The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 7: The Fifth Seal 63-0322 (Continued)

Day 37

53  Now, let—let me just… Let me review that just for a minute. What makes God great is because He can make Hisself so simple. That's what makes Him great. God is great, and He can make Himself in such a simple form, that the wise of this world can't find Him. They just can't find Him, because He makes Hisself too simple. Now, watch. And this in itself is the mystery of the revelation of Jesus Christ. See? This in itself that a—a… There—there's can be nothing greater than God, and you can't make anything as simple as He makes Himself. See, that's what makes Him great. See?
54  Now, a great man, he just can get a little greater and maybe he stoop down and say, "How do you do?" to you (See?), or something like that, but he can't make hisself little. There's just something about him. He's a human. He just can't make hisself little, 'cause when he gets to get down too small, then the first thing you know, he's got to refer to what somebody else did, and like that, and then he starts pulling hisself back up again. You see? But the way up is down in God. Yes.
55  The wise of the world is trying in their wisdom to find Him. They only climb away from Him in doing so. See? The wise of the world… If you're trying to explain something by some mathematics or something, remember, He's even put it in the Bible in Rev… Or in… No, I beg your pardon. Isaiah 35, I believe it is, that even it's so—it's so simple that even a—a—a delinquent person would understand it (See?), or even a fool shall not err therein. Wise misses it far by their wisdom, going farther from Him by trying to find Him by wisdom. Now, don't forget that. That'll be taped. See? The wise in their wisdom go so far to try to find Him by their wisdom, they miss Him. See? If they could be big enough to be simple enough, they could find Him. If you're big enough to get simple enough… See?
58  That… And you know that—that really is the truth. I've went in to people in their offices and so forth that were really were men, big kings (See?), and potentates, monarchs; and usually them are big men. And then I've went into places where a guy got a change of clothes, maybe some minister that wanted to argue with me awhile, and you—you'd think that the world couldn't run without him (See?), and that—that's just puffed up in the head. See? But a big man, a big man sets down and tries to make you think you're the big man. See, see? He can humble himself.
59  And you see, God is so great till He can humble Himself a place till a human being can't climb down that far. See? That's all. And in their… And they're trying to find Him… Now, look, they are trying to find Him by sending the boys to school and getting a bachelor of art and degree. And—and they're trying to find it by a theological terminology of—of—of the Bible, and they're trying to find Him by educational programs, and by organizational programs, and by beautifying things. And trying to find… He's not there at all. You just fighting the wind; that's all. You—you're getting away from it.
61  If they could be big enough to be—to be simple enough, they could find Him in that direction by being simple. But as long as you're going towards wisdom, you're going away from Him. (Now, let me get that so you won't miss it.) As long as you're trying to find God by wisdom, like it was in the garden of Eden, like it was in the days of Moses, like it was in the days of—of Noah, like it's been in the days of Christ, in the days of John, in the days of the apostles, and to this day, when you try to figure it out, and try to find God by wisdom, you're going farther from Him all the time. You're trying to understand it. There's no way of doing it. Just accept it. See? Just believe it. Don't try to understand it.
63  I can't understand why that—well, a lot of things… There's not many things I do understand or can't understand. I can't understand how this young fellow setting here eats the same food I can and here he is, got a full head of hair, and I ain't got any. I don't understand it. They tell me calcium makes it, and I can't keep my fingernails cut off enough and no hair at all to cut off. I—I don't understand that.
64  As the old saying is (this might kind of change the position in seriousness, but it is seriousness, but I haven't got to the Seal yet) how that a black cow can eat green grass, and give white milk, and churn yellow butter. I—I sure couldn't explain that (See?), 'cause you see each one is a product of the other one, and how it does… I can't explain it. Can't explain how two lilies stand or two flowers of the same breed, and one red and the other one yellow, and one brown and one blue. I don't understand it—same sun upon them. Where does the color come from? See? I can't explain it, but yet you have to accept it.
