The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 9: Questions And Answers On The Seals 63-0324M (Continued)

Day 102

164  Now, I thought you said God was His Father. Now, there's something wrong here. He can't have two fathers. You know that, you know. See? Now, there's something wrong. Now, which one of these men, if they're three persons, which one of them is His Father? The Bible says here plainly, "She was found with a child of the Holy Ghost." God, the Father, had nothing to do with it. And Jesus said God was His Father, and we know God was His Father, then He had two fathers. And then He's illegitimate sure enough. Now, see where you got yourself? Now… Then Joseph her husband, being a just man,… not willing to make her a publick example, was minded to put her away privately. But while he thought on these things,…
165  Remember he was a good man now, and the hand of the Lord is at hand right now. Them who are predestinated will catch it. See? But while he thought on these things, behold, the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream,… (Are you following me in your Bible? All right.)… saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of… (God the Father. Did I misread that? Sure did.) That which is conceived in her has nothing to do with God the Father; it's the Holy Ghost. And now, we know that God was His Father. Is that right? So what is it? The Holy Ghost is God's Spirit, of course. Now, you've got it. See?
167  God the Father and the Holy Ghost is the same Person or He had two daddy's; and then what—what kind of person you worship? What kind of God you got now? See, see? God the Holy Ghost and God the Father is the selfsame Spirit. And she shall bring forth a son,… (this Fellow here)… and thou shalt call his name… (What? His Name. Now remember, His Name.) JESUS: for he shall save his people for—from their sins. Now this was all done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet,… (to who the Word comes to)… saying, Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they… called his name Emmanuel, which is being interpreted, God with us.
168  What is the Name of God? What is the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost? The Bible said Jesus was His Name. Then the fellow here trying to debate it once here in the Tabernacle, said, "Brother Branham has wiggled out of all of them; he won't this one." Said, "here it shows three different persons exactly, perfectly." Said, "Matthew, 3rd chapter, here was John standing, preaching. Here come the Son walking up to be baptized. He went into the water, and was baptized by John, went back up out of the water, and 'Lo,' he said, 'the heavens was opened unto Him,' and he said, 'down from heaven came the Holy Ghost like a dove descending, and a voice from heaven, saying, "This is My beloved Son, in Whom…'" Three distinct persons right at one time." Oh, my.
169  You know, It just goes to show that people without the baptism, and not called to the office of—of a—a minister has no business to be in the pulpit. That's right. I—I—I could take that person, now, by the help of God and tie them in such a knot it'd make their head swim. Look, I don't care what… (Now, I don't mean… Now, that don't sound right. Forgive me. I didn't mean that, Lord; I didn't now… I—I felt Him check me on that. See? So I didn't mean to say it that way. I'm—I'm sorry.) I believe that the Holy Spirit could reveal to that person some secret; that sounds better. See? Just like tuning an instrument, when you do something wrong, you can tell it as a Christian. You said something wrong; He didn't like that. See, that was putting me in there. See? I ain't in the picture at all. I'm just—don't even want to be myself or nothing; it's Him. Let Him do the work. He does the sounding; the trumpet's a mute. The voice behind it, one that gives it the sound.
171  Now, looky here. The man misinterpreted the Word. See? Remember, it's hid from the eyes of wise and prudent, revealed to babes. Now, here is that one Person, Jesus Christ, standing on earth. Now heaven, 'course, is atmospheres above. Now watch. And John bear record… Now that man's got, say here's God the Father, and here's God the Holy Ghost, like a dove, and here's God the Son, making three persons. It's wrong. John, standing back here, knowed this was the Lamb. John said, "I bear record seeing the Spirit of God like a Lamb." There's God the Spirit… Like a dove, I mean. (Now, there's the same thing I said the other night. You see?, instead of seven hundred, seven… See?) The Spirit of God—this was the Lamb here. And the Spirit of God—the Dove was God. The Spirit of God descending from heaven, and a voice from heaven, saying, "This is My beloved Son in Whom I am pleased to dwell in." "All powers in heaven and earth is given unto My hand." See? That's Him. Now what was His Name? [Congregation answers, "Jesus"—Ed.] Certainly. See?
