The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 4: The Second Seal 63-0319

Day 20

1  Good evening, friends. Let's all stand just a moment for prayer if you will. Our heavenly Father, we have assembled again in this solemn assembly tonight in the service of the Lord. And Thou hast promised that wherever we would meet together, as many as two or three of us, that You would be in the midst of us. And we can be assured that You are here, for we have assembled in His Name. Now, we pray, Father, that—that You will come tonight and will break this Second Seal for us. And as the—the poet has said, that he would like to look a past the curtain of time. And that's our desire, Lord, is just to—just to look a past and see what lays ahead. And we pray that the Lamb that had been slain will come among us now and break the Seal and—and reveal it to us, the things we have need to see.
4  There be some here, Lord, who has not yet entered into this great fellowship around Christ, we pray that tonight that they'll make that eternal decision, be filled with the Spirit of God. If there be any sick, Father, we pray that You'll heal them. Here are many handkerchiefs laying here that I'm holding my hands upon in commemoration of the—of the Bible of Saint Paul, where they taken from his body handkerchiefs and aprons. Unclean spirits left the people and they were healed. We see the near coming of the Lord. We know that time is drawing nigh. These things has returned again to the Church after nineteen hundred years. Now, we pray, Father, that You'll grant these things we ask for. Strengthen Thy servant and help Thy servants everywhere, Lord, and especially we who are assembled here tonight, that we might be able to receive the Word. We ask in Jesus' Name. Amen.
8  It's certainly good to be back in the house of the Lord again tonight. And I know so many of you standing, I—I'm sorry about that, but there's just hardly anything more we can do. We—we got the—the church, just as increased it to where we could get three, four, three hundred or four hundred more in, but in special meetings this way, it—it carries a little heavier crowd.
9  Now, oh, I'm just having a wonderful time praying and studying these—these Seals. I hope you all are too. I'm—I'm sure you are. If it's meaning as much to you as it is to me, it's certainly a—you're having a wonderful time. And I got a… I want to call a girlfriend of mine after service, and this is her birthday. She's twelve years old today: Sarah, my daughter. And next, then day after tomorrow I have to make another call 'cause it's Becky's birthday.
11  And now, tonight we are studying this Second Seal. And e… For the first four Seals there is four horse riders. And I tell you today something happened again, and I—I… Something that I… I go and get the old script that I had that I talked on long ago. And just set down there, and I thought, "Well, I—I did the very best I could." And many writers and things… And I thought, "Well, I'll read a little while, and look over and see this and that," and the first thing you know, something just happens, and it's altogether different. It just comes in different. Then I grab me a pencil right quick and start writing down just as fast as I can while He's there.
12  Oh, it's just something happened just about one-half hour ago. I was telling Brother Wood, coming down just a few minutes ago, just something that… Oh, you know there's a lot of things happen that you just can't talk about, you know, but just something just took place that just helped me so much. I got a friend here somewhere in the building. 'Course you are all my friends. This—this brother is Brother Lee Vayle. He's a precious brother and—and a real student of the Scripture. Dr. Vayle is a Baptist with the Holy Ghost, and he's a… I don't say this complimentary; I just say it because I believe it. I think he is one of the best versed students that I know of among our ranks. And he just wrote me a little note here and was—sent it in there by Billy. And Billy couldn't hardly make it out to me, and I think—I haven't read it over—but I was just going to say what he said here. And I just read it, Brother Vayle, if you're here—I just read this about six months ago.
14  "I'm not positive," he said, "Brother Bill, I'm not positive, but I believe that Polycarp was a student of Saint John. (That's correct; he was.) I think Irenaeus was a student of—of Polycarp. (That's correct, exactly.) Irenaeus said, 'Jesus will return—will return when the last elected member of the body of Christ comes in.'" That was Irenaeus about four hundred years after the—after the death of Christ. He said, "When this last age comes in…" Now, that's in the—the Pre-Nicaea Council. You fellows here that read the—the—study the Scripture, and study the, I mean study the history of the Bible, we find that in Pre—in the Pre-Nicaea Council. And I think it's the first book or the second book, you—you'll find it.