67  I just wish that some great theologian would explain to me how this world stands in orbit. I wish you could scientifically throw me a ball in the air, turning, and let it make the second revolution in the same place. You couldn't do it. And yet this is so perfectly timed till they can tell the eclipse of the sun to the minute, twenty years from now. They ain't got them a watch or clock or any piece of machinery that's that perfect, and yet it stands there. And then leaning backwards; what if it straightened up for a little bit? You just—you just make yourself silly to try… See?
68  So you see, don't try to get wisdom to understand. Just believe what He says, and the more simpler you can get, then there you are. You'll find it. Now, I'm so thankful for that, thankful that He is, has made Hisself simple. Now, we find the 6th chapter and the 9th verse, let me start now. And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony… they held:
69  Notice, there is no mention of another beast or a living—living creature to this announcement of the Fifth Seal. Now, remember, there was on the Fourth Seal; there was on the First Seal, Second, Third, and Fourth, but none here. See? Now, if you notice… Let's just read back one of the Seals. Let's go back to the Fourth Seal (See?), and that's the 7th verse. And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come… see. … when he had opened the third seal, I heard the voice of the—of the third beast say, Come and see. … of the second beast, Come and see… (and… the first beast say,)… Come and see.
71  But then when we get to the Fifth Seal, there's no beast. Now, just notice. And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar… Right quick (See?), there's no—there's no beast there, and a beast represents power. We know that. See? There's no living creature. Now, one of those creatures, we find out in studying the—the—the revelation in the churches, that the—one of them had the—was a lion; and the other one—the other one was an ox; and the other one was a man; and the other one was an eagle. We find out in the church ages that those four beasts, meaning four powers, was gathered around the Acts of the Apostles just the way that the—the tabernacle in the wilderness, and…
73  You understand it, 'cause I won't take time to go into it now. We drawed it out here and showed just exactly. They were watching over this, the Lamb and the Word to perform the Word just as they did the—the ark of the covenant in the holy place in the wilderness, and so forth. Now, we even positionally showed by the tribal colors of Israel and by the… How many heard the—or the Seven Church Ages? I guess most have: two thirds of you. Notice that even the nature of the beast was exactly a tribal emblem, which way the four… the twelve tribes, set four on each side or—or three tribes on each side. And the four beasts set and watched these tribes from all four ways.
75  And when we went and got the Gospels and show exactly when you enter into the ark, they was a-guarding the ark, the covenant; and then we find out that the covenant of the new church, its representation on earth was the Holy Spirit. The Blood had sent back to us the Holy Ghost, and the four beasts represented as the—the twelve tribes of Israel, as it watched, and finding their natures and taken that same nature and bringing it to each one of those four Gospels, exactly, was exactly the same. One talked to the lion, the other one to the—the ox, and the other—the four Gospels. There it is. The four Gospels is the protection of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
76  I just always wonder… It stuck with me, now, this is about six years, I guess, since I heard a great man say that was—the—the Acts of the Apostles was just the framework. I've heard it said many times, but to hear a man with his status as a preacher and as a teacher, that's wrote some of the famous books that the people read everywhere; and to say that the Acts of the Apostles wasn't actually suitable for teaching of the church, when the Acts of the Apostles is the very foundation of it, not the framework, the foundation. 'Cause the Bible says that the—the—the foundation of God is built upon the doctrine of the apostles. That's right. Christ the Head—the Cornerstone. And when this fellow stood there and made that remark, I—I—I just… My heart just failed. And I thought, "No wonder…" Well, I see now, in the Seals. It just wasn't revealed; that's all. See?
79  So then there they was standing there. But there's something just saying that. Now, notice, they guard. Now, when we got Matthew 28:19 and run that thing down through Matthew (which represented the lion) and coming in there, we found exactly why they baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ. And there He was, standing there with that very Scripture to guard the sacred trust of the baptism of the Name of Jesus Christ. (Well, I'm getting off on the church ages now. See?)
81  Notice, but here when we come to this Fifth Seal now, there's—there's—there's no rider goes forth, and there's no beast to announce it. John just… He… The Lamb opened it, and John saw it. There was no one there to say, "Now, come, look; come, see." Notice, no power of the living creature. Or there's… And on the Sixth Seal there's no beast to announce it. And on the Seventh Seal there's no beast to announce it, no powers to announce it (See?); no one does it. On the… Look, on the—after the Fourth Seal, there's no announcement by any beast power from the Fifth, Sixth, or Seventh Seal, not at all.
