The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 5: The Third Seal 63-0320 (Continued)

Day 30

317  When I see that God promised to do a certain thing in this day, when He promised to break off these Seals in this last day, and you don't know the joy, the glory, when I seen Him reveal this, stand there and watch it happen, and know that I'll take any person or charge, He never did say one thing to us but what happened that way. And then to see the joy that's in my heart when I see His promise for this last days as He promised to do it, and here I see it vindicated and made perfectly right.
318  Now, I'm just… You hear me say, "I feel religious," that's what's the matter. The stimulation is so bad, I—I just—just about ready to go to cutting up, you know, stimulation from revelation. All right. They become so stimulated over the—the revelation that they vindicated (all right) the promise. Oh, my. There broke out the joy of stimulation till the people said, "They're drunk on new wine," when God revealed His promise to them; and not only did He reveal it, but He proved it. That's what I've always said: "A man can say anything (Yeah, he could just apt to say anything.) but when God comes around and vindicates that…"
320  Now, the Bible said, "If there be one among you who claims to be spiritual or a prophet, and if he says these things and it don't come to pass, then don't pay no attention to him. Don't fear him at all. Don't fear that man; but if he says it and it comes to pass, that's Me," He said, "I—I'm in that. That proves why it's Me." Then that little Samaritan woman, when the Scripture said that this Messiah would do these things, and here He stood and did it just exactly what the Scripture said, she said, "There He is. Come, see a Man. Isn't this exactly the thing that the Scripture said would happen?" See?
322  She got stimulated by revelation. Is that right? She becomes a stimulated by revelation when it was vindicated. See? That's right. She knowed that there was… "We know that Messiah is a-coming Who's called the Christ, and when He comes, He will do these things." She seen it. And He said, "I'm He." Then the stimulation started, and away she went, shouting and down through the city. She left her old water pot and went down there and said to the men, "Come, see."
324  Now, if you only knowed the eastern traditions, that's wrong for her to do that. Yes, sir. A woman of that type, nobody'd listen to her. No, sir. See, she had the mark and when she—if she would go down the street like that and act like that, the man of the street pay no attention to her. But, brother, she had a Word of Life there. She was stimulated. You…?… It was like trying to put a house out on fire on a windy day. Oh, there was something fanning it. She was—she was ready. Yeah, you couldn't put that out. That was God's fire burning. Yes, sir.
326  She said, "If you don't believe it's so, you just come over here where the meeting's going on, and I'll show it to you." Yes, sir. And so the men went out there. And He didn't do it one more time, but they knowed something had happened to that woman. She was changed, so they believed Him. Yes, sir. They believed on Him. 'Cause "faith cometh by hearing, hearing the promise of God," the Word of God, and watch It being made real. Because it's a seed, and when it's sowed, it will take life. It'll produce just what it's talking about. If it doesn't, then it isn't God's seed, or the sower didn't know how to sow it. He wasn't sent of God to sow seed. He might be sowing them on top of a rock or something. (See?) So you—so you… See, the sower sowing the seed, God takes care of it; it falls in the right place. Oh, my.
328  Then what does It say to this rider in black? "Don't you hurt My wine and My oil. Don't you touch it, My wine and oil. Now, I've got just a little bit of it down there, but there's still a little bit there. Yes, sir. Now, you can go on through and measure out all that kind of life that you're putting out; that's up to you. You're going to pay for it down there; but when you come across that wine and oil, you leave it alone." Oh, my. If you can—if you… In other words, like this: "If you catch some of My little flock that's filled with My oil and wine (See?) wine and oil of the pure Word (See?) and you're going to kill them, 'cause you—you're doing that, that's what you're doing, don't you force them to say any "hail Marys," or do anything like that or some of your creeds. You keep your hands off them, they know where they're going. For they are anointed with My oil, and by being anointed with My oil, they have the wine of joy, 'cause they know My Word of promise, 'I'm going to raise them up again.' Don't hurt that. Don't go trying to messing them up, just 'cause… just keep away from them." No.
