The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 9: Questions And Answers On The Seals 63-0324M (Continued)

Day 98

39  Now, these questions are really nice. I appreciate… And the wisdom and things that people use… Now, for the first one… And I'll try to answer them, and then if I—if I don't get it right, well, you—you forgive me then. And if you have a different interpretation and believe that your idea of it's right, just go right ahead; that won't hurt, because there's not only but about one or two of them that pertains to anything to salvation. It's only… Most of the questions is asked on this other side of the trib—on the rapture of the church. So see… It's questions over here, which is to come and will come to pass over in the other parts, 'cause we're now beyond the church age in our teachings in—in the Book. We're beyond, over in the time of the calling of the hundred and forty-four thousand.
42  Now, the first one here. 1. Are the five wise virgins of Matthew 25 attendants to the—to the Bride, or are they the Bride? (See?) If these wise virgins are attendants to the Bride, where is the Bride? (See?) Now, to the best of my understanding, these five virgins… There were ten of them, you know, that went out (See?), and this here is only a symbol or a parable (See?), that—that I'm going to tell you. See, there were ten of them. 'Course, there were more than ten; that was just made a number. But then, the—the wise virgins had oil in their lamps; the unwise did not have oil in their lamps. So if that ten there of Matthew (if this is the—the person's question), if those ten there… Did that mean that that would be the… Or these five rather, that would be just five (See?), just five people? No, it doesn't mean that. It's just a symbol of the virgins (You see?) of the virgin that went out with oil in her lamp; they are a portion of that Bride. And to my understanding, and then you notice now that they was the virgins of the last watch.
45  Coming down through the watches, there'd been seven watches. And in the seventh watch, the midnight hour, as we're on—striking now… See? Now, in this midnight watch, these virgins woke, and trimmed their lamps, and went in, while the sleeping virgin… Now, this part here, this five (if that's the meaning of the question was—meaning, "Was there just five?")… And we've got many questions in here about the—the seven thousand, so forth; now, that—that was just a symbol, a part of them. And all that wakened in this last age here, the seventh watch, that—if there wasn't but—but five that wakened at that time that was translated, went in with the Bride and so forth, the Bridegroom… Now, if they, themselves… That don't mean there's only going to be five, because they're sleeping all down through the ages as we've come this week. See?
48  In the days of—of Paul, the angel of the church at Ephesus, Paul, founding this church, being the messenger to it… Remember, Paul, founding the church at Ephesus, become the messenger to that church, and the Spirit was in the land at that time was a lion spirit. And the lion is the Lion of the tribe of Juda which is Christ, and Christ is the Word. Paul, with the Word of that age… Thousands fell asleep in that age. That right? Then come the next age, and the—the time the church got settled down in—in dark age, the ox spirit went forth: work, labor, and sacrifice and give their lives. Thousands times thousands fell asleep under martyrdom and everything. They're waiting. See?
50  Then, and the next age come, the Lutheran, the reform age. There went the wise with the cunningness of man. If you notice, man went forth with that, and when he did, he added his own shrewdness. That's what married him into the other part. See, see? If he'd just stayed with God's wisdom, just reforming and pulling out… But what did he do? After that man that had the message, Luther, after the death of Luther, they had a Lutheran organization. After the death of Wesley, they had a Methodist organization. See? There… You keep going that way. It—it just… It does that. Now, I want you to—to—to notice this. See? Now, someone might ask about the Pentecostal, which was the—the third age.
52  You see, each one of those ages only taken a dip into the Holy Spirit. Justification is a work of the Holy Spirit; sanctification is a work of the Holy Spirit, but the baptism is the Holy Spirit. That's the reason it took a prophetic prophet to come down, no messenger to the age, 'cause the Holy Ghost came Himself in His fullness of the baptism. But at the end of the age, as it always ends upon the others, we find there then, the messenger sent; and all these scruples and things are to be placed in their places (See?), like that. Then the rapture comes for the Church. But as many is lotting all these different things: the sun turning to darkness, the moon… They put that way back there in the Christian age. They just failed to see them three questions was asked our Lord there (See?), when He answered them.
