The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 8: The Sixth Seal 63-0323 (Continued)

Day 95

407  God will close the door one day. He did in the day of Noah, and they beat on the door. Is that right? Now, remember, the Bible said that in the seventh watch… That right? Some fell asleep in the first watch, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh; but in the seventh watch there come forth a proclamation or cry: "The Bridegroom cometh; go out to meet Him." The sleeping virgins said, "Say, I'd like to have some of that oil now." The Bride said, "I just got enough for myself, just got enough. You want, you go pray it up." Don't you see the sleeping virgins now? Look at the Episcopalian, and Presbyterian, Lutheran, and everything trying to… And the trouble of it is, instead of trying to get the Holy Ghost, they're trying to speak in tongues. And lot of them speak in tongues and is ashamed to come to this church to be prayed for—wants me to come to their house and pray for them. You call that the Holy Ghost? That's speaking in tongues without the Holy Ghost. (See?)
413  Now, I believe the Holy Ghost speaks in tongues. You know I believe that (See?), but there's a counterfeit to it too. Yes, sir. The—the fruits of the Spirit what proves what it is. The fruits of a tree proves what kind of a tree it is, not the bark, the fruit. Now, notice. Then when she come, that—that last hour, and there when they come in then, they went and said, "Well, I believe I've got it now. I believe I got it. Yeah, we're getting it."
415  I—I—I better not say this (See?), 'cause it—it might cause a confusion. When I said the other day, the rapture, how it would come… Now, now, if you say you—you'll take it, all right. Watch—watch. All right, that's up to you. When the sleeping virgin (See?), that thought she was prayed up to come back, the Bride was done gone. It went and she didn't know it, like a thief in the night. Then they begin to bang on the door, and what happened? What taken place? They were cast into the tribulation period. The Bible said, "There will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth." Is that right?
417  When it's going to be, brother and sister? I don't know. But I—I—me… It may be just me here, now. See? This—this is what… This is my thought. See? I—I—I believe it's so close, till I'm… Each day I—I want… I'm just trying to walk as softly as I can. See? And I… Do… When… You know, when… There's something happened today, and I seen something's come up. I just… I couldn't get my breath any more. See? There He was standing there, that little Light standing right there, and here it was. I know it's the Truth. I thought, "God, I couldn't say that. I—I can't say it. I can't." I just walked out of the room, went out, walked up and down there. I thought, "My, what can I do?" Oh… See? And I—I have to go fishing or something and I… Boy, you—you… I can't tell you. See? So…
420  Well, we have a good time, don't we? Praise the Lord. Amen. See? We're in a—we're in a—a tremendous time (See?), for my heart is overflowed with happiness and joy. But when I think of this world and the thousands that I know that's lost, black shadowed (Yeah.), then your heart just bleeds. What can you do? What can you… You just feel the Holy Spirit crying out in your heart. Like it must've been in our Lord when He looked over Jerusalem, His own people (See?), said, "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how oft would I have hovered you as a hen would her brood, but you would not." You just feel the Holy Spirit say, "How often I would've gathered you (See?), but you would not." See?
422  We're—we're right here at something, friends. Whatever it is, God knows. Nobody, nobody knows when it's going to happen. That's a secret. Nobody knows when it's going to happen, but Jesus told us, "When you see these things…" (all these things). Just like what I went, comparing with the Sixth Seal to what He said in Matthew 24. Now, remember what He said. "When you see these things come to—begin to come to pass, then the time's at the door." Watch the very next verse—the 30—the 30 and 31st verses as it went on down, 32nd, 33rd verses. He said, "And He shall send forth His Angels to the four corners of the heavens, the four winds, to gather His elected." Is that right? Said, "Now, learn…"
425  Now, remember, He stopped right there. He never went ahead after that Sixth Seal. He never said anything about the Seventh. He said the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth, but He stopped there—never mentioned about anything about… Watch the next thing He said, "Now, learn a parable." See? Then He starts on parables. He said, "These things will be." He's answering them three questions: "What will be the—these signs, and what will be the sign of Your coming, what will be the sign of the end of the world?" And the sixth one there was the end of the world. And the sounding of the seventh angel raised up the hands and swore by Him that lives forever and ever that time shall be no more.
429  The earth is giving birth to a new one. It's over, and here we are right here at the door. Oh, I tremble. And what must I do, Lord? What—what else can I do? See? And then, just think of it, seeing that place and those precious people. I stood there looking at myself, and I thought, "Oh, God, what… They—they can't miss this. I—I ought to pushed them; I ought to just reached down in the audience and got them and pushed them." You can't do that. You… "And no man can come except My Father draws him." But here's one consolation we have: "All the Father has given Me will come." There's the…?…, friend. But the rest of them, with those organizations depending on them like that… See? And "he deceived all that lived upon—dwelt upon the earth whose names were not written in that Lamb's Book of Life, slain from the foundation of the world." (See?)