83  Now, notice. I love this. As in the times of the rider of the four horses, the rider, singular, of the four different horses, there was a beast that announced the power. Every time the rider straddled another horse and come forth to ride, another kind of a beast come out and announced it. That's a great mystery. See? That is the mystery… Why? Announcing the mystery. Why isn't there one here on the Fifth Seal to announce it? Here it is. According to the revelation that the Lord Jesus gave me today (See?), or this morning, early; that is that the mystery of the church ages are already finished at this time. The mystery of the antichrist is revealed at this time. The antichrist took his last ride, and we found him on the pale horse mixed with his many colors, and rides all the way into perdition. (We get it on the trumpets and so forth when we—we teach that. I go into it now, but we get plumb off the subject again.)
86  And we—we go… he rides… That's the reason there's no one there. Now, we know written 'cause some reasons for something. Now, you remember at the first beginning, I said, "There can't be nothing without a reason." Remember the little drop of ink? See? Now, you got to find the reason. There was some reason they didn't have to have a beast or a power to announce this Seal being broke, and only God can reveal why (That's all.), because it's all—all lays in Him.
87  But the reason that He reveals, that I—as I understand, that it is because the mystery of the Book of Redemption, as far as the antichrist being revealed… And at the same time the Church is gone, and these things don't even happen in the church age at all. That's right. They're—they're away from the church age. The Church absolutely is raptured at this time. The Church goes up in the 4th chapter of Revelation, and does not return until it comes back with its King in the 19th chapter. But these Seals here are revealing what has been, what is, and what will be. See? And now, what was to be for the church age was revealed by these Seals, and now, watch what takes it.
88  The—the four stages of his rider has been revealed. The four stages of the antichrist riding has been revealed at this time; therefore, they don't have to have any more. And there was four living creatures of God to announce the rider as they rode. Four beasts are four powers. Now, we know that "beast," by interpretation of the terms of the Bible symbols, means "power." Now, let's get that close. The four are beasts in the Bible represent a power among the people. Now, if we find out… Like in Daniel when he saw a certain nation rise up, it would be maybe a bear holding a rib in his side: symbol. Then he seen another power raise up, a goat; it represented something. Then he seen another power raise up, and—and it was a leopard with so many heads; it represented a certain Kingdom. Then he saw another one rise up—a great lion with teeth and—and stomped the residue; that represented a different power altogether. One was a—a Kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar, and another type of a dream. Daniel saw a vision. Nebuchadnezzar dreamed a dream, but Daniel interpreted his dream, and it was correctly with the vision. Amen. Whew.
91  Oh, if you just know what happened. What happened before we left here? You understand? Why, six straight dreams come exactly with the vision. Amen. See? A dream interpreted is a vision, because a person not maybe being born with the subconscious to stay—be awake when he sees it, then God—ducks over in his subconscious and speaks to him—which He promised that in dreams in the last days He would visit people and also in visions. See? Now, a vision is when you are wide awake (standing right like this), and certain things are revealed, and you stand and tell them just right about it—see what happened and what's going to be and so forth. But now, a dream is when you are asleep, and your five senses are inactive, and in—in—you're in your subconscious. You're somewhere, because when you come back, you remember where you been, remember it all your life. See, so it's your subconscious. Then in order. See?
94  As Congressman Upshaw used to say, "You can't be something that you hain't," and that's just about right. See? And then if you're born a seer, now (You see?), to do that those both consciouses has to be right together—not one here with five senses active, and the other one out here when you're asleep with the five senses are not active. But you see, when both of them—you're born—right together, you don't go to sleep. You just go from one to the other one like that—you don't go to sleep. There's not enough room to go to sleep, and you can't make yourself that way. So gifts and callings are predestinated of God. They are—they are God's gifts and callings, even without repentance, the Bible said. See? They were ordained before the foundation of the world. See?
