The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 10: The Seventh Seal 63-0324E (Continued)

Day 116

151  Notice, as there were—as they were a remnant according to election (these Jews are now), the remnant according to election in the days of Elijah's first ministry to the Jews, where seven thousand believers were kept away by the hand of God. Now, there is, in this remnant time coming, to their time to be one hundred and forty-four thousand according to the election, that the message at that time—to believe the message, will be one hundred and forty-four thousand. Now, you say, "Oh, now, just a minute, brother, I don't know about this election stuff. Well, I never read it there." All right then, let's just see if it's right or not. Let's turn back to Matthew, and get down here and find out if we can't find a little something on this somewhere. I believe now that I'm right. (I haven't got it wrote down here, but it just come to my mind.) Let's take at the ending, the 30th verse, where we went last night, the ending of the Sixth Seal on the 30th verse.
153  Now, let's read that, and see now where we get to. The 31st verse (See?), they'll see the Son of man coming in glory. Now, the 31st verse: And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.
154  The elected will come out. What is it? And the tribulation period… The… God will call His elected, and that is the Jews during that time, the elected. The Bible speaks of it. Paul speaks of it. According to the election, there will be one hundred and forty-four thousand (according to the election) that will believe the message out of literally millions that'll be there. There were millions in Palestine at the days of the prophecy of Elijah, and seven thousand was saved out of millions. Now, according to the election, where millions of Jews are gathering into their homeland (it's become a nation) there'll be millions in there, but only one hundred and forty-four thousand elected ones will be taken. They will hear the Message.
157  Same thing it is in the Gentile church. There is a Bride, and She is elected, and he will be called according to the election. Notice, this all types the Church perfectly, the elected believers; others do not believe. You can just tell it. You tell a man a truth and let it be proven by the Word and then vindicated, "I don't believe it." You can just… Don't fool with it no more. Jesus said not to. Said, "It's just like casting pearls before swine." See? Said, "Just leave them alone. They'll turn and tramp you under their feet." They'll make fun of you. Just walk away and leave them if the blind leads the blind…
160  I went to a man not long ago… He come to me rather. He'd been arguing all around everywhere against Divine healing. And he come up, and he said, "I don't believe your Divine healing." I said, "My, I guess it wouldn't be any good 'cause I ain't got any"; and he… I said, "but God's is perfect." He said, "There is no such a thing." I said, "You're too late to say that, Buddy. Yeah, you done—you done waited too long for that. You might've argued a few years ago, but there's another age on now: there's millions to testify. See?" I said, "You're—you're too late now, fellow, to say that." He said—he said, "Well, I don't believe it. I don't care what you do." I said, "Certainly not. You can't." See? He said, "Smite me blind." Said, "If you're—you got the Holy Ghost like Paul," said, "smite me blind." I said, "How can I do it when you are already blind?" I said, "Your father has blinded you to the Truth." I said, "You—you're already blind." And he said, "I wouldn't believe; I don't care what you could do, how much evidence you can prove or anything like that; I still don't believe it." I said, "Certainly, it wasn't for unbelievers; it was only for believers."
168  What was it? See, you know right then the election's off. Just don't fool with it at all. Jesus did the same thing. He said, "Let them alone. If the blind lead the blind, won't they all fall in the ditch?" But when He come to a little prostitute, it struck fire. What was it? It was an elected seed laying there (See?) that seen it right now. When It come to Peter, there was an elected seed laying there, see, and they saw it, "And all the Father has give… hath (past tense) given Me, they'll come. They'll come to Me." Oh, my, I love that. Yes, sir. Notice, the believers does believe it. The unbelievers can't believe it. So now, if anybody wants to argue about the serpent's seed and things and you try to show them, they won't listen to it, just walk away. Leave them alone. See, God don't argue, neither does His children. See, see?
