The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 9: Questions And Answers On The Seals 63-0324M (Continued)

Day 108

320  He was showing riddles to some of them but not to the others; so they walked away. Then He turned around and looked at the twelve standing there, and said, "You want to go too?" Now, watch. Peter said, "You know what? I attended that old place yonder all that time. Where in the world would I go to? Where would I go? Where—where could I go? After I done here a work… I can't go back to that garbage can again where all kind of slop of the world's laying in it. See? I—I… Where would I go to? I—I just can't do it." He said, "Then all right, come on, go along." Now, there you are. See, what was that then? Twelve out of about two and one half million. And the Saviour of the world out of billions… Get humble (See?), just stay humble. Watch. Now, with all them Pharisees, and that little prostitute come up there; she said, "Say, you must be a prophet. Now, we know that Messiah's coming; and when He comes He will do that." He said, "I'm He." She said, "That's it," and away she went. You try to stop her once; you couldn't do it.
324  31. Brother Branham, greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Please explain who the man in Matthew 22:11, the man that didn't have on a wedding garment—wedding garment on… I know this man could—couldn't get into heaven without the wedding garment on. This was a guest, I know, not the Bride. Yes, that's right. He would be a guest. Yeah, he just slipped in. See? Now, look. Now, I… It'd just take a whole sermon on that, and I got ten minutes to pray for the sick and finish this up, and I've got one half of them done. Notice. But I'm—I'm going to hurry, right sure enough after this one. See?
325  Here's what happened. If you know the oriental custom (See?), when a bridegroom gives out invitations for his wedding, he just gives out so many invitations. And for every invitation he sent, he had a porter standing at the door to put a robe on him, whether he was poor or whatever he was, he had… If he was rich or poor, whatever it was, he, all had to wear this wedding garment. When they stood at the door, they put this on him; it covered up what his outside had been. He's invited—whether he was a millionaire, or whether he was a pauper, whether he was a farmer, ditch digger, or whatever he is, or—or plutocrat, he's—he's here with the robe on, now, because the robe's put on him at the door when he enters in at the door.
327  Now, take Saint John 10, I believe it is, He said, "I am the door. (See?) I am the door that enter—that you enter in by." Now there he stands at the door, and here's the man that put the robe on him, the Holy Spirit, to give him the robe of righteousness when he comes in. Now, this man had come by some organization, back at the window over here (some slip-in hole), and he got in at the table and set down. And then when the Bridegroom comes up and looks around, he's a… he… These had been odd ducks before, now he's the odd duck. See? "What are you doing here like that without the baptism of the Holy Ghost and all these things? How did you ever get in here?" Well, he come in somewhere besides the door, and he come without the proper invitation. See? He come by some educational system (See?), or something like that. He got in, and He said to them, "Bind him, hand and feet, cast him out of here into outer darkness where there'll be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth." See? He went into the tribulation period. See? He did not come in by the door. So, all right.
330  32. Question: Will the Elijah of Malachi 4 be the same as Elijah mentioned in Revelations 11:3, and is the other witnesses—is the other two witnesses separate, or individuals separate? Yes. The Elijah of Malachi 4 will not be the Elijah of Malachi 3. We went through that last night. "And is the other witness separate?" Two of them, yes, sir, Moses and Elijah to our revelations. (Now, I don't want to hold you here too long.)
331  33. First Kings 19, Brother Branham, I believe that the number who did not bow the knee was seven… Yeah, that's right. Seven hundred instead of… Thank you. That's correctly. It was seven hundred instead of seven thousand… Brother… Seven thousand instead of seven hundred. Now, see that?
332  You know, really, when a person comes like this to—to preach… I want to ask you something now so that you'll understand. When the Elijah came from the wilderness he had one message. He stomped right out of that wilderness, and come right down, and told that king, "The dew will not even fall from heaven till I call for it." That's the words he had and stomped right back out and said nothing to nobody. See? When he had another message, he come right down and said this message, and turned right back around, went back out into the wilderness. See? Now, if you'll watch, when I laid the cornerstone under that Tabernacle, He said, "Do the work of an evangelist"; and now the hour's coming when that work is separated. There's something else taking place. Then I'm…?… See, I get here and try to do evangelist and something else; and see where you're at? See, you're… Oh, I'm expecting the church to be spiritual enough to understand.
