The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 9: Questions And Answers On The Seals 63-0324M (Continued)

Day 99

73  Now, these virgins that come along here, they are the ones that fall asleep, and then the whole body's made up together of that group, that goes to make the (See?) to make the—the wise virgins. And the unwise virgins are the ones that started back there at the same time the wise virgins started, antichrist, and they are the ones that tries to buy oil.
74  Now, just look here. You see how perfect everywhere you go. If I could stand here and talk the things that's revealed in that room, I tell you, it'd swing your heads around; but how you going to do it when you got a whole thing here. And then you, somehow or other, when you get away from people, there it begins to open up, mysteries; then you see things that you're daresn't to say to the people too, 'cause (You see?), if they would they'd start little isms. And then just look what this little gift of healing has done, how it confused the church. Everybody had a sensation; everybody had this. And right down in my heart, God knows it's the truth, I knowed it wasn't right 'cause He told me so. See? But it's a false impersonation; it's only, throw the people off. Now, that's right.
77  Now, but, you see, you can't say those things; best to just leave it alone. And you remember the third pull; it said, "Don't tell nobody." What did I say was that… How many remembers that? Oh, sure. Remember standing there trying to lace that eyelet in that little shoe in the vision? He said, "You can't teach Pentecostal babies supernatural things." And I said this will be the third pull and it will not be known, so help me, by the grace of God. Now, now, we're—we're right down at the end time now. Won't be too long until mercy seat will be judgment seat.
79  Why, if you see these things coming in and these people coming in, you better come in too if you're not already in. See? Now, gathered in heavenly places (See?) it also means more than just to be rejoicing. In heavenly places, if you're really assembled in Christ, it's a fearful thing. Standing by the—that Angel of the Lord, you think you'd just be shouting and screaming. That—that's not it. It scares you to death nearly. See? So you see, there—there's a difference in just rejoicing and bubble dancing (which is all right), and then coming down to the real thing. See, see? There's where the fear… It's a fearful thing. Not that you fear that you're lost, but you're really before Angelic Being and the Holy Ghost Himself standing there.
81  Now, that will be part of the Bride; that's what it will go to make it up (See?), all those who sleep. And can't we absolutely see? [Brother Branham is interrupted by a failure in the recording system—Ed.] …pray now that You'll grant the healing of the people, through these handkerchiefs, lay upon. In Jesus' Name. Amen. (Now is it all right now? Thank you. Somebody step on something? Too many recorders put too much pressure on it. See? All right, just swap—just get a tape and swap the tape and make it off of that.) Now, notice now, the next question.
82  2. Should evangelists continue on the field? In this hour, of course, what they mean. Certainly, by all means; don't change a thing. If Jesus is coming in the morning, preach today like it was going to be ten years from today, but live like it's going to be at this hour. Don't—don't get scrupled up now. That's why I'm trying to warn you about. See? Just don't be odd, peculiar. Don't change nothing, but if you're doing something wrong, or doing evil, repent (See?), come back to God. Continue on your evangelistic service just as you always did.
84  If you're building a house, put it on up. If Jesus comes tomorrow, you'd be found faithful at the duty. If you're building your church, go on, put it up. I'd rather be putting my money in something like that than be found with it in my pocket. See? So just—just keep on; continue as you are. Everybody understand now? Continue right on. Just go right on as you are. Now, just—just don't stop; don't do nothing. Just go right on just as you are; keep on serving the Lord. Now, for instance, if you was—if you was working for a man and you knowed it was fifteen minutes before quitting time, "Well," you'd say, "it's just fifteen minutes more so I might as well just go over and set down." You'd get docked for that fifteen minutes. If you're planting wheat, plant your wheat. If you're digging potatoes, go on and dig them out. Say, "Well, nobody will eat them." That don't make any difference; dig them out anyhow. Just continue on as you are.
