The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 10: The Seventh Seal 63-0324E (Continued)

Day 112

11  And now, I am very grateful for the cooperation of the Tabernacle people. As Billy was telling me this week, that I think every home that's represented here around this Tabernacle has a—somebody with them. They opened up your homes and places and taken in people that wouldn't have had any place to go to. Now, that's real Christian acts. See? And some homes have just stuck everybody in every little corner that they could to get people a place to stay, because this has been a very hard time on account of this, some kind of a affair that'd been going on about the sports world (some kind of basketball or something) and—and reservations had been made plus the great group from… I think represented here in this little church about around twenty-eight or thirty states represented right here in the church, besides two foreign nations, so—in this little revival, so that takes up quite a bit of room itself. And know… I was asking today with some people; I said, "I understood there wasn't too many Jeffersonville people around in the meeting."
15  Someone spoke up and said, "We can't get in"; that was the—that was the reason. Some of the police and so forth wanted to come to the meeting, but said… Had been talked around… said, but they come up and they couldn't get in. It was already filled up before even time that they could get in. So they had their time, maybe, later on and they didn't come, so now the people are coming from other places. So we're very grateful. Now, I don't know. The next thing would follow this would be the Seven Trumpets in another message. But in the Seals, practically everything is included. The church ages come down and we placed them first, which was most—which was most important, but the… of that time… Now, the opening of the Seals shows where the church goes and how it ends up. And now, I think the heavenly Father has been certainly gracious to us for letting us see what we have.
17  Now, I say this… Looking over old notes that I preached on many years ago, I was just coming in and saying what I thought was right and going on. It was away off of the line. And now, all four of them Seals, I had it in about twenty minute sermon. Oh… The four horse riders of Revelations, I throwed them all together, and said, "One horse went in white"; I said, "perhaps that's the—the—the early age. And next horse went in famine," and then on like that. But my, when the Word really was opened up, it was a hundred miles away from it. So it behooves us to watch and wait. Then maybe it had to be this time to do it. There may be many things that's been said that might be disagreeable with other people, but I believe when the great windup time comes and we meet our Lord, you'll find out that it was right. It—it—it really is.
19  Now, people who are from out of town, from around at different places, come in from different states and nations, how I appreciate your sincerity to travel all the distance and to take your vacations, and some of them even without places to stay. I know because I've been able to help some of them get places to stay, without even money to eat on, or anything else and so… and even have come anyhow, expecting something to happen to take care of it. And with such great faith in that, that no matter if they have to go without food, or even a place to stay, they want to come hear those—them—them things happen anyhow. That's really gallant, you know. And everybody has just been so one hundred percent. I met my brother-in-law back there which was the—the—had the bricklaying of the church and so forth; I was telling him about how I appreciated his job. I'm not a brick mason or I know nothing about it, but I do know what a square corner is and whether it's fixed up kind of right.
21  And he said, "I tell you," he said, "there never was such a time, hardly, that you ever seen such harmony amongst men when they all worked together." Brother Wood, Brother Roberson, and everybody just placing their places—everything. And the brother who put the acoustic, the—I mean the public addressing outfit and everything in the church… They said, "Everything just worked right." When they need something, there'd be the man standing there to do it. So, it's… God is in all the whole program. We're very thankful for this. Many great donators in the church to help do it, such as our Brother Dauch and Sister Dauch setting here, and many others that's donated heavy to this cause. And I think right at the time they don't lack but a little bit and it all being paid for. So we're very grateful for that.
24  And remember, it's your church, for you are a servant of Christ, and that's what it's built here for, a open door to make servants, and for servants who are already servants of Christ, to come in and enjoy themselves around the fellowship of Jesus Christ. And we want you to know that everybody's welcome. And now, when you hear me sometimes under the time of anointing kinda rake down the curtain on organization, I—I don't mean that against your pastor or against any brother, sister in church, because after all, God has people in every organization there is; but He don't accept the organization. He accepts the individual in the organization. And the—it doesn't take an organization; therefore, when people get so bound around organization, then they can't see nothing else but just what that church says. You see? And that makes disfellowshipping with others, and it's a system that God is not pleased with, and it's a worldly affair never ordained of God.
27  So now, I don't mean any individual, Catholic, Jewish, whatever it might be, or—or Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, any organization, and no organizations, and—and non-denominationals and all, God has His children sitting out in there. See? And many times I believe they're out there for a purpose: to give light, pulling out those predestinated ones from all around everywhere. And—and on that great day we'll see then, the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ will be called to the—to the great meeting time in the air, and we'll all go up to meet Him, and I'm—I'm looking for that hour. Now, there's so much could be said, and tonight on the final closing night, as usually, everybody's… In a healing service, I find, under anticipations for great things to be done in the healing service, which makes them a tension, nervous. And then I find the same thing tonight, that everybody's under expectation of seeing how… And each night it's been that way, for the opening of those Seals.
29  Now, I want to make this real clear. Every time, every time that these Seals has come to the place, everything that I ever believed on them and has read of other people, has been contrary to what come to me in the room. And my mind, at this time… The reason I had that healing service this morning, because my human mind is becoming so away from my own way of thinking. I have tried to stay in a—in a room with the shades pulled down, a light on (This is the eighth day.) and not even got in my car to—to go anywhere. I had to go with some brothers down to the bank to sign some notes and things on money and stuff that's been borrowed for this church, but I—a—but I come right straight back and went right to study. And the strange thing, there hasn't been one person said anything or… Usually they're knocking and pulling and around. There hasn't been one thing. It's been very phenomenal.
33  Where I've been eating at, at Brother Wood's, usually that place is packed around with cars, and they had eight or ten different people was going to come stay with them during this time, and not a one of them come. Then this morning, I'll never forget this morning; the grace of our Saviour to His tired weary servant. When I'd answered a poor person's question, and the best of my mind, thinking that I'd done right, and all of a sudden as if I'd—I'd taken something away from a child, I was so condemned and didn't know what it was. And I thought, "Maybe being that I was pressing to get to that healing service, maybe somebody so desperately sick that had to be prayed for right then…" and I asked the audience. A few minutes, it was revealed. Somebody said, "Won't you read your—read your text over," or something, and that time I picked up a little piece of paper and read it again to see what it said and looked down on the Book, and it was altogether different, the question I was answering. See?
35  May I just pass this to you. When the supernatural comes in, that's the mind of Christ. You become so far away from your own thinking till in your own mind… I… This… you… I… Don't—don't let me try to explain that, because I can't. See? I couldn't do it. There's nobody could do it. How could that man that's the Elijah stand up there on the mountain under the Presence of God, and pull down fire from heaven, then rain right behind the fire, and then close the heavens, and it didn't rain for three years and six months, and go right back and call the rain on that same day? And under that anointing, how… and took four hundred priests out and killed them, and then run to the wilderness screaming for his life on a threat of one woman. See? Jezebel, she swore that she'd take his life. When Ahab and all of them was there to see the Presence of God and the great miracle done.
37  See, his… The Spirit had left him. In his natural way of thinking, he didn't know how to think. See? He couldn't think for himself. And remember, the Angel put him to sleep and rested him, raised him up, give him some cakes and put him back to sleep and rested him, and raised him up, and give him some cakes again; and we don't know what happened to the man for forty days. Then he was pulled back in a cave somewhere and God called him.