171  Notice, God's one hundred and forty-four thousand elected Jews don't bow to the beast, his denominationalism, statues, or anything. Though their nation is in a covenant with it at the time, Israel is in a covenant, but here's a hundred and forty-four thousand that's not going to do it. That's the elected. Same thing it is right here in the Gentile church now. It's an elected group. You can't pull them in that kind of stuff. They won't believe it. No, sir. The Light once struck them, that settles it right then. They see the—see it happen, and then see it vindicated and proved, and like that, and they look down here in the Bible and see that Word just going… Oh, you—you just might as well just quit fooling with them, 'cause they believe it. That's all. That's all. Though they can't explain it, but they know they got it. I… As I say, "There's a lot of things I can't explain, but I—I know it's real anyhow." See?
173  All right. This time was between the Sixth and Seventh Seal that He calls these people, spoken of by Jesus in Matthew the 24th chapter and the 31st verse, that we've just read. See? Trumpets here, or the two witnesses of the… When the trumpet sounds, is the trumpet of the two witnesses of the age of grace for the Jews. One trumpet sounds; you notice, one trumpets sounds. He say, "And sound the trumpet." Now, notice over here: 31st. And he shall send forth his angels… (not one, see, two of them)… with a great sound of a trumpet,… What is it? When God gets ready to speak, there's a sound of a trumpet. That's always His voice calling to battle. See? God speaks. These angels will come forth with the sounding of the trumpet. And you notice, at the last angel's message, the trumpet sound: the first angel's message, a trumpet sound; second angel's, a trumpet sounded when he sent it out.
175  Notice, but when the Seals were announced, they were all in one great Divine thing to call out a group of people. There was one trumpet sound and Seven Seals were broke. Notice, gather His elected Jews from the four parts of the heavens… He mentioned the six Seals as we have seen, but not the Seventh Seal. He's never said nothing in here about the Seventh Seal nowhere. See, right away, the 32nd verse turns to a parables of the time of the calling of the elected Jew.
179  Now, watch here. See? "And He will send the angels with a trumpet and He gather the elect from the four corners of heaven." Now, He starts. See, He don't say nothing about the Seventh Seal here. See? He spoke of the Sixth Seal: First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth, but notice. Now, learn a parable of the fig tree; When its branches is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh: So likewise ye, when you shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the door.
182  That last—that question they asked Him: "And what will be the sign of the end of the world?" When you see these Jews… When you see these other things taking place, you know what takes place. Now, when you see these Jews… Talking to the Jews… Now, watch. What company is He talking to? Gentiles? Jews, Jews. See? Now, He said, "You'd be hated of all nations for My Name," and so forth like… Now, when He said… You see these Jews begin to put forth their buds over yonder, when that Israel begins to turn back, getting into her country, when she gets there, the Church is ready to rapture, and there's only three and a half years left unto the end of the old world, and she goes out into chaos, and in comes the Millennium to the new—new earth. Said, "Even at the door."
185  Now, one thousand years on earth is only one day with God. And three and one half years, what would it go to? So many seconds in God's time. That's the reason He said, "It is at the door." "Verily I say unto you that this generation shall not be consumed (done away with, this people) until all these things are…" what? What won't be done away with? They've tried to kill the Jew off the earth all the time. They'll never be able to do it. But notice, the very generation of Jews that seen the return back into Palestine, that generation would see these things happen. And just the last two years she was fully become a nation with her own money and whatever. There she is.
188  Now, where are we at, friends? The Seals and everything opening, now we're getting this in between here. There it is. See where we're setting? I hope you get it. I haven't got no education. And I know what I'm talking about, but maybe I can't explain—explain it to make sense to you. But I hope that God takes the words that's mixed up and divides them out right (You see?), and lets you know what it is, 'cause it's—we're at the door. We're here at the time. Now, notice. See, right away now He turns to these Jews, and at the—the end time He says what's going to take place. We know even that… Now we know; we are well aware that the tribes are scattered. They have been for twenty-five hundred years. They were prophesied to be scattered to the four winds. Did you know that? We know that. 'Course we won't have to go back and get—pick that, 'cause I've got something here real important I want you to see 'fore you get too tired and I get wore out.