The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 4: The Second Seal 63-0319 (Continued)

Day 23

205  Now, watch. Satan… When Jesus incarnates Himself in His people, the very Life that was in Christ is in this person. What would it do if you took the life out of a grapevine and put it in a pumpkin vine? It wouldn't bear pumpkins no more; it'd bear grapes. See? What if you took the life out of a peach tree and put it in a pear tree? Would it bear pears? No, bear peaches. The life tells what it is. See? When you say—hear people say they got the Holy Ghost and deny this Word, there's something wrong. The Holy Ghost wrote that Word. And Jesus said this: "If a man has My Spirit in him, he will do My works." You want to read that? If you want to put it down, it's Saint John 14:12. Yeah. All right. "He that believeth in Me, the works that I do shall he do also, even more than this shall he do, for I go to the Father." See? Then He sanctifies and cleans him so he can stand before God. That drop of ink falls there and takes him across the chasm. See?
209  Now, watch. Satan, when he incarnates himself in his subjects, they do the work that he did. Don't you see? What did he do? Come right to that innocent woman to deceive her. And that's exactly what some of these devils do: come right into a place, and say, a little pastor gets started out somewhere come in and say, "Oh, if you just join up with us…" See? The same devil work. Now, that's the Truth. And when Satan become incarnate into his church, if there be a devil, then they are the ones that does the murdering and killing and so forth, because Satan is a killer in the first place, a liar and a… See? All right, what does Satan do when he does, when he becomes incarnate amongst the people? It's his duty to be shrewd. He is shrewd. You search the Bible, and you show me where God ever dealt with intellectual people. Hunt for it and see if it isn't always the intellectuals that's devil-possessed. It's a big word, but it's true. I challenge you to take the—the lineage from Abel to Cain, and them fourteen generations, run them out, and see which ones was on the smart side and which ones was the humble ones.
211  Why didn't Jesus choose such people? He got fishermen and men that couldn't even sign their own names to put them the head of His Church. See? That's right. Wisdom is—is nothing. It's—it's against Christ. Worldly wisdom is against Christ always. Jesus never did tell us go build seminaries (He never did it.), having Bible schools. He said, "Preach the Word; preach the Gospel." And then if He said, "These signs shall follow them that believe…" See, you'll have to have the… In other words, He said, "Go, demonstrate the power of God to all nation." Now, watch. Satan's duty is to pervert the Word of God to wisdom's reasoning. Oh, my. Oh. Then he marks his subjects by rejecting the original Word. Now, let… (Will you—will you—will you suffer with me just a little bit where we get this—this? I don't want you to miss this.) Let me show you a type so you can see it—all in typing and Word and everything. You—you can't… You shouldn't go away confused.
214  In the Old Testament when a man had been sold to slavery, there come a year of Jubilee every fifty years (forty-ninth year and then the year of Jubilee). And when a slave heard this, and he wanted to go free, there's—there isn't nothing that can keep him from going free. He can throw down his hoe and say, "So-long," go back home. The trumpet sounded. That's right. But if he don't want to go, and he's satisfied with his slave master, then he's taken into the—the temple, and they take an awl (you know what an awl is), and they pierced his ear, and put a hole in his ear. And it's a mark that he can never go back. Is that right? He has to serve this master for all time. I don't care how many more times the Jubilee sounds, whatever happens, he's absolutely has—has sold out his birthright of being free.
216  And when a man turns down the Gospel Truth, Satan marks him. Where? At his ear. He deafens him so he can't hear the Truth no more. And he's finished. He stays with the group that he's with, if he won't hear the truth. No. "You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free." The Truth makes free. God marks His when they come. God marks His by vindicating His promised Word through them. That's exactly. Saint John 14:12, and another thing if you want to put down—down: Mark 16. Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them that believe."
219  Now, let us just take that a minute. Was He joking? [Congregation replies "no"—Ed.] Did He just mean—did He just mean the apostles as some would tell us? [Congregation replies "no"—Ed.] Watch, read the background of it. Go ye into (where?) all the world; preach to—this Gospel to (what?) every creature." It has not even one-third of the way have met it yet. "These signs shall follow in all the world, to every creature, wherever this Gospel's preached. "These signs shall follow them that believe," not just to one little handful. Like a fellow one time tell me: "God only gave the twelve apostles gifts of healing, and…" Oh. Many of the brethren is setting here when he raised up to say that. See? He got enough of it in a few minutes. So now, notice, "All the world, to every creature, these signs shall follow."
