The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 8: The Sixth Seal 63-0323 (Continued)

Day 89

187  Daniel, how we could go back and pick up Daniel there, when he said that this prince that would come… You readers know that. And what should he do? He would take away the daily sacrifice and what all would take place during the time. Said… Jesus, even speaking of it here, underlined it, said, "When you see the abomination that maketh desolation spoken by the prophet, Daniel, standing in the holy place…" What is that? The Mosque of Omar stood in the place of the temple when they burned it down. Said, "Let them that's in the mountains, let them that's on the housetop don't come down to take things out of the house. Or him that's in the field, return back, for there'll be a time of trouble." You see? And all these things would take place… Moved them on down now and vindicated it, back to this opening of the Sixth Seal.
189  Now, I want you to notice, Jesus… (Now, about tomorrow night on this.) Jesus omitted the teaching of the Seventh Seal. It's not here. Watch, He goes right on with parables now, after that. And John omitted the Seventh Seal—the Seven last—the Seventh Seal. That's going to be a great thing. It's not even written (See?), omitted the Seventh Seal, both of them did. And the revelator, when… God just said there was… John said there's just silence in heaven. Jesus never said a word about it. Notice, now, back to the 12th verse. Notice, no beast… That's the 12th verse starting off on our Seal to see it open. No beast-like living creatures was represented here either, like it was on the Fifth Seal. Why? This happened the other side of the Gospel age, in the tribulation period.
190  This Sixth Seal is the tribulation period. That's what takes place. The Bride has gone. See? There's no living creature, nothing there to say it. It's just… Now, God is not dealing with the Church no more. It's been gone. He's dealing with Israel. See, see? This is the other side. This is when Israel receives the message of the Kingdom by the two prophets of Revelations 11. Remember, Israel is a nation, God's servant nation. And when—when—when Israel is brought in, it'll be a national affair. Israel, the Kingdom age, is where David, the Son of David sets on the throne.
192  That's the reason that woman cried, "Thou Son of David." And David is the… Son of David, God swore by him, to David that He'd raise up his Son that would take his throne; it would be a everlasting throne. See? It'd have no end. Solomon give it in a type in the temple. And Jesus just told them here, that's—there won't be a rock left on one of them, but He's trying to tell them here what? He's coming back. "When are you coming back?" "These things will take place before I come back." And here they are. Now, we're at the time of the tribulation. Remember, when the Kingdom is set up on the earth… Now, this may be a little shocking, and if there's a question, and you—you still ask me, if—if you want to put the question up afterwards, 'cause I just hit it, if you didn't—if you don't already know it. In the time of the Millennium, it's Israel that's a nation. The twelve tribes is a nation, but the Bride is in the palace. She's a Queen now. She's married. And all of the earth shall come into this city, Jerusalem, and shall bring the glory of it in there. And the gates will not be shut by—by—by night 'cause there won't be any night. See? The gates will always be open; and the kings of the earth (Revelations 22) bring their honor and glory into this city, but the Bride is in there with the Lamb.
196  Oh, my. Do you see that? In there—Not the Bride, isn't going to be out here laboring in the vineyards. No, sir. She's the Bride. She's the Queen to the King. It's the others that labor out there, the nation, not the Bride. Amen. All right, notice these messengers now… These messengers of the Revelations 12, these two prophets, they're going to preach, "The Kingdom is at hand." See? The Kingdom of heaven's to be set up. The time, last three and one-half years of Daniel's seventieth week promised to the Jews, His people… Remember now, that to prove that, that this is Daniel's last part of the seventieth week… I got a question on that for tomorrow. See? Now, seventy weeks was promised, which was seven years. And in the midst of the seven weeks, the Messiah was to be cut off to be made a Sacrifice. He would prophesy three and one-half years, and then He'd be cut off for a sacrifice for the people, and there is still a determination, that three and one-half years is still determined for Israel.
199  Then when Messiah was cut off, the Jew was blinded so he couldn't see that was Messiah. And then when Messiah was cut off, then the Gospel and grace age come to the Gentile. And they come down, and God pulled one from here and there and here and there, and put them away under the messengers, and here and there and here and there, put them away under the messengers; and He sent forth the first messenger, and he preached, and the trumpet sounded (as we pick it up after while); and then the trumpet was declaring war. Trumpet always denotes war. The messenger, the angel come on earth, the messenger of the hour, like Luther's, like any of the messengers that we've talked of. What does he do? He arrives, and a Seal opened, reveals; a trumpet sounds, war declared, and away they go. And then the messenger dies. He seals away this group; they're put in; and a plague falls upon those who rejected it. See? And then it goes on, then they organize, get another organization. (We've just come through it.)
