The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 10: The Seventh Seal 63-0324E (Continued)

Day 113

38  Don't try to explain nat—a supernatural; you can't do it. See? Only thing to do is just go right ahead. And I'll try to make myself clear as I can; but from henceforth, I think I'll never try it again. See? You just absolutely believe or not, and now, you'll see a little later why. Now, I've tried to be honest. God knows that. And that question this morning; I was trying to answer it just as honestly as I knew how. I just read the first part of the verse, and it was a—wouldn't have been right, but the Holy Spirit understanding that I… My mind… See, look, the last two or three days what's been happening. See, I—I called seven hundred—seven thousand, seven hundred, this morning; was trying… And it was picked up by the people (See?), and that showed that you was watching.
39  Now, another one where I was trying to say "the dove," and I called it "the lamb"; but I caught that right away. And then here one, I didn't catch on that, the Holy Spirit turned right back around and called me to it. That's a double confirmation that these things are right. God's watching over to see that it's right. That's right. He wants to… He wants you to know that it's the Truth. He's the One that's sending it, 'cause it sure wasn't… It was just as much to me learning as it was—has been to you. And so we are… I'm very grateful for the—the—the knowledge—know now of the Lord, what hour we're living in (See?), living right in the end time before the going away of the Church. Now, just—we've been talking, so let's just ask His blessings on the Word again.
43  Our heavenly Father, here comes that great night, the great hour that when a great thing has happened. It's been all around the people. And, Father, I pray that tonight that'll be made known beyond a shadow of doubt to the people's hearts and mind that they'd know that God is still on the throne, and that He still loves His people, and it's the hour—hour that the world has longed to see, is now approaching, for it cries out for redemption. We can see the elements ready to bring it back. We can see the elements ready to bring the Church into the Presence of Christ. We can see the—the Bride taking on the form, putting the wedding garment on, making ready. We can see the lights a-flickering. We know that we're at the end. Now, heavenly Father, as this goes forward now to preach or to teach on this great mighty event that taken place in glory some two thousand years ago, and was given to the great beloved apostle, John, and tonight we're to speak upon it, let the Holy Spirit come forward now in His mighty power of revelation, that He might reveal to us that thing which He wants us to know, as He has in the last few nights. We commit ourselves to You with the Word, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
46  Now, as you're—want to turn maybe in your Bibles, and this is just a short verse, one verse of Scripture, but it's the—the last verse found—last Seal rather. Now, last night we were speaking on the Sixth Seal. First Seal, being the antichrist introduced, his time went through, and we seen how he went out, how the beast that was introduced on God's power that went forth with the antichrist power to combat it. I don't believe there could be a question in anybody's mind about it. Then we find out immediately after that, when that church age, them beasts, went—got through we find out we changed the whole picture there. No more beasts come out. See? But it was introducing, coming forward over into the tribulation period after the Church had went out. And how perfectly it fit right in with the church ages. I don't see one iota, one thing that didn't fit perfectly, even to the ages and everything, and the time. Think of it. That shows it had to be God do it. See? The human mind could not fathom that.
52  And now, we find out that that… Also we… The Lord let us take the Scripture, the Holy Scripture, what Jesus said would take place. And how would we have ever found that? And here it comes over and reveals and bring it just exactly (His sermon there) answering that, brings out exactly to the point, six of the Seals, but He omitted the Seventh. See? Then when the Seals were open, God (notice here), He omitted revealing even any symbol of the Seventh one. See? It's a perfect secret with God. Notice, now we're going to read in the Bible in the—the Seventh Seal. That's found in Revelations the 8th chapter. And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of a half hour. (And that's all we have on it.)
54  Now, we're going to notice, and try to not hold too long, 'cause many of you will be on the road yet tonight going home. And I thought again of having a healing service this morning, which would let you go in the morning, wouldn't have to wait over. And now, we… And I too; I've got to journey on to—to Tucson, Arizona, where I live, and, my home now. And then I—I want to be back here, the Lord willing, around… The family wants to come back for a few days in June. And now, maybe I'll get to meet you all down here at a meeting in that time.