223  Don't take Satan's unbelieving mark. Now, he will put it on you tonight if he can do it. He will poke you up against the wall and you'll walk out and say, "Aw, I don't know about that." You go home and study it. And then be sincere and pray, 'cause everything's too—is too perfectly Scriptural at this very hour, this sacred hour of time. It's done been for years, proved. Come right up to it and this is the hour. This is the time. And now, don't let him poke that in your ear, his unbelieving mark. See? 'Cause he was an unbeliever to begin with. He doubted it. All right. Oh, don't even let—don't let him take the Scripture with his wisdom and—and twist It and pervert It with his own wisdom into reasoning powers. You just be humble and say, "God said so, and that's all there is to it." (Now, oh, let's—we're going to get too late, so we'd better stop right here and—and start on.)
227  Now, let's go to the Second Seal. When the slain, risen Lamb opened it, and the second calf-like beast said, "Come, see what the seal mystery is." Now, we get it. The Lamb, you remember, has to open every Seal. And the second beast… If you notice in the routine of where we just went through with the church ages—the same thing. The 2nd… First was a lion; the next was a—was a—was like a calf or ox or something. You see? And this beast said, "Come, see." now, and—when the Lamb opened the Seal. And then, went to see. And when he walked in, what happened? Let's see what he found. "Come, see." There's a mystery sealed up here. That's been here now for two thousand years about. Let's see what it is. Now, we find here that he saw what? A red horse go forward.
230  Now, to my understanding (this to my understanding), this great sword that he had in his hand… (Now, we got about three things to look at now for about the next fifteen, twenty minutes.) Let's just read and see what He says here. And there went out… (4th verse)… there went out another horse that was red:… (the first one's white)… and power was given unto him that set thereon to take peace from the earth, and… they should kill one another: and there was given to him a great sword.
231  Now, there's symbols here, and we want to look at them real close. But to my understanding, the best that I know now (You see?), Jesus predicted the same thing in Matthew 24. See? He said, "Now, you are going to hear of wars and rumors of wars, and just wars and rumors of wars and wars, and…" but said, "All these ain't yet. (See?) Time ain't yet." See, they asked Jesus three questions (See?), and He answered them in three questions. There's where a lot of our brethren got tangled up, trying to place… Or the Adventists brethren about those seventh day and so forth back there to "Woe unto her that give child that gives suck and the gates will be closed on the sabbath day" and things like that. My. That don't even pertain to the question at all (See?), not at all. See? He was answering what they asked, but He didn't—didn't apply it all to the last days.
233  He said, "You'll hear… (Now, we're working on this one thing here. We'll come to some more of it in a few nights.) Look. He said, "You'll hear of wars and rumors of wars and so forth. Then all this is not… See, then they—they'll go back again and they'll deliver you up and so forth like this and all—all… That's not right yet." But when He got to the time when He was going to talk to them about what they asked Him about the end of the world, "When will all these things be, when there'd not be one stone left upon… What will the sign be? And when will be coming the end of the world?" See? They asked Him three things. Then when He got down to the end of the world, He said, "When you see the fig tree putting forth its bud (See?), now you know that the time is at the door, and verily, I say unto you that this generation shall not pass until all be fulfilled." How the infidel without the interpretation likes to lay onto that. See? He said, "This generation," not the generation He was talking to, the generation that seen the fig tree putting forth its bud.
237  Now, I just want to ask you something. Just let—just—just look at something right here in the face. Israel is now for the first time for twenty-five hundred years a nation. The oldest flag in the world is flying over Jerusalem tonight. Israel's in her homeland. There was a brother here one time wanted to be a missionary, felt to go missionary to the Jews. I said, "You might get one now and then." Oh, people thinks the whole nation… No, sir. Israel is converted as a nation, not as a person. "A nation will be borned in a day." That's Israel. All Israel's saved. Just remember that. Paul said so. All Israel's saved. Now, notice. All Israel… That's exactly right.
