come forth from the throne of God where the sacrifice laid, and then it's over. There's no more hopes for the world; she's finished. Then she goes into flusterations of great spasms of earthquakes and—and great shakings like it was at—at the resurrection. And—and the—the—as Christ rose from the grave, when the saints rise, the same thing will take place. Lord, it could be at any minute. We're watching for that glad day to arrive. Take Your children under Your arm, Father, now. Draw Your little lambs to Your bosom. Grant it, and feed them on the Word till they're in strength for service.
395  We commit them to You now, Lord. All… Answer this prayer. You said, Father, over in Mark the 11th chapter, "When you pray, stand praying, believe that you receive what you ask for (Lord), and you shall have it." And with all my heart to Him that's been revealing these things down through the years and these Seals here in these last week, I believe You, Lord God, that it is the hour, close now, closer than we're really thinking of Your approaching. Please let my prayer be answered. And may every called child of God that's in hearing distance of here, or either the tapes shall strike, may at that time I claim them for the Kingdom of God, upon the basis of knowing this is the Word that's being revealed. Let the evening Light shine, Father. I commit them to You in Jesus' Name. Amen.
398  Now, all inside or outside that believes and has never made your—your public confession that you're finished with sin, and you—you want the mercies of God and you've accepted them in Jesus Christ, the pool… They'll be ready to baptize anybody who wants to be baptized today, or tomorrow, right now, or whenever it may be. Do you enjoy the Sixth Seal? You see where it's opened at now? Have you believed it? It said, "Who has believed our report, and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?" See? Believe the report, then the arm of the Lord is revealed, the Arm, the Word of God is revealed.
401  The Lord willing now, tomorrow morning, I'll try my best to answer those questions. I'll spend probably the rest of the night in, or most of it, in prayer over them. I'm getting about from one to three hours a night; I never got to bed last night till going on one, and at three o'clock I was in study. See? See, I—I'm going to have to answer for this. That's right. We're too close for anything, any foolishness, or any presuming, or halfway believe. I've got to see it first. And then when I see it, it's got to be in the Word too. And so far, by the grace of God, they perfectly… I've took it from all the way through; you know that; it's—it's just blended right together. It's got to be, THUS SAITH THE LORD, 'cause it's not only as to say it from me knowing it myself, but the Word of the Lord is THUS SAITH THE LORD. And here is the Word taking what He has give to me and blending it together and showing you, so you know yourself it's THUS SAITH THE LORD. See?
404  Here's the Word says so, and then the revelation that He gives me, which is contrary to what any of us has ever thought… Why, contrary to what I thought, 'cause I never went into it like that. But now, we find it slides right together, and what is it? It's THUS SAITH THE LORD. See, it's exactly. It's been a place opened up, holding there to this hour, and then the Lord comes and pushes it right in like that. So you see, there it is. It's—it's—it's the Lord. Oh, I love Him. I love Him with all my heart. Now, remember, you—we couldn't get to the altar. Several held their hands up. Now, see, it's an individual affair with you. It's whatever you want to do. See? The hour's so close at hand, you ought to be pressing as hard as you could, not have to be pulled (See?), just pressing, trying to get in. "Lord, don't let me out. Don't leave me out, Lord. The doors are closing. If I can just get in…" See?