432  So you see, it's a sad thing, the only thing you can do is just—just—just—just stay right with the Word, watch just whatever He says do and then do that. See? Whatever He says do, do that, and you look out there and say, "Oh, my." They do this and then… Oh, it's just… You don't realize what a strain. Now, I want to say this; I suppose the tapes are off. Lot of people say, "Brother Branham, with a ministry of that type…" I have to watch, 'cause people just take them tapes and just try to pick them to pieces, you know. So when they say, "Brother Branham, wish we had a ministry…" You don't know what you're saying. You… Honest, you don't know what goes with it, brothers, sisters. Oh, my, and the responsibility, when you got people that hangs to what you say…
435  Remember, if you tell them wrong, God will require their blood at your hands. Then you think of that. It's a terrific thing; so be lovely. Love Jesus with all your heart. Just…?… Be simple. Don't never try—try to figure out anything; just be simple before God, 'cause the more you try to figure it out, the farther you get away from Him. See? Just simply believe Him. Say, "Now, well, when will He come? If He comes today, all right. If He comes twenty years from now, it's still all right. I'm going to go just the way I'm going now—following Him. Lord, if You can use me anywhere, here I am, Lord. If it's a hundred years from today, if my great, great, great, great grandchildren still live to see Him coming, Lord, I don't know when it's going to be, but let me just walk right today, just with You. (See?) I—I want… 'Cause I—I'll rise at that day just the same as I took a little nap somewhere."
437  Coming down there, that glorious palace yonder, that Kingdom of God there, where all the old will be young, where the white robes are already on them, the men and women has changed in the beauty, the very art of a—of a—a handsome man and a—a lovely woman, standing there in all the beauty and stature of a young woman and a young man standing there and never can get old, never can be sinful, never can be anything of jealousy, or hatred, or anything… Oh, my.
438  I think the tapes is off now, and I just got about three or four minutes I want to talk to you. Is that all right? Now, this is just personal. See? 'Cause tomorrow, that's—that's going to be so tremendous, I think I had just better say it now (See?), what I'm going to say. I… This is just for us now. I was just… You know I—I've got a wife that I love, and that's Meda. And I—I would not of even have married her because of my love for my first wife. And yet as much as I cared for her, I wouldn't have married her if it hadn't been God told me to do it. And you know the story of it, how she went to pray, and how I did, and then He told me exactly what to do, and go marry her, and set the time to do it. She's a lovely woman, and she's praying for me tonight. And so now it's eight o'clock at home; she's probably praying now.
440  Now, notice. One day she said to me; she said, "Bill," she said, "I just want to ask you a question about heaven." I said, "All right, Meda, what is it?" She said, "You know I love you." I said, "Yeah." It was right after this happened up here. She said, "You know that Hope loved you too." And I said, "Yeah." And she said, "Now," she said, "I don't think I would be jealous," she said, "but Hope was." And she said, "Now, when we get to heaven… And you said you seen her there." I said, "She was there; I seen her. I seen her twice there. She's there; she's waiting for me to come; so's the—so's Sharon. I seen her just the same I'm looking at you. I seen her there." And I said… She said, "Well, now, when we get over there," said, "which one is going to be your wife?" I said, "Both of you. There won't be any (See?), yet both of you'd be." She said, "I can't understand it." And I said, "Now, honey, set down, let me explain something to you." I said, "Now, I know you love me, and you know how I love you, in respects and honor. Now, for instance, what if I dressed up, went downtown and some little prostitute, real pretty, and, come and throw her arms around me and say, "Oh, Brother Branham, I sure love you." Started putting her arms around me, hugging me. What'd you think?" She said, "I don't think I'd like that very well." And I said, "I want to ask you something. Do you… Who do you love the best, if it had to be a showdown: me or the Lord Jesus?" (Now, this is family talking.) And she said, "The Lord Jesus." Said, "Yes, Bill, as much as I love you, but before I would give Him up, I'd give you up." I said, "Thank you, honey. I'm glad to hear you say that now." I said, "Now, what if that same little woman would come up to Jesus and throw her arms around Him, say, 'Jesus, I love You'; what would you think about that?" She said, "I'd enjoy that." See, it changes from phileo to agapao. See? It's a higher love. See? And there's no such thing as husband and wife as—as to raise children; it's all gone.