240  Now, notice this. But He said, "When you see the fig tree and all the other trees putting forth their buds…" Now, watch. There's never been a time for twenty-five hundred years that Israel has ever come to her homeland. We got the little show, "Three Minutes To Midnight." There she is, a nation, the six-point star of David flying, all these things. Has there ever been a time that the denominations has had revivals like they have in the last few years? Now, just study now; we're at home. When did the denominations ever bloom out over any man's ministry like it has with Billy Graham's, Methodists, Baptists, and so forth? When was there ever a man (Search down your history.) that ever went forth to the church formal by the name ending with h-a-m before? Just ask you…"A-b-e… A-b-r-a-h-a-m." Now, look, Abraham's name has seven letters, A-b-r-a-h-a-m, but our Brother Billy Graham has G-r-a-h-a-m, six, not seven, the world. That's where he's ministering to: church natural.
245  Church natural was Lot in Sodom, and when this fellow went down there and preached and blinded them by the Gospel, but there was One Who stayed with Abraham, and Abraham called Him "Elohim, Lord." Now, when Abraham seen Three coming, he said, "My Lord." And Lot seen two coming; he said, "My lords." There's your difference. See your trinitarian work? See, see? Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Lot…" You see that?
249  Notice, count it. Now, there was One come to this church spiritual, the Bride, Abraham, that wasn't in—in Sodom to begin with. And watch what He did. He never done no preaching like they did. He taught them, but then He done a sign before them. He done the Messiahic sign. He had His back turned to the tent, and He said, "Abraham…" Now, remember his actual name a few days before that was Abram. But He says, "Abraham, where is your wife, S-a-r-a-h?" A few days before that it was called S-a-r-r-a. Abraham said, "She's in the tent behind You." And He said, "Abraham, I (There's your personal pronoun again.), I am going to visit you according to the promise that I've made you." You see Who it was. See? A Man with dust on His clothes, eating the meat of a calf, and drinking the milk from the cow, and eating corn bread (Yes, sir.): God, Elohim, manifested in flesh: promised in the last day to manifest Himself in flesh again. Notice. "Abraham, where is your wife, Sarah?" "She's in the tent behind You." He said, "I'm going to visit you."
252  And the lady, of course, being a hundred years old, she kinda laughed up her sleeve; she did: back in the tent now, behind the curtains in the tent. She said, "Me, an old woman…" Why, it'd ceased to be with them as husband and wife for years, you know, 'cause he was a hundred years old, and—and she was ninety. Said, "Now, that will never happen." And He said, "Why did she laugh?" (Whew.) With His back turned to the tent. "Why did she laugh saying, 'How can these things be?'" See, He showed him a sign. Now, He promised us that this will repeat at the end time again. And the two men went down there and preached the Word and told them to get out of there, the place was going to burn up and so forth, and it did. And Lot staggered out, the church natural down in sin, in the mire, but yet struggling along in their organizational programs… But the Bride, that one Man never went to them. He went only and called the Bride type. Now, we're in the last days. See?
257  Now, notice. You said, "There God manifested in the flesh." Jesus said Himself, "How do you condemn Me?" Said, "Isn't it written in your Bible, your laws, that they, the prophets, who the Word of God came to…" Jesus said the Word came to the prophets because He was Scriptural in all things. He said, "Now, the Word of God says that the Word came to the prophets, and you called them gods, for the Word of God came to them." Said, "Then how are you going to condemn Me when I say I'm a Son of God?" with their own laws… Oh, my. There you are. See? How, where we at? We're at the end time.
258  Now, listen real close now. Now, we find out that there would be wars and rumors of wars. And now we see that the fig tree's put forth its buds, and the other trees put forth their buds, Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, and all put forth their buds, a great revival going on. Now, I believe that God's gathering the Bride for that last hour, the elect. Oh, my. Now, notice. Let us now consider what John saw then, of these things what he saw: A red horse and his rider goes forth; power given to him to slay with a great sword.
261  Now, here's my revelation of it: This is Satan again. It's the devil again in another form. Now, we know that—that Seals pertained… (As I said the other night) and trumpets pertained to—to—to civil wars (You see?), amongst the people, or among nations. But you find out here that this man has a sword so he pertains to church political war. Now, you might not think that, but just watch it a minute, just a few minutes. Notice the change of color of these horses: same rider. Change of color of horses… And a horse is a beast, and the beast in the Bible under a symbol represents a power. The same system riding on another color power from the innocent white to a bloody red… See? Watch him now how he's coming.
