The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 9: Questions And Answers On The Seals 63-0324M (Continued)

Day 104

220  What was I talking about anyhow? Let's see. I didn't mean to get off that subject. Excuse me. See? All right. "Some of the—some of us are mixed up. Is the Elijah the same as the…" Yeah, uh-huh; that's right. No, this Elijah that will come to the Gentiles will be a Gentile anointed with that spirit, because God used that same spirit to bring His people out of chaos every time, and has served His purpose well, so He comes it right back down again, because (See?)—'cause now if He uses high-polished, educated, that's the kind it would catch. He brings a man that hardly knows his abc's and can't pronounce his words right and everything like that, some old wilderness something out yonder somewhere, and brings it in and shoves it right down to that simple-minded people and they get it [Brother Branham snaps his fingers—Ed.], like that. If it comes polished…
222  Like Paul said, "I didn't come to you with the polish of an education, but I come to you in the power of the resurrection." It taken God three and one-half years down in Arabia there to knock it out of him—his education. Took—took Him forty years to get it out of Moses. See? So there you are. That's… I don't say God don't… I'm not supporting illiteracy now, but I'm—I'm trying to tell you it don't take the education; it don't… The wisdom of this world is contrary… Education has been the biggest hindrance that the Gospel's ever had. If we didn't have education, we wouldn't have all these big seminaries and things that we got now, it'd be people simple-minded who'd listen to the Word; but they're so polished and messed up, and tightened up out there with all them organizations, till that they're going to stay with it, that's all. They take on that spirit. Did you ever take a good woman, marry into a low-down man, that low-down man either becomes a—a good man like the woman is, or the woman becomes low-down as he is. See? That's right. That's the reason He said, "Come out from among them." when getting ready to take that rapture. You've got to have some kind of faith that'll take you out of here.
225  18. When was the covenant of Daniel 9:27 confirmed for a week? One half of it was confirmed, the covenant, when Jesus Christ was on earth preaching to the Jews. He never went to the Gentiles at all. And He told His disciples, "Don't go to the Gentiles"; that was to the Jews alone. See? And He preached for three and a half years—that's half of the seventy week, now, as Daniel said He would do. Now remember, He was firmly a-vindicated to the Jews, but their eyes were blinded to bring in this space of the Gentiles. Can't you see the whole program? See? And He proved Himself a prophet, done just exactly what the prophet would do, showed them a sign of prophet; which your own Word said, "If a man says he's spiritual or a prophet, watch what he says; and if it comes to pass (just keep on coming to pass, what He said, continually)…
227  Like you look in the Bible, it says, "Knock, and it'll be opened, seek, find, ask, be given." Now, if you'll notice, it's knocketh, just constantly knock [To illustrate, Brother Branham repeatedly knocks upon the pulpit—Ed.], stay right there like the unjust judge wouldn't answer the woman, he just kept knocking on her door. Saying, "I'm on your hand." Not seek, say, "Lord, I'd like to have this. Amen." That's not it; stay right there till you get it. You know it's going to come. So He promised it, so just stay right there till you hold onto it. See? Now, now, in the last part, the seventieth week, the last part of it will be during the time of the tribulation period, after the rapture of the Church. Then there is the three and a half years here that it will be confirmed to them again by prophets (See?), Moses and Elijah: Revelations 11.
227a  Now, let's see what this is. 19. If you are one of His chosen ones, will you go up in the Bride? Yes. Yes, sir, that's easy.
228  20. Brother Branham, did you mean to say seven thousand who had not bowed their knee to Baalim, or seven hundred? Seven thousand, I meant to say. Forgive me for that. See? It's just a… It's just a manner of speech. I was just… Like I said awhile ago… Did you notice me stand here, and I said, "And they bear record seeing the Lamb…" See, see? The Lamb was on earth: (see?) bear record seeing the Spirit of God coming upon the Lamb.