97  Now, now, we find out that the beast of Daniel, it meant that it was a power raising up amongst the people. Or in—in John's visions here also shows that it was powers—nations raising up. Like the United States appears in Revelations 13 as a lamb. And then, if you want to know a different… You say, "Well, that—that's talking about national power." It also represents holy power too: a beast. Did you know that? Notice, Rebekah, when—a—when the—the servant of Abraham, Eliezer, when he came to get Rebekah, she—he mounted her up on a camel, the very camel she watered. And she rode this camel to meet her unseen bridegroom. The very thing she watered was the thing that took her to her future home and husband.
100  And it's the same thing today. See? The very thing that the Church is watering, that is the Seed, the Seed of the Word; it's the very Word that becomes alive and carries us to our unseen Bridegroom. See? The… See? And look how perfectly. Isaac had left the home and was out in the field away from his home when Rebekah saw him; and the Church meets Christ in the air, and then He takes Her back into the home—Father's home where the mansions are prepared. Isaac took Rebekah the same way. And notice, it was love at the first sight. Yes. Oh, my, she just run to meet him! And that's the way the Church will meet Christ in the air and forever be with Him.
105  Now, terms of the Bible. These beasts are power. Notice. I want… Now, I want you to notice the devil had his four changing colored beasts to go forth on. He had his four beasts; that was all three of them put into the color of one and made that one a—a pale horse—a white horse, red horse, black horse. And we seen each one of those was a stage of his ministry—a stage of the early church that had formed into a denomination at Nicaea—the original Pentecostal church upon whom the Holy Ghost was poured out, coming down, took up an antichrist spirit, formed an organization, gave birth to some daughters of organization, changing his power three times, and put them in one, and made a pale horse, and then given a name called Death, and rode him into eternity. Just as plain as it can be. Oh.
107  Now, notice, he's given this—this horse, and he's riding it. God—God has also as every time… Now, watch. When the antichrist appeared first, what did he appear in? White horse (See?), why, innocent as he could be, just a doctrine in the church. They wanted fellowship. Your fellowship's with Christ; but they wanted a fellowship. They just couldn't stand it. They wanted to get… well, you know like little cliques will rise up in the church. You—you know it, you pastors. See? They… Like they say, "Birds of a feather…" But if we're borned again brethren, now that—that's not the attitude to take. You see? No.
109  Now, we—we—we… If we see something wrong in our brethren, let us just pray and keep it before God and love that man till we bring him right into the Presence of God. That's the way, really the way to do it. You know Jesus said… There will be weeds in there, because Jesus said there would be, but don't pull them up. You'll take the wheat with it. See? Just let them alone. He will do… Let Him do the segregating when the time comes. See? Let it all grow together.
111  Notice, as the beast went out, the antichrist went out on a beast, his power. Oh, I love this. I just begin to feel religious right now (See?), maybe the stimulation. Notice, when the antichrist… Oh, see… Them—them revelations in the presence of that Ball of Fire hanging there in the room, till… Oh, brother. Although I've seen It since a child, it… every time It comes near me, It alarms me. He almost puts me in an unconscious condition. You never get used to It. You can't: It's too sacred.
113  Notice, as the antichrist went forth on his beast of ministry there, God sent forth a beast to combat it. See? Now, watch. Then every time the beast rode on his horse (the antichrist rode on his horse, on his beast) to announce his ministry, God sent His beast also, in his own mask to announce His combat to it. Now, the Scripture says, "When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God raises a standard against it. And so when the enemy went out as an antichrist, God sent a certain type of power out to meet him. And then when they—he went out again as a red horse rider—another color, another power, another ministry—God sent another one after him to combat it, to hold His Church. Sent the third one, again God sent His third beast to come and announce it. He sent the fourth one. God sent His fourth one, and then the antichrist end, and the church ages ended too at that time. Watch. Now, oh, I… This is really good.
119  Now, we see that the devil changing four—a—four beasts meant what power they was revealed to the—what power he revealed to the world and how they ended on this pale death horse. Now, let's look at God's powers of these beasts to combat them. The first beast of God that He went out to meet the antichrist with, the antichrist spirit when it said it's just his teaching. Now, remember, when the antichrist first rode, he was in a teaching ministry. The antichrist rode first in a teaching ministry