16  Now, he saw it years ago that he said at the last—last spot, last one elected—that elected… People thinks that election is something that's just been—that's just been something hatched up here lately. My, that's one of the oldest teachings that we have: election and calling. And so Irenaeus certainly a—the real student of the Scripture always believed in election. And so Irenaeus was one of the—the angels of the church age, as we seen as we studied, we believe. 'Course now they were all mysteries. They're all healed right—hid right here in these Seals (You see?), and they are to be revealed in the last day. How they started off with Paul, and—and Irenaeus, and Martin, and so forth down, and has come on down to the last age.
18  And now… We're trusting now that the Lord will bless us in our efforts tonight. Now, we been… The First Seal, I certainly enjoyed that. The First Seal, the blessings that went with it to me… And now, I—I don't want to keep you too long, but you see, I—I'll be going now just again in a few nights and after this is over, and we have to just kind of suffer a little while.
20  I appreciate… I see Brother Junior Jackson standing there, and I—and I thought I seen Brother Ruddell a few moments ago, here somewhere. And them brethren, that's our sister churches that has let out and the others; we certainly appreciate it. And I see Brother Hooper, I believe, standing up along the wall there from Utica, the church there. And we certainly appreciate your all's fine cooperation in this.
21  Now, last evening as we always like in teaching on the—on the Seals, we have—teach it the same way you do on the—on the—the church ages. And… When we got finished with teaching the church age, the last time when I drawed them out here on the—on the pulpit on a board, how many remembers what took place? He came right down, went right back there on the wall in a Light and drawed it off Himself, right there on the wall before us all. The Angel of the Lord stood right here before several hundred people. And now, He's—He's doing something real supernatural now too. And so we're just expecting great things. We don't know… Do you like to just wait for that—that great anticipation, just don't know what's going to happen next, you know, just—just waiting?
23  Now, how great God is to us. And how wonderful, we so appreciate Him. Now, the 1st and 2nd verse, I'll read it to kind of give a little background, then we'll take the 3rd and 4th verse for the Second Seal, and then the 5th and 6th verse is the Third Seal. And the 7th and 8th is the—the two verses to each horse rider.
24  And now, I want you to watch how these fellows on this pale horse, maybe here it comes, just keeps changing as it goes down, and then that great last Seal to be opened, if God willing, next Sunday night, that when it happened there was just, the only thing that taken place was silence in heaven for a half hour. God help us. Now, I'll read the third verse now. And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see. And there went out another horse… (4th verse)… that was red: and power was given to him that set thereon to take peace from the earth, that they should kill one another—they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.
26  Now, a mysterious thing now when the—the beast told John, "Just come and see." And he didn't see what it was; he just saw a symbol. And that symbol, the reason it was… He said, "Come, see." But he saw a symbol that he was to symbolize it to the church in a way that they would watch until it come to the last age, and then the Seal would be open. Now, and everyone understands that now? See, the Seals would be opened.
27  And aren't you happy to be living in this day? That… See? Not only that, friends, but always remember now; last Sunday morning where the whole thing was based on, simplicity (See?), simple, humble. Happens in such a way that people just go right on by and don't even know it happened. And remember, we are looking for the coming of the Lord any time. And when we… I made a statement that I perhaps the rapture would be the same way. It'll be gone, over, and no one will know nothing about it, and just come like that. See? And usually… Just go on back to the Bible and look how it happens like that (See?), even as great a thing as the Lord Jesus coming. Nobody knew nothing about it. They thought, "That crank, somebody…" The churches said, "Just a fanatic. We… He's really crazy." Said, "He's a mad man. We know thou art mad." "Mad" means "crazy." "We know you got a devil, and it's run you crazy. And you try to teach us when you were borned out there illegitimately. Why, you was born in fornication, try to teach men like us, the priests and so forth, the temple." Why, my, that was a—an insult to them.
30  When John came, been talked about down through the ages from Isaiah to Malachi—that's twelve hundred—or seven hundred and twelve years he'd been seen of the prophets coming. Everybody was looking for him to come, expecting it at any time. But the way he come, he preached, and done his service, and went on into glory, and even the apostles didn't know it. For they asked Him; they said, "Now, the Son of man is going to Jerusalem, all these things to be offered," and said, "why is it the Scripture says the—that Elias is going to come first?" Jesus said, "He's already come; you didn't know it. And he did just exactly what the Scripture said he would do, and they did to him just what was listed." See, see? And they couldn't understand it. He said, "It was John."