174  So, as far as the trinitarian's theory of being three different gods, that's heathenism. That never was taught in the Bible. It never was taught in the Lion message, but it was adopted in the next, which was antichrist. Ask anybody you want to, any theologian. That never did come only through the doctrine of the Nicolaitane. There is why it come out with Martin Luther. That's why it continued on with John Wesley and poured on down into the Pentecostals. In the day that the Pentecostal come out, they got the Jesus Only group. Now, that's wrong again. How can Jesus be His own Father? See? So it knocks that out.
176  But there's supposed to be an Eagle time come. See? That's the time it's to straighten all those mysteries out. See? Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is titles of the Lord Jesus Christ (Watch), all three of them. Matthew said, "Father, Son, Holy Ghost…" Peter said, "Lord Jesus Christ…" Who is the Father? "The Lord said unto my Lord, 'Set thou on My right hand.'" Is that right? Father, Son—Jesus, Holy Ghost—the Logos that went out of God. Father, Son, Holy Ghost is absolutely three titles of the Person of God manifested in—in—in three different ways or three attributes of Himself. And to make it plain to someone who wouldn't understand, it's like three offices of the same God. Actually, it's three attributes of the same God, God acting in three different… Under the Fatherhood, under the Sonship, under the Holy Ghost dispensation… God is perfect in three.
179  You remember the antichrist number, four? See? God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is absolutely Lord Jesus Christ. When you baptize in the Name of Jesus only, that's wrong, just baptize you in the Name of Jesus, that's absolutely wrong. I'm acquainted with many Jesuses. Why, the Latin countries are full of them: Jesuses. But this is the Lord Jesus Christ. It tells exactly Who He is. There's many Branhams, if you want to talk about me personally. But I'm—I'm the one William Marrion Branham. That's—that's me. But there's many other William Branhams and so forth around. But this is distinctly calling one person, the Lord Jesus Christ (See?), the anointed One. There's only one of them. Now that's right. So if there's any farther on that, write a letter or something, or—or sometime when I'm on other questions… I want to try to get this so I can see if we can get to some of these sick people that's suffering, prayed for.
183  12. Brother Branham, if this question is not—is not fit—does not fit in the… do not answer. (That's nice. I appreciate it.) What children—what children go in the rapture, if any small ones? Thank you. They never signed no name. Now, if you don't, it's not necessary. But look, when God puts a name on the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world, there's not nothing in the world can rub it out, because it's wrote with the ink of the Blood of Christ. Be it this big, that big, or that big, or whatever it might be, it goes just the same. See?
184  All children, all the church, everything there is and… God, by His foreknowledge… Now, we don't know. You say, "Brother Branham, can you prove that you're there?" No, sir. I cannot prove it. God could use me for a tool of something else, and use you the same way. But I believe, and by faith I am saved, not by knowledge I'm saved: by faith. That's the way you're saved. That's the way we're all saved. But remember, God is infinite. Do you believe that? Infinite… By being infinite, that makes Him… And then He's omniscient. Do you believe that? "Omniscient" means "He knows all things." He can't be—He can't be omniscient without being infinite. See, there never was nothing but what He knowed. He knowed every gnat would ever be on earth, and how many times it would bat its eyes, and how much tallow it would make—how much all of them make together.
186  He knowed every breath that you'd breathe and how deep it would go in your lungs; that's infinite. Now, if He's infinite, that makes Him omniscient. Is that right? And if He's omniscient, that makes Him omnipresent, because He knows just exactly the minute, hour, time to the split instance of fifty-five thousandth of a second to when it's going to happen. See? Get the idea now? Then He knows all things; and that's the reason He has all power, knows all things, and can do all things. Now, let's see. Now, and all the children that God… every one that God, when they… Now remember, when was Jesus, the Bible said…
188  Now we know that Jesus was slain about A.D. 30. Is that right? About… It was about the middle of—of the—the year, I guess, A.D. 30. Now, but the Bible said that He was slain before the world was ever created. And your name… When the Lamb's Book… When the Lamb was slain to redeem this Book… (Here's a great thing now. It might cause stimulation.) Look. When the—when the—when the Lamb… Now, remember, the Bible said, the Lamb's Book of Life was written before the foundation of the world, and your name was put in—was in that Book when the Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world to redeem every name that was written in that Book. See? You got it now? See, there ain't nothing out of order. It's working just exactly like God's big timepiece (See?), like a clock moving right around. Your name was put in there before the foundation of the world, when the Lamb was slain to redeem what was in that Book. And now, He comes forward and takes that Book to claim His redemption. (Now, I don't want to get started there; we never would answer another question today.) All right.