55  Now, last night I think there's no question at all. We took each one of those questions and put them right under the Seals. And the Seals is the whole Book together Itself. You believe that, doctor? See, the whole thing just wrapped together… And we took what Jesus said here. They asked three questions (See?): "When will these things be? What will be the sign of Your coming? And what's the end of the world?" And He come right down, and we pulled them, every one, under that, but one. What was that? the Seventh Seal. Why? See, it's not known. That's it.
57  Every one of them come right out. I paralleled them right exactly back and forth, and me, when I wrote last night and got in—in there and got to… I went back to look at my old note I'd took it off—off back there, well, I seen where I put one in the other one's place; I got it, crossed them back and forth. That's what I done. I guess you caught it. You—you catch it? See? I'd wrote down here what I was going to write over on this other side, and wrote it over here, But said… Put both of them 9, 11, or 9, 6, or what—or 6 and 11 and—and—and 9 and 11, which it wasn't so. It was vice versa, the next verse under it. See? And that was it, the answers between the pestilence and the war. You see? That's what it was. So I was just so happy, I was just a carrying on like a… I was enjoying the stimulation from the revelation. So I—I put it just over here setting there with a pencil or a pen, and I put down 11 on both places when it shouldn't have been. I think it was 9 instead of 11 for the other side.
60  But now, did you see how perfectly they paralleled? Now, don't forget that. They parallel down to the Sixth and stopped. See? And watch the—watch the opening of the Seals that comes down to the Sixth and stops, just silence in heaven (that's all it says) for the space of a half hour. Now, now, in these… See, I—I have to hurry up and answer these, because (See?), each one of them is a sermon four weeks long (You see?) on—on each one; you can just get off on something else. But I—I don't mean to do that, 'cause I want to get everybody's question as far as I can.
62  These virgins (See?), they're made up of… That's just part of them in that age. See? Each age has the virgins. See? The Seal… The angel comes to the church: "To the angel of the church of Ephesus, write." See? Then get over here and then after the writing to the church of Ephesus (compare that back), a Seal's opened. That's just the way we're bringing it, try to get it all to you. See what I mean? if the Lord willing.
64  What'd I have first? Church ages. Is that right? Next thing, the message to the church ages. Everybody get that clear now? See? First we got the church ages and got the history (laid down the Nicaea councils and pre-Nicaea councils and everything that we could find in history), and found out that the correct interpretation of the Word was exactly with the history. And bring it on down to this day in this Laodicea, and you—you don't have to have history of that; this is making history now. See? There it is, and then showed what would be in this age.
66  Now, we come back with the Seals and open that Seal… God opens that Seal for us. What's that? First there's a messenger: church age; next is the Seven Seals. Now, we find out the corruption that hits in the seventh church age… But the Seventh Seal doesn't reveal anything, what's going to happen to it (See?), because at the end of that church age is to come a prophetic gift to reveal these things. See? Are you following it? All right.
68  Now, notice how each one of those Seals… Then I come over here, and those three questions asked Jesus Christ: "What… When will these thing be, there won't be one stone on another? When will this be taken down, this religious center of the world, and another be set up? See? When will it be, antichrist ride?" See? And what went out to meet it? The Word, the Word against the word.
69  Then it settled down to politics and everything else; and there went the ox labor. See? That's exactly second it, then Jesus said so in Matthew 24. See? Then we come down from that to the cunningness of the reformers, the man beast went out to meet it. That's what taken place. Then we come down, the next or the Fourth Seal when antichrist become a conglomerations and had a name, Death. Now, watch what Jesus said: "And he would throw her to the fires and even kill her children." That's death riding. That's both Protestants and Catholics: mark of death on each one of them (See?), her and her children be destroyed. So if you're depending on your denomination, you better get away from it right now. And then when it come to the Seventh Seal, Jesus stopped right there.
71  He opened the Sixth Seal by saying the moon would be turned into blood and darkness and everything, these things would take place. We come right over here, open up the Sixth Seal. After the Sixth Seal's opened, and swing right back and show the same thing. There you are with three different places in the Scripture, tied them together with the revelation. See? Watch. The place that Jesus said so, the place that when He opened the Book it was hid from the foundation of the world, and then the revelation of this day, here, placing it right in there, ties the three together. And three is a witness, so it's true. It's absolutely true.