33  And then, "Oh." See, they—they woke up to it. They… And when… Even at last, after all the things He—He had done and the signs that He'd had show them, and had even called them, said, "Which one of you can condemn Me of sin (unbelief)? If I haven't done just what the Scripture said that My office would do when I come to the earth, then show Me where I've sin. (See?) Then I'll—I'll show you what you're supposed to be, and let's see whether you believe it or not." See? He'd have come right back and said, "You supposed to believe on Me when I come." They didn't do it. See? So they knowed better than to tie in on Him on that. But He said, "Which one of you can accuse Me of unbelief? (See?) Haven't I done just what it was?"
34  And even the apostles going along, stumbled. (We know how the Scriptures go.) Then finally, at last they said, "Now, we believe. We believe that no man has to tell You, for You know all things." And I'd had just liked to have seen His face. He must've looked at them and said, "Well, do you now believe?" Finally it dawned on them. Well, it wasn't supposed to be maybe till that time. You see? And God works everything just right, you know. I love Him for that.
36  But now, we're thinking of our age now, 'cause I get to talking on that, we won't get into these Seals at all. And… Now, remember, I—I'm getting much requests for prayer for the sick, and I'm praying for the—you all the time for every request I get and for the handkerchiefs and things. And if we can get these Seals finished up to the last Seal Sunday morning, we—if it be the will of the Lord, we'd like to have just a good old fashion healing service here, you know, where you just take the entire morning for praying for the sick. And I—I'm pretty sure it'll be a strange healing meeting. Yeah, I just have a feelings like that. And so… Not strange, but it may be a little strange to some. See, what…
38  Now, how great is God's grace to reveal His secrets to us in this day. Now, we all will believe that we're living in the last day. We believe that. And remember, the secrets was to be revealed in the last day. And how does He reveal His Word, His secret, the Bible? Would you like to read where He says it? Let's just turn over and see how He reveals His secrets. Now, I want you to read Amos; turn over to the Book of Amos, and I want you to read in the 3rd chapter of Amos and the 7th verse. All right. I'll read the 6th verse too. Shall a trumpet… blow in the city, and the people not be afraid? shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD has not done it? Surely the LORD… will do nothing, but he revealeth his secrets unto his servants the prophets.
40  Now, in the last days we are—it's predicted to us that there will rise a—a prophet. Now, we know that we've had all kinds… Now, I realize after looking around tonight, I—I'm speaking here where students are setting, and I—I'd like for you to understand me. And you realize these tapes cover the world (See?), just about all the world. And I'd want you to, not by no mean, think that I am trying to inject some kind of a—a cult of Elijah's blankets or robes and oh, all those things we've had plenty of them. But you know all those things are only a forerunning of the real thing that is to come to throw the people off.
42  Did you know we had false—false leaders raised up, false messiahs before Christ come? Didn't—did—did not the—the teacher of that day, that mighty teacher, Gamaliel, when the—the question come up about beating these men and so forth; he said, "Let them alone. If it's of God, why, you'll be found fighting against God, but if it isn't of God…" Said, "Didn't a man raise up not long ago and take four hundred into the wilderness and so forth? We have those things." What was it? All forerunning the real thing when it come.
43  Now, see, Satan raises those up. Watch the shrewdness of this fellow that we're talking about here, Satan, where we're unfolding him right here, just stripping him down by the Scriptures and letting you see who he is. That's what the—what's supposed to be done, and you remember, he has not tried to go in to be a Communist; Satan hasn't. He's an antichrist, "So close that" Jesus said, "would deceive the very elected." And that's the one that's hid down in these Seals, whose names are on the Book since the foundation of the world.