263  When he first started, he was just… Well he's just a little doctrine in the—in the—amongst called the Nicolaitanism. Of course it wouldn't slay anything. (That's Revelations 2:6, if you want to put it down.) He wouldn't slay anything. It's just a doctrine, just a spirit amongst the people. Now, he wouldn't slay nothing. Oh, he was so innocent riding on this white horse. "Well, you know, we can have a great worldwide church. We could call it the universal church." They still do. All right. See? Now, "We could have… Oh, it is perfectly innocent. And, oh, it's so innocent. It's just a group of men. We'll all get together for fellowship." See, it's very innocent; it's white, the white horse was. See? Now.
264  So the dignitaries, and the better dressed, and the educated, you know, kind of like "birds of a feather," you know, we'll—we'll kind of get things together. "And the poor bunch, why, if they want to stumble along, well, all right; but we—we'll get a better class coming to our church. If we can just get ourselves pulled off right here, we'll—we'll be a—we'll be a bunch of masons or so forth. You know we—we'll just have the things fixed up—or 'Odd Fellows,' as they are." And so then… Not the Odd Fellow Lodge now, but you know what I mean. So it's odd to the real believer.
264a  Now, but otherwise, in other words, "We want a little group, a little syndicate we can call our own. It's just a doctrine—very innocent. Brethren, why, we have nothing against you people, certainly not. You are all right, but, you know, we feel that—that we have business and ever… We—we'd be better off if we just had ourselves together." See? Un-huh. It finally went right on down till it happened. Yes, sir. Get together… But when this awful deceiving spirit (Oh, man.) incarnated—incarnate spirit, this doctrine spirit became incarnated to take the place of Christ into a man, it must be worshipped then—turned to be a worship like Christ.
265  In other words, up over the Vatican (Now, I've been right there.) it's wrote Vicarivs Filii Dei, and it's wrote in Roman numerals. Now, you just draw a line at the bottom of those Roman numerals, and it means "Instead of Son of God." In other words, he's a vicar. (You know what a vicar is. Just takes the place of something.) He is the vicar instead of the Son of God. And the Bible said, "Let him that has the gift of wisdom count the numbers of the beast, for it's the number of a man, and his number is 666." Now, if you take VICARIVS FILII DEI and draw a line (the Roman numbers of V for 5, I for 1) and add it up and see if you haven't got 666.
267  The Bible said he would be setting in the temple of God, worship like God. When that little doctrine become a—incarnate, it become a vicar instead of the Son of God. See? Oh, my. That awful deceiving spirit. If you want to read that, read in Second Thessalonians 2:3 and you can see where it's at. And of course, you will remember Satan is the head of all political power of every nation. How many knows that? You want to put it down? Matthew 4:8. Satan took Jesus up to a high mountain, and he showed Him all the kingdoms of the world that ever was, or ever would be in a moment of time. Talk about a person, he said, "I'll give them to you if you'll worship me." And Jesus knew that He was going to fall heir to them.
269  That's what they say, "Why, you bunch of poor holy-rollers…" Why, we get the world. "The meek shall inherit the earth." What Jesus said. See, see? Notice, Jesus knowed He would fall heir to them so He said, "Get thee hence, Satan. It's written. (Right back with the Scripture again. See?) Thou shalt worship the Lord and Him only." See? Now, now, when—when he as his head demon incarnate in this super religious man (as the Bible predicts), then he unites his church and state, both of his own powers unite together. See? When the antichrist spirit went forth, it was a spirit. Then it become what? It become then… Now, watch this Seal. When the spirit went forth it was antichrist, against the teaching of Christ.
273  All right. The next thing did… What Christ set out for His Church to do, it was against sin. "It ought… Oh, it don't mean that. It—it don't mean it. That was for somebody else. That—that's back in the—a hundred years ago back yonder. That—that ain't for us." See? That's the "anti," "against." Then it become… Now, the rider went out; he was—he didn't have no crown, but he was given one. That white horse… He had a bow, no arrow. See? So then when he went forth, then after while he was given a crown, because you can't put a crown on a spirit's head. But when this spirit become incarnate in the second work of his—of his dispensation of his mystic… The second work he become a crowned false prophet to the working of the antichrist spirit. Now, we see him there now. Now, he becomes that when he takes that… Then he is already… Satan controls the political powers of the world.