The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 9: Questions And Answers On The Seals 63-0324M (Continued)

Day 97

7  Paul, First Corinthians 12, did the same thing, talking about there were many gifts, but it's the same Spirit. So you see, if you're working, like with one thing, then be changed to come over to this other thing over here (you know what I mean); you—you study down that line, you get the people and a… Now, their hearts are all set. What is these Seals? Their attention's, "What is it?" Night by night when I come in here there's such a tension, till I have to talk about something else to kinda get—get it quietened (You see?), and then the Holy Spirit breaks forth the Seal. And then—then I have to… Each night like that… Then when we change that to healing or something (See?), you—the people's all set on one thing; you can't hardly change it back to the other right away.
9  And—and then also knowing that right among you, things are happening (See?) that I—I'm just… I—I know… I know you, that you don't see it. See? I'm just positive that you don't see it. See? And you say, "Brother Branham, that's a hard thing for you to say that." I know it is. But look; let me just say this now. I suppose this is just tapes for ourselves and so forth. But let me say this (See?), that you—you don't—you don't get it (See?), and you're not supposed to get it. So don't try to interpret anything. See? Don't try to put your interpretation to it. You only—you only get further away. Just take my advice, if you believe me now. If God has—has give me favor in your sight and you know that them revelations and things… I—I've been here with you a long time, and it's always been right. And now, to double prove it right, it hooks right in with the Word. See? So you know it's THUS SAITH THE LORD. That's exactly. See? It's proved to you.
12  Now, take my advice as your brother: Don't put your own interpretation to anything. You just go on and live a good Christian life, 'cause you'll only wind yourself away from the real thing when you do it. See? You—you'll only wind your way again away from the thing. And all of you are conscious and know that there's something mysterious happening, and it is happening, and I know what it is. Now, I'm not saying that. It's the grace of God that lets me know that what it is. It's something that's tremendous, and it's gone right now, and there's not a way in the world for you to see it, and it's a—I… But so help me, with this Bible in my hand, I know what it is.
14  It's been told to you before, so just—just don't try to put any interpretation but just believe me as your brother (See?); we're living in a great hour. We're living in a time where the… Well, we're… Well, you just be real humble, be a Christian, and try to live for God, and live honest with your fellowman, and love those who don't love you. Don't try to—to make any… You see, you do, you only make it a mysterious something and mess the real program of God up. See? Yesterday afternoon something happened in my room that I—I'll never be able to—to leave it. You see? And so, you… And about two weeks ago something happened that'll never be able to, as long as I live on this earth, I—I'll never be able to get away from it. See?
16  And so, but if the—the church, you're not supposed to know these things, so don't put no interpretation to anything. See? You just go ahead and just remember what you're told; live a Christian life. Go to your church, be a real light wherever you are, and just burn for Christ, and tell the people that how you love Him. And just let your testimony be with love all the time with the people (See?), 'cause if you don't you twist yourself out into something there, and then you're—you're off the beaten track. See, every-time you try to do it, you've done that. See? So just don't—don't—don't try to make no interpretation. And especially tonight, when that Seal becomes up in front of you. See? Just don't try to interpret it. You just go ahead and just be humble and go right on with the same plain message. Now you say, "Brother Branham, is that… we, being the Church of the Living God, shouldn't we…" Well, as I was trying… Look here, I want to say… Say, "Why can't I? I ought to have…" No, no. I… Don't… You remember, I'm saying this for your good. See, I'm saying it so that you'll understand. If you believe me now, listen to what I tell you. See, see?
20  Now here, now here's a post, and that's—we'll call that a listening post (See?), and in it—got radio. See? And there's warnings and things can be done, like a sword in your hand. See? It can pick from the evil or pick from only as it's—it gets its message. See? Now. But now, for instance, to the ordinary man, there's been so much cults and clans rise up over little outpourings of the Spirit until people gets all worked up in a bunch of stuff, go out and start another little move, and, you know, and things. See, you don't want to do that now. See? Now, just remember, just stay the way you are. And you say, "Well, the Lord showed…" No, now just be careful. See?