88  I got a letter from somebody the other day. Somebody told them, said, "Well, the time's at hand. Sell the farm. Now, you won't need the food that you live off of on the farm," said, "'cause just the millennium's going to start, and you won't need it, so you just go ahead, and while the tribulation period's going on, your children's not saved so just let them… Let—let the children have the farm where they can eat off of it, but you all sell your farm and—and…" or something like that. Oh, they had… I said, "Oh, my." If I knowed He's coming tomorrow, and I was a farmer, I'd put my crop in today, sure. If He made me a farmer, I'm going to stay right at my duty. See? That's right. If He made me a mechanic… Say, "Who's…"
90  Somebody said the other day, he said… A fellow come in and said, "Say, brother, you know what?" He said, "I'm going to give you the second set of keys. I've bought a new car." He said, "I'm going to give you the second set of keys," told his pastor. Said, "I'm going to give you the second set of keys 'cause the rapture might come, you know, and said I won't be needing it any more." Pastor was going to miss it. You see? So that's making ready, isn't it? All right, but that's—that's the way it is. See, we mustn't be that way. We must be a—a sane, solid Christian (See?), that I'm put here to work right up to the last minute. I've got a job to do, and I want to be right found faithful at the post of duty. If He comes this morning, I want to be standing right here in the pulpit.
92  You say, "Brother Branham, if He was to come this morning, shouldn't you be out there?" No, sir. This is my post of duty. I'll be standing right here preaching when He comes, saying the same things I am. Then, when He comes, I'll just move right on out with Him. If I'm hoeing potatoes, I'll just be hoeing away just as hard as I can. When He comes, I'll just drop the hoe and take off. You remember in the jubilee year, if they was hoe—hoeing with the hoe, they just kept on hoeing. They knowed the jubilee year was maybe ten minutes more and the trumpet would sound of the jubilee year. They just kept on pitching hay or whatever they was doing; but when the trumpet sounded, then they dropped their pitchfork and gone. That's it. Just keep on pitching hay until the trumpet sounds.
95  All right. Question: According to the opening… (Did that—anything happen? It—it made a noise up here.) A question… 3 According to the opening of the Fifth—Fifth Seal, Moses and Elijah have—have to die; what about Enoch? I don't know. See? I—I… If don't know, I'm just going to tell you I don't know. See? I—I don't—I don't know all the answers, folks; I—I don't know. And if I don't know, I'm going to tell you I don't know. If I do know… I won't tell you till I do know (See?), but I—I don't know. I've often wondered about that myself.
96  There was Enoch… I seen Moses come and Elijah comes back and they're killed. See? But now, Enoch was translated before time. I—I've often thought and wondered myself: Well, what—what about that? But then, here's the only consolation that I can say is this: Now, notice, Moses only served God forty years. See? He was a—he was a hundred and twenty, but twenty years… The first forty years, I mean, he was getting his education. That right? The second forty years God was taking it out of him, and the third forty years he served God. See? All right. But Enoch walked five hundred years before God and was blameless (See, see?); so Moses comes back to serve some more time: him and Elijah. Now, that—I don't say that's right. See? I just give you that for a thought. See? But I—just to say what part, I don't know. I really can't tell you what—what—what happened there or what God will do.
99  4. What is the—the name of the—that'll be on the people of Revelations 3:12? I—I don't know. Yeah. He said give them a new name. I—I—I don't know what that is. See? It'll be probably made known when we get there, but I—I don't know what it is now. See? See, He is going to do that. See? He give them a new name that—that they just knowed themselves. See?
100  5. Now, Brother Branham, is there any Scripture permitting marriage after divorce. This is very important. It says important. Well, that's the reason it wasn't pertaining to this. As far as I can see, my brother or sister, whoever it may be, there isn't unless your companion's dead, because the Bible said we're bound to them as long as they live. See? So as—as far as being any Scripture, that's what was asked here: "Is there Scripture. See? Is there any Scripture?" Not as I can find. See? Not as I can find, 'cause Paul said that the—the married couple, if the companion's dead, then they're free then to marry whomsoever they will in the Lord. But until then… But watch. You take it, "Until death we part…" That's it. You've done took an oath over that (You see?), so I don't think there is. Now, if there's—if you found some, and it's correctly why, all—all right. But as far as myself, I—I don't find any.
103  6. What does "… see thou hurt not the oil and the wine" mean in Revelation 6:6? It's the Holy Spirit. See, we just got through that. Probably somebody, you know, come in a little late for the message, they—for the other tapes. You see? "Hurt not the oil and the wine…" What does the oil and wine mean? The oil, as we took it in symbols, means the Holy Spirit. See? Wine is the—and oil is connected together in the Bible in worship. See? And the wine as we put… That's where I got the idea of the stimulation. Wine stimulates. And wine in its—is the antitype of its natural from stimulation is revelation.