330  All… He vindicates His Word and brings it in. They knowed… They knew they'd rise again. Oh, how I like that. Whew. They'll rise again. Here comes the black horse, riding now—dark ages. There went the white horse; we seen what he done, perfectly. Here comes the red horse; we see exactly what he done. Here comes the black horse; you see the same rider all the time, what he's doing, right down through the ages. Now, we find out he measured it out and charged for it. Exactly. Wheat, natural, natural life—what they was living on—but symbolizing Spirit, oil, and joy of the wine. That spiritual life—don't hurt that. Leave it alone. And otherwise: "Rome, don't you touch it. It's Mine. That belongs to Me."
334  Now, I've got another thing here I want you to notice. Notice. It was not one of the four beasts that said, "Don't touch the oil and the wine." Did you notice that? The four beasts had been talking. But watch. Let me just read out here just a little bit, see: Now, "A measure of penny for a—for a—wheat for a penny and three measures of barley for a penny and see that thou hurt not the wine and oil." Now, look here, "And I—and I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts…" What was it? The Lamb. Amen. It wasn't the four beasts. The Lamb said it. Why. He's going to take His own; that belongs to Him. He's redeemed it. See? Amen. "Don't you touch that oil." No, sir. Not the four beasts, but the Lamb was the One that said it. Now, oh, my. The Lamb, not the four beasts didn't announce this. The Lamb said Itself: When the four beasts said, "Come and see," and they went, and they seen it like that, and He said, "A measure of wheat for a penny, and a four mea-… and so much like this, and so much barley…" But then the Lamb cried out right among them, and said, "But don't hurt the wine and oil." Uh-huh. That's right. Oh, my. "Listen to it. Don't you hurt it, boy, or you are going to pay for it someday." (Oh, my, nine-thirty.)
339  Well, to the best of my understanding and the—the best that I know of, and with all that I believe in my heart, that's the true meaning of those three Seals. I want to thank God for it. I'll say this, that it's the revelation that He give me. He gave that to me, the revelation of it. And I do believe that we're living in the last days. Tomorrow night we're take that pale horse rider. And now, I don't know; I do not know—God knows that's true—I do not know one thing about it. No. I looked up my old context that I had years ago… (I seen Brother Graham Snelling awhile ago. I… He might've went out), but I remember when I was preaching here before, I looked up to see what I said… Years ago one day I was going through Book of Revelation, I took all four horse riders at one time.
342  I said, "A white horse—that was the early church, no doubt." I read that out of the book of the Adventists and the rest of them. I said, "That was the early church that went forth, conquering." And the next was the black horse. I said… I forget now what I called that black horse. I said—or the red horse, rather. I said, "That horse was probably meaning that—that trouble's on the road, and it going to mean a lot of wars going to hang up, or something like that." I said, "Probably it'd be a lot of war." I said, "That's what that'd be."
344  And then I said, "The—the pale hor…Or the—the black horse, I said, that—that means that—that maybe there'll come a black time on earth when all the stars will—will quit shining, the sun will go down and moon won't give its light." I said, "That's probably what that means." I said, "The pale horse, it means a lot of sickness is coming on." Now, I don't know what it means, but that's—that was my interpretation of it then, 'cause I just took it the best I could standing here in the pulpit, but… Oh, I almost said something. All right. Hmm. Oh, you'll—you'll see. Just watch. See? Now…?… now, listen. Oh, aren't we happy for this hour that we're living? When we see all this thing heading up, I think: Nations are breaking, Israel's awakening, The signs that the prophets foretold. The Gentile days numbered, With horrors encumbered, Return, O dispersed to your own. The day of redemption is near. Men's hearts are failing for fear. Be filled with the Spirit, Your lamps trimmed and clear. Look up, your redemption is near (Oh, my), False prophets are lying; God's Truth they're denying, That Jesus the Christ is our God, (Do you believe it?) But we'll walk where the apostles have trod. For the day of redemption is near, Men's hearts are failing for fear. Be filled with the Spirit, Have your lamps trimmed and clear. Look up your redemption is near.
348  Isn't that wonderful? I love that—redemption is near. And… It shall be light in the evening time. The path to glory you will surely find. In the water way is the light today; Buried in the precious Name of Jesus. Young and old, repent of all your sins. The Holy Ghost will surely enter in. The evening light has come. It is a fact that God and Christ are One.