57  My next appointed service is Albuquerque, New Mexico. I think it's the 9th, 10th, and 11th. I'll be there Thursday and Good Friday. So I was to have the whole thing, and I had other appointments where I couldn't make it till that time, so I'll have Thursday night and Friday night at Albuquerque, New Mexico. And then—and then the—the next known, close, is potentially (We don't know for sure.), that's to be with my good friends, the—the group of the "Midnight Cry" at—up at Southern Pines, North Carolina. And they're on the phone in there now, which they've sent telegram message, and everything in coming this close for another group at Little Rock of the Jesus' Name people that I had the meetings with over at the Cow Palace last summer. They're having their convention at Little Rock, Arkansas. And they've been, since last year, wanting at least one night or wants the whole of it, but they would even be ready for one night.
60  And so I told them, not knowing just what to do, I said they could advertise it potentially, then they'll let it know a little later. Has he just called? Uh-huh. All right. What say? [Brother Branham speaks to someone about the proposed meetings—Ed.] (Hot Springs, is it? I was mistaken. Twenty-fourth of May? 24th to 28th of June.) Now, it's announced potentially. That is, if it is the will of the Lord. See, I'll—here's the reason I like to do those things. You'll learn a little later now. See? When I go to a place, I like to set my feet down there knowing that God said go there. Then if the enemy rises up anywhere, I say, "I'm here in the Name of the Lord Jesus; just move back." See, see? Then you're—you're sure of your ground. See? When He sent you anywhere, He will take care of you. See? But if you go presumingly, then I don't know. He might not be there. So I—I want to be sure as I can be. I've took many ones that He didn't tell me to take, but I—I like to be as sure as possible. The Lord bless you all now.
62  Now, now, we notice, this being just one verse here, we'd like to do something just a little—a little bit before here. If you noticed, we skipped the 7th chapter. The 6th chapter ends up the sixth—the Sixth Seal, but between the Sixth Seal and the Seventh Seal, there's something takes place. See? And how—how lovely that's placed just at its right place—between 6th and 7th chapter. Now, if you notice in the 7th chapter, we notice between the 6th and 7th there's an interval—an interval between the 6th and 7th chapter of the Book of Revelations; and it's between the Sixth and Seventh Seal that this interval is given. Now, we want to notice this: very important that we notice this little time.
63  Now, remember, after the 4th chapter of Revelations, the Church is gone. After the—the four horse riders has went out, Church is gone. See? Everything that happened to the Church happened up to the 4th chapter of the Book of Revelations; everything that happened in the antichrist move, went up to the 4th chapter, and the Fourth Seal of Revelations (both for antichrist and Christ) ended up; and antichrist comes to his doom, and—with his army, and Christ comes with His army. It's an old battle that started way back beyond time. And then they was… Satan and his angels was kicked out. And then they come to the earth, and the battle set in again. Because Eve broke down the barrier from where she was isolated behind the Word of God, and from that very hour, Satan won the battle over God's Word, because one of His subjects, the weaker, let down the bar.
65  And that's exactly how he's won the battle every time has been because one of His subjects let down the bar from the Word. And it was done in this last church age through an organizational system which the real genuine holy church of the living God with a lion rider would not accept the Word and turned the church from the Word to dogma. Now, how many knows that it's dogma that the Roman Catholic church is built on? Do they admit it? Absolutely. Sure, certainly they admit it. There's no… The Catholic church, wouldn't hurt their feelings a bit, because they know that. They just added a new one here not long ago that Mary was resurrected. You remember it here a few years ago, about ten years. How many remembers that? Papers and every… Sure, everything the new dogma. See, it's all dogma, not Word. See?
67  A priest, on an interview recently, he said, "Mr. Branham," he said, "God is in His church." I said, "God is in His Word." He said, "We're not supposed to argue." I said, "I'm not arguing. I'm just making statement." God is in His Word. That's right. "Anybody that'll take anything away from It or add anything to It…" said the Word. He said, "Well, God gave… Christ gave His church power, and told them whatever they bound on earth, be bound in heaven." I said, "That is exactly Truth." He said, "We have on—upon these principles, that we have power to loose sin, and…" I said, "If you'll do it the way that it was give to the church and the way they did it, I'll accept it. If you do, there's water here to be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins, not by somebody telling you your sins are remitted." See? That's exactly.