201  Then here they come out with another power (See?), another power, another age of the church, another ministry. Then when he does that, along comes God with His ministry, when the antichrist comes with his. See, anti is against. They run side by side. I want you to notice a little something. Just about the time that—that Cain come on earth, Abel came on earth. I want you to notice just about the time that—that Christ came on earth, Judas came on earth. About the time that Christ went off of earth, Judas went off the earth. Just about the time that the—the Holy Spirit fell, the antichrist spirit fell. Just about the time the Holy Ghost is revealing Himself here in the last days, the antichrist is showing his colors, coming up through these politics and things; and just about time the antichrist moves hisself fully on the stree—on the scene, God moves Hisself fully on to redeem His own (See?), just runs just right together, and they're both side by side. Cain and Abel, the crow and the dove on the ark, Judas and Jesus, and just on down… You can take it just…
203  Here was Moab and Israel, both of them. Moab was not a heathen nation. No, sir. They offered the same sacrifice that Israel was offering. They prayed to the same God. Exactly. Moab was call—was one of Lot's daughters that slept with her father and had a child, and that child was called Moab and from him sprang the Moab race, the country of Moab. And when they seen Israel, their redeemed brother, come… They were fundamentalists. They were a big denomination. Israel had no denomination; she just dwelt in tents and wherever you go. But Moab had the dignitaries, kings, and so forth. And they had Balaam up there, a—a false prophet. And they had all this, then they come down there to curse their little brother that was on the road to the promised land, going to his promise. And he went and asked them, "Can I pass through your land? If my cows drink water, I'll pay for it. If they lick up grass, we'll pay for it." He said, "No, you're not holding no revival like that around here." That's right. "You're not holding anything like that around here."
207  And then watch what he done. He come right back in the Jezebel form, and come down through a—that false prophet and caused the children of God to err, and married Moabite women into—into Israel and caused adultery. And he did the same thing in that same age on the journey on the road to the promised land we are on. What did he do? The false prophet come right around and married and called into the Protestant church and caused denominations, just exactly what they did back there. But little old Israel moved right on the same. She railed in the wilderness for a long time, and all them old fighters had to die off, but she went right on into the promised land. Yes. Watch them all in arm just before they crossed the Jordan. I like that. Now, we're getting down to that age right now, here now.
210  Notice now, we find out that the time lasts, I said three and one-half years of Daniel's seventy weeks. Let me explain that a little closer now, 'cause I see somebody here that's always watched that now; I want to try to make myself clear: a teacher. Notice, when the seventy weeks come in… When Daniel seen the vision of the time coming and the ending up of the Jews… But he said there was determined seventy weeks (That's seven years), in the midst of it, why the Messiah would be here—or—and would be cut off for a sacrifice. Now, that's exactly what taken place. Then God dealt with the Gentiles till He took out a people for His Name. As soon as the Gentile church is taken out, He taken up the Church. And when He did, the sleeping virgin, the church itself (The Bride went up.), and the church itself was put into outer darkness, where there's weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, and the same time the tribulation falls upon that people.
215  And while the tribulation's falling, in there comes these two prophets of Revelations 11 to preach the Gospel to them. And they preach a thousand, one hundred and three score days. See? Well, that's exactly, with thirty days in the month, like the real calendar has, is exactly three and one-half years. That's Daniel's seventieth part—last part of the seventieth week. See, God hasn't deal with Israel in here. No, sir. A brother asked me not long ago, "Should I go to…" A—A brother here in the church, a precious, dear brother said, "I—I want to go to Israel. I believe there's an awakening." Someone said to me, "Brother Branham, you ought to go to Israel right now. They'd see it." See, you can't do it. I stood right there, and I thought… Them Jews said, "If I… Well, if this be Jesus, be—be the Messiah," said, "let me see Him do the sign of the prophet. We'll believe our prophets," 'cause that's what they're—they're supposed to be. "What a setup," I thought. "Here I go." When I got right there, right close to it, right… I was… Well, I was at Cairo, and I had my ticket in my hand for Israel. And I said, "I—I'll go see if they ask that, if they can see a sign of a prophet; we'll see if they'll accept Christ."