348a  He's the Word. Oh, my. Wonderful. Soon the Lamb will take His Bride To be ever at His side, All the host of heaven will assembled be; O, it will be a glorious sight, All the saints in spotless white; And with Jesus they shall feast eternally. "Come and dine," the Master calleth, "Come and dine"; You may feast at Jesus' table all the time; He who fed the multitude, Turned the water into wine, To the hungry calleth now, "Come and dine." Oh, "Come and dine," the Master calleth, "Come and dine"; (dine on the Word) You may feast at Jesus' table all the time; He who fed the multitude, Turned the water into wine, To the hungry calleth now, "Come and dine."
349  Oh, my. Are you hungry? Blessed are they… Glory be to God. Do you love Him? Let's sing, "I Love Him." Let's all just stand now and raise up our hands and express ourself to Him. "I love Him, I love Him, because He first loved me." All right. All together now. I love Him, I love Him, Because He first loved me, And purchased my salvation On Calvary's tree.
351  [Tongues goes forth—Ed.] Just real reverent. We have an interpreter here, Brother Higginbotham. I don't know if he's here tonight or not. No… Find out what He said to us. Just wait a minute. Here… [The interpretation is given—Ed.] You can hear her. Praise the Lord. My faith is li—lifted up high in God. Do you—you love Him tonight with all your heart? Oh, praise Him, and say, "Thank You, Lord, thank You. How we give You praise with all of our heart, Lord. Glory to God." Just give Him praise, all ye people, God's people.

Chapter 6: The Fourth Seal 63-0321

1  Good evening. We bow our heads now just a moment for prayer. Our gracious and heavenly Father, we are approaching Thee again tonight now in the Name of the Lord Jesus to give Thee thanks for another day. And we are asking now for Your blessings on the service tonight. Let the Holy Spirit come and give us the interpretation of these things that we're so diligently seeking. O God, may it be so precious that we can all fellowship around the Word in such a way that when we leave, we'll be able to say, "Did not our hearts burn within us as He talked to us along the way." We thank You for what He has been to us and trusting that He will remain with us as we journey on, for we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
3  So happy to be back in the house of the Lord tonight in the service again. And we are—are glad… I'm so happy that… Just thought this one wouldn't come, but it finally did. And so I'm so thankful, that being the last of those four horse riders, which I think is one of the main messages to the Church at this time… I don't know what the other one is. I'm just taking it day by day. Just as He reveals it, I'm trying to—to give it by—as He gives it to me. Are you enjoying the—the blessings? Have you noticed how it just in—in collaboration with them church ages just how it just exactly fits in just perfectly with them. That's how it… To me, it shows that It's—It's the same Holy Spirit that give the church ages, same Holy Spirit then is giving this (You see?), 'cause it's blended together, all one big act of God showing Himself in different ways.
7  You notice, when He showed Himself to Daniel in the vision, there'd be a representation of one thing, like a—a goat in this place, or maybe a tree, and the next place it would be a statue, and—and—and things He just making it the same thing all the time. Just be sure that we don't miss it. I was certainly thrilled just a few moments ago talking to a little lady setting here about eighty-five years old, and she… Not long… Just 'fore I left to go out west, why, there was a little girl up in Ohio that was, I think so, that was dying with the last stage of leukemia. Now, leukemia is cancer in the bloodstream. And, oh, the little thing was, you know, such an awful condition that there was no more hope for her at all. They were feeding her by the veins—the operation. And so they was a real poor family. And they… Mrs. Kidd, here, and—and Brother Kidd, they told them about the Lord answering prayer so much, and they got together, I think, and hired someone and brought the little girl down.
10  And she was a very pretty little girl, about oh, six or seven years old—nine years. And—and she was back there in the room, and the—and when we went before the Lord, the Holy Spirit gave a word to her. And they had to take her and have to take her and feed her, you know, that way, and when she left, she was crying for a hamburger, and so, taking her food by mouth. And they gave her the hamburger and just went ahead feeding her natural. In a short time, a few days, they taken her back to the doctor, and they—the doctor just simply couldn't understand. He said like it even wasn't even the same girl. He said, "Why, there—there's not even one trace of leukemia about it nowhere—nowhere at all." So… And she was dying. They'd done give her up, just feeding her through her veins. She'd done turned yellow (You know how they get.) and so they… And now she's at school playing with the other children, just as happy as can be.