229  Now, in there it says, "This is my beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased." You see? Now, that's wrote in the actual form of the Greek, putting verb before adverb; but you notice here, it'd actually be this… Now, just take the Word. See? The Bible says, in the translation of St. James here: "This is My beloved Son in Whom I'm pleased to dwell." But actually, if we'd say it like we'd say it today: "This is My beloved Son in Whom I'm pleased to dwell in." You'd turn it around. See, see? "This is My beloved Son in Whom I'm pleased to dwell." See? Now, we'd say it today: "This is My beloved Son in Whom I'm pleased to dwell in," (See?) same word just turns it around. See?
230  Now, yes I meant… Forgive me, please. I… And—and brethren, you on the tape out there, and friends, listen: I didn't mean to say that like that. I—I—I'm a minister of the Gospel; I… Many times as I've preached that, I knowed that was seven thousand. I just happened to say seven hundred. I didn't mean just seven hundred, I meant, you… I just didn't read it out of the Scripture. It just come to my mind while I was talking, and I just said seven hundred instead of seven thousand. I make them mistakes all the time. I'm—I'm a—sure a dummy, so you forgive me. See? I didn't mean to do that.
231  21. Is the Bride of Christ and the Body of Christ the same? Yes, sir. See? Now, here… Now, see, I don't want to get started on it, 'cause I get a—preach a sermon on it. See? But I won't do that, but I want to show you. When God gave Adam his bride from his side, he said, "She is flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone." Is that right? When God give Christ His Bride (the Spirit gave the flesh, the Bride) He was plush—pierced in the side under His heart, and water, Blood, and Spirit came forth; that become flesh of His flesh and bone of His bone. We are the flesh and bones; the Bride will be the flesh and bones of Christ, exactly. They are the… That is His Bride.
233  22. Would the Bride of Christ have… Would the Bride of Christ have a ministry before the rapture? Sure. That's what's going on right now. See? The Bride of Christ… Certainly. It is the Message of the hour (See?), the Bride of Christ. Sure, She's consist of apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists, and pastors. Is that right? That's the Bride of Christ. Sure, She's got a ministry, great ministry; it's the ministry of the hour; it'll be so humble…
234  Now, remember. How many was here at the first when I—was at last Sunday? See? Remember what I preached on? Humility. Oh, don't forget that. (I'm going to stop a minute to warn that again.) Remember, when God predicts anything great to happen, the people are looking so far away by their wisdom till they miss what happens. When God says anything is great, the world laughs at it: "That bunch of ignoramuses." That's right. But when the great world and the great high church said, "Boy, that's glorious." God says, "A bunch of ignoramuses." So, see, you have to watch… I don't mean it maybe of that way, exactly that way, but that's the way it is. Look. Here was a great, holy orthodox church. "We know the Word; we've got schools; we got seminaries. We got our men so polished, why, for hundreds of years we've been loyal to Jehovah. We are the church; we're the Sanhedrin. We got the Council of Churches here, both Pharisees and Sadducees, and all the denominations gathers up together," (like we're getting… See?). "We're all in one—the Council of Church. We are the big shots here. We know that's Scriptural. Watch some little ignorant guy down there on the river with a beard hanging over his face and a piece of sheepskin telling us?"
236  Certainly they wouldn't listen to it. But the Bible said in Malachi the 4th chap—or the 3rd chapter: "I'll send My messenger before My face to prepare the way for Me." Seven hundred and twelve years before there, John… Oh, the great prophet of Isaiah stood there and said, "There'll be a voice of one crying in the wilderness. Prepare the way for the Lord and make His paths straight." That's right. And said, and… Oh, many of them, said, "Every high place will be brought down." "Oh," they said, "there'll be a… When this man comes, He will point His finger and He will move mountains. Oh, and all the low places, the ditches, will be brought up. Then all—that's all the rough places will be smoothed out. Brother, we'll plant corn in every field around here, and, oh, we're going to do great things when this man comes." See?