45  He is a shrewd fellow, and when he sees this thing coming, coming up, then he throws everything he can out there to upset it 'fore it gets there. Did you know there will be false christs arise in the last day? It should follow immediately after this—after this great message that this brother will speak, that will actually come, be anointed in the spirit of Elijah, immediately. And they'll mistake him; some of them will think he's the Messiah. But he will strictly say, "No," because it's got to be coming like John. In the time of John the Baptist, when he came out there to preach, they said to him, "Aren't you the Messiah? Aren't you He?" He said, "I am not. I'm not worthy to loose His shoe. But I—I baptize you with water, but He will baptize with the Holy Ghost." And John was so sure that He's on earth he said, "He is among you somewhere now." But he didn't know Him till he saw that sign come down upon Him. Then when he seen that Light coming down, spread out like a dove and lit upon Him, he said, "There He is. That's Him." But John was the only one that saw It, you know. John was the only one heard the Voice. All the rest of them there, no one heard It.
50  But then when the real true servant comes on, with all the impersonation to it, it's to upset the peoples' mind. Satan does that. And those who can't discern right from wrong, they just tumble over; but the elected won't do it. The Bible said he wouldn't be able to deceive the elected. And now, just before the coming of Christ, the Bible said there would be false christs arise and would claim to be Christ, and would say, "Lo," the people say, "He's in the desert." Don't believe it. "Lo, He's in the secret chamber." Don't believe it. "For as the sun shineth from the east unto the west, so shall the coming of the Son of man be." See? Yes, He'll—He'll—He'll appear, and it'll be a universal thing. And now, that will…
51  Now, of course, when they find out that something has taken place (You see?), then they'll… Now, remember, that will take place immediately after the going home of the Church (after the rapture). Now, there'll be false impersonations all the time, and we do not mean to be connected in anything like that. No, sir. And I believe when the person comes, this one that is predicted to come (I'm showing you only by the Scriptures.), that the man will have to be a prophet. He certainly will. And the revelation of God, because God… The Word of the Lord comes to His prophet. That's exactly right, that's… And God cannot change. You see? If He had a better system, He would—He would've used it, but the—He—He's got—He chose the best system at the beginning.
54  Just like, He could've chose the sun to preach the Gospel. He could've put—chose the moon. He could chose the—the wind, but He chose man. And He never did choose groups; individuals. See, the… And never two major prophets on the earth at the same time. See, every man is different. He's got a different makeup. If God can get one person (That's all He has to have.) right in His hand, He can do what He wants to. He just has to have one. In the days of Noah, days of Elijah, days of Moses… Many rose up in the time of Moses. You know how they did and wanted to say, "Well, you're not the only holy one in the bunch," and—and Dathan and—and Korah… And God said, "Just separate yourself; I'll just open up the earth and swallow them away." You see? And—and so… And then the people got to complaining. He said, "I'll—I'll just take the whole thing away." And there Moses took the place of Christ then to throw hisself in the breach and say, "Don't do it, Lord." See? And 'course, He… After He'd ordained Moses to do this, He didn't come over Moses, 'cause he was acting like Christ in that time. It was Christ in Moses. Absolutely.
60  Now, we're so glad today that God is revealing Hisself to us. And I believe the great day is just begin dawning, breaking; the lights are begin to flash; the birds of paradise is begin to sing in the saints' heart, they know that—isn't long now. Something's going to happen. It's just got to. So if He does not do anything… Now, all Scripture is inspired. The Scriptures must absolutely be the Truth, no way around it. There's where I different with our friends the Catholic church. I believe that It was not written by just mere man; I believe It was moved by the Holy Spirit. And all these little things that's been added, try to add to It, did you notice in the solving up they was everyone kicked out. And these real true Scriptures dovetail one with the other one till there—there's no contradiction in them nowhere at all.
62  Show me one piece of literature that can—that can write a verse hardly without contradicting itself, or write a verse or two. And the Bible does not contradict Itself anywhere. I've heard the old critics say that, but I have had an offer for him for a long time to show me where it's at. It isn't in here. It's just because the human mind is confused. God's not confused. He knowed what He's doing. He knows… And look, if God's going to judge the world by a church (as the Catholic church says it is), all right, then what church is that? Just look at the churches we got. We got nine hundred and something different organization of churches. Now, how… One teaches this way and one that way. What a confusion. Then anybody just do anything they want to; you go on in anyhow. God's got to have some standard, and that's His Word.