335  34. Brother Branham, I understand that Elias must be three times. You tell us that he has been twice already, and will come again. Now, will the person that the spirit of Elias will be upon, also be of the two witnesses of Moses and Elijah? No, no. He will be a Gentile (See?), to the Gentile church. God sends always to His own people. See? He came to His Own, and His Own received Him not. He always sends His… The message of the hour… When God was dealing with the Jews, there wasn't any Gentile prophets come. When God's dealing with the Gentiles, there's no Jewish prophets. When God turns back to the Jews, there'll be no Gentile prophets. See? See what I mean? All right.
337  After the rapture has taken place… Now, there will be a carry over time, of course, one message carrying to the other one. It—it—it has to come right in like this (You see?), as I explained that (See?), like Paul to the Gentiles and so forth. All right. 35. After the rapture has been taken place, will any of the church be saved in the end who was not taken in the rapture? No. Huh-uh, 'cause the Blood's done left. You see, there'll be no intercessions; the Gentile age is finished. There'll be no one saved after the rapture, none of the church. Huh-uh. The church… "Let him that's filthy be filthy still, him that's holy be holy still." See? That won't take place, not after the Church is gone.
338  36. Brother Branham, I noticed you—your referring to Daniel's seventy weeks on the First Seal message. I understand on Daniel—on the tape of Daniel when the Gospel returns to the Jews, the seventy weeks will begin. Is there a one seventy—one week, seven years, left for the Jews, or yet is there only one-half week, one three and one-half years left for them? Only one-half week: Jesus prophesied the first half week, as was predicted, only one-half week left for them.
339  Brother Branham, since you didn't pray for the sick during the week, will you… That's just a request for that…
339a  Brother Branham, will you see me after the service… That's a request (See?), there…
340  37. Would you please explain about Satan being bound a thousand years, and being loosed for the battle of—battle of Revelations 20 and 8. What relationship does this have with the battle of Armageddon as mentioned in the Fourth Seal? Will Gog and Magog be gathered from the people of the new earth? Well, this is a long one, and I—I'll just have to hit the spot of it. See? Now, the first thing. Will… Now, maybe I can't explain it. I'll do my best.
341  Would you please explain how Satan is bound a thousand years, being loosed again for the battle of Revelations 20 and 8. That is not the battle of Armageddon. The battle of Armageddon takes place on this side (See? All right) at the—when the tribulation period is ended. Now, what relation does this have with the battle of Gog and Magog? None. One is this thousand years, and the other one is the end of the—the end of the thousand years. … as mentioned in the Fourth Seal, will Gog and—will Gog and Magog be gathered from peoples on the new earth? Satan was loosed out of his prison and went to gather all the people, the wicked, to bring them to this place, and God rained fire and brimstone out of heaven, and they were consumed (See?), two battles altogether.
344  38. Question: Concerning the sixty-eight million slain by the Roman Catholic church, what time in history did this take place, and over how long a period of time did this take place? Take Schmucker's "Glorious Reformation," I guess some of these scholars have that; and it's the history of the church. And I forget now just what page it's on, but it taken place from the time of the—the—the thing was produced or given to the church by Saint Augustine of Hippo, Africa. That was A.D. 354, and it lasted until 1850, the massacre of Ireland. You see? So that time is—were from A.D. 33—or A.D. 30—354, let me get that right now. See? From A.D. 3-5-4 to—to A.D. 1-8-5-0, 1850, according to the history there were sixty-eight million Protestants put to death recorded on the Roman martyrology for disagreeing with the pope of Rome. That's history. If you want to say it's wrong, well then, maybe George Washington wasn't here or Lincoln (You know none of us lived back to see it.); but I believe they was here anyhow. I see signs that they were here.