23  Now, look here. Let me show you something. See? Did you know there's ten thousands of voices in this room right now, literally voices of people that's coming through the electronic waves of radio? Why don't you hear them? They're voices. Is that right? They're waving right through here now. There's people, forms, and bodies moving right through this room now. Is that right? Well, why don't you see them? They're here, actual voices, like my voice. Well, why don't you hear it? See, it's got to strike something first to reveal it. See? Now, do you understand? So just don't interpret nothing. If God wants you to know anything, He will send it to you (See?); so just be real, real solid now. Hold still. Something has happened. And now just be real… You understand what I mean, don't you? And just be…
25  Don't try to make yourself odd to be a Christian, because (You see?), you take yourself away from God and you—you—you… If you can understand it, this is that third pull. You should've caught that the other day. See. So then just… You remember, there'll be no impersonation like there was of the other two. See? So that's as far as you—you should know. Now just—just remember that you see now there's something taking place in this room, and there's something here, there's… There's actual in this room, Angels, voice of God (See?), but how do you… You can't… If you can't hear the natural voice without something to send it out, how are you going to hear the spiritual voice?
27  Now you might make believe that somebody is singing this certain song that might not even be there. See? But when it actually strikes the crystal that it's supposed to strike, then it gives a true interpretation and vindicates it by showing the picture. See what I mean? Now, the Spirit of God, when it speaks through the true Word, It vindicates Itself to show Itself that It's right. You understand now? All right. Now, let's pray just again.
29  Heavenly Father, we are about to un—open the lids of this Book as the physical part of—of trying to give back to what You have opened to us in the spiritual realm. And now, I pray, God, that You will help me to give the—the right interpretation to these questions, that it might be said that—that they are—they're to help the people. They are to give them understanding. And I pray that You'll give to me understanding that I might send it out to Your people that they might have understanding, that together we might live to the glory and honor of God through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
30  Now, I—I just wanted to say that, and I thought this thing here controlled those tapes, but it doesn't (See?), and this is a—a desk light. And I thought the tape controller used to be here. But I was told to just make motion to the brethren in the—in the room there, the recording room, and they'd know when to stop tapes and when not. See, the tapes has a worldwide ministry everywhere (See?), everywhere. It goes into all kinds of languages and everything, so there's things that we'd say right here we wouldn't say somewhere else (You see?), and that's the reason that we stop it.
33  Now, answering questions is quite a thing. So I—I… Now, in—in—in answering this, the most of them, the most of the questions, outside of… Now, every one… Some of them don't even pertain to the message at all, but I'm going to—or the Seals at all, but I'm going to try to answer them. And they was given to me, and as they was told… I was told the most of them, or a great deal of them was about requests for prayer and the sick and afflicted and—and different things like that—that goes on, and so, it didn't pertain anything to any question to be answered. And then they—I was give a bunch that was—that was about different things (the Scripture and things). But maybe, if we have time, we'll try to answer them the best we can.
34  Now… And if I make a mistake, why, remember, it's not intended to be made a mistake. So does everybody feel good? Amen. It's just so, talk about heavenly places in Christ Jesus… What a wonderful place. What a wonderful time. Of all the times that I've been behind the pulpit at the Tabernacle, I have never, never in any time of my ministry ever worked into the realms of God and the spiritual realms as it's been this time. Yeah, it's beyond anything I ever did in any time of my ministry, in any meeting at anywhere like this. Mostly, it's on healing; this is revealing of Truth by the same Spirit (See?) same Spirit.
36  And I—I been to myself altogether, and been boarding at a place, or going down eating at a place. And I've just been alone; so it's been really a great time. And now, right away, either in the morning or the following morning, I, probably, if we can get through in time, I'll just pray for the sick this morning, if these questions don't last too long; so I—I must get to myself a little while. See? The human mind can only stand so much. See? And when you get to a spot where you set a hour numbed with the Presence of God, and a Pillar of Light hanging there before you, you—you—you can't stay there too long. You see? The human being can't—can't stand it. And so…