13  Reminds me of another case of that. One day I'd just come home; there was a… If I'm not mistaken, they were either Episcopalians or Presbyterian people that'd brought a little girl from Kansas, and the doctors had give her up with the leukemia, and they gave her, I believe, four days to live. She'd gotten so bad so they said it just… Spend those four days coming over here through the snowdrifts and things across the country to have her prayed for. And the grandfather, a very fine looking, elderly man, and grayed hair… And they had had her already two days down here in a little motel out here (I guess it isn't standing there now.), this side of Silver Creek. And so, I went down that night to pray for her.
14  It was early in the morning. I'd come in that night from out of town and went down. And the elderly father, grandfather was walking in the floor, and the mother trying to take care of the child. And while I knelt to pray, the Holy Spirit revealed to me a secret that was between the—the mother and the father, something they done. I called them to side and asked them about it. They started crying, said, "That's right." Then I looked back, and I seen the little girl skipping a rope, going playing. And now, the little child… In about three weeks time they sent me the picture of the little girl back in school, skipping a rope, and had no leukemia at all. Now, now, those testimonies are absolutely bona fide truths (See?); so our God is so real that we—we just serve Him and—and we believe Him, and—and I—I know He's real.
18  Now, I'm trying my best now, and—and while something inner in among us is working its way through… And now, we're going to try tonight, by the grace of God, to take this Fourth Seal and see what the Holy Spirit will have to say to us in it. Now, I'm going to read the—Revelations the 6th chapter and beginning with the 7th verse (7th and 8th); there's always two verses. The first is the announcement, and the second verse is what he saw. And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that set on him—that set… was—was Death, and Hell followed… him. And power was given unto them over the four parts of the earth, to kill with the sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with… beasts of the earth. Now, the Lord help us now to understand this. It's a mystery.
21  Now, just a little preview to back up, as we did the church ages—these riders and these breaking of these Seals… Now, so we just get it in our mind, talk a little until we feel that it's the appropriate time to speak. Now, we have noticed now that the breaking of the Seal, it's the sealed Book of Redemption. And then the Book is rolled up like a scroll just like the old way was. It wasn't a book of this type, 'cause this is just recently come in, these kind of books in the last, oh, I guess a hundred and fifty years or something, two hundred. And then they'd roll it up, then leave the end loose. As I told you how it was done, and the Scriptures, where to find it, in—in Jeremiah and so forth. Then the next was rolled around there and the end left loose and like that, and each one was a Seal, and it was a seven-sealed Book. And it was a… No one… When they was… It was a seven-sealed Book of Redemption. Pardon me.
25  And then no one in heaven or in earth or beneath the earth was worthy to open it or even to look upon it. And John wept because he could find no man, because if that Book was not taken out of the hand of the original Owner, where it had been lost by Adam and Eve, and went back after they forfeited their rights of the Word, the promises, their inheritance… They… Remember, they controlled the earth. He was a—he was an amateur god, for he was a son of God, and a son of God is a—an amateur god. Now, that ain't contrary to the Scripture. I know that sounds strange, but Jesus said, "If you call them who the Word of God came to…" And what does the Word of God come to? Prophet. "If you call them who the Word of God come to, gods, how can you condemn Me when I say I'm the Son of God?" See?
28  And now, they were gods. And men, if you become born in the family of your family name, you are a son and part of your father. And then—then when sin came in, we found out the man crossed the chasm, and—and the blood of bulls and goats covered, but did not remit, until the real Bleach came that could take the stain of sin and break it completely to pieces and send it back upon its original perverter; that was Satan. When it got back to Satan, he waits his time of eternal annihilation. Now, that shows what we believe. We believe that he will absolutely be done completely away and annihilated.
31  I believe that sin will be broke up, and when it's confessed upon the basis of the Blood of Jesus Christ (It's like dropping a drop of black ink in a bunch of Clorox bleach.), it just breaks it into the chemicals and sends it plumb back to where it come from. See? And that's the way the Blood of Jesus Christ does. Then that sets a man across the chasm again as a son of God. See? And then—then he becomes a… Why, even he's… The creative power of God is in him, and at least whenever God can command it to be done, it'll be done. And we get back.