The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 8: The Sixth Seal 63-0323 (Continued)

Day 85

49  And he said, "My—my wife," said, "she had been living with another man," and said, "and running around on me." And said, "Then she come to me, and she said to me, 'Oh, darling, forgive me; forgive me.' Said, 'I—I—I—I'm sorry I did it. I'll be true from now on.'" Said, "Of course I loved her so much I just forgive her, said, 'All right.'" And said, "Then," and said, "Do you know what? Then I got the interpretation of this vision." Said, "That was the woman." Said, "Sure, she's been married and—and so forth and all these times," and said that, "it's all right for her to marry because the Lord loved her so much she can marry as many times as she wants to far as it was." I said, "Your vision was mighty sweet, but it's way off the beaten path here." I said, "That's—that's wrong. You see? You shouldn't do that."
52  So that's… See?.. But when you see Scripture dovetailing with Scripture, making it a constant continuity where they come together, the Scriptures, where this one leaves off here, this other one over here comes and dovetails in and draws the whole picture out… Like putting a crossword puzzle together like. You find the piece that fits in. There's nothing else can fit it; then you're getting the picture fixed. And there's only One can do that; that's the Lamb, and so we're looking to Him. But we find that when these—this rider… He was one rider that rode these horses, and then we chased him right down, seen what he done and everything, and found out back in the church ages that's exactly what he did. Then when he went out on a certain beast and does certain things, we find out that there was one sent to combat what he did.
57  There was one sent for the first age, of lamb—of lion. That was the Word, of course, Christ. And next was the ox, during the time of the dark age, when—when the—the church had organized and—and had accepted dogmas instead of the Word. And you remember the whole thing is based on two things, one an antichrist, the other one a Christ. It's still the same thing today. There is no halfway Christians. There's no drunk-sober man, no black-white birds, no, no, no sinner-saints. No, you're either a sinner or a saint. See? There's just no in-between. You're either born again or you're not borned again. You're either filled with the Holy Spirit or you're not filled with the Holy Spirit. No matter how many sensations you had, if you ain't filled with the Holy Spirit, you're not filled with It. See? And if you had been filled with It, your life shows It. Goes right up to it. See? Nobody has to tell anybody about it; they see it (See?), 'cause it's a seal.
61  Now, and we find those beasts, how they rode each time. One sent out on his ministry in political powers, uniting religious powers and—and political powers together. We find out God sent out His power to combat it. We go right back and see what the church age was and look back, and there it was just exactly that way. Then we find out another age come along, and the enemy sent out the antichrist under the name of religion, under the Name of Christ, under the name of the church (Yes, sir.), went out under the name of the church even. "That was the real Church," she said. See? Antichrist is not Russia. Antichrist is not that. Antichrist is so close like real Christianity till the Bible said it would fool everything that wasn't predestinated. That's right.
63  The Bible said that in the last days, everything that wasn't predestinated, the Elect. It says, The Elect!" Now, anybody take that word and run it back in your margin reading, see what it means. It says the elected, predestinated. See? It'll fool every one of them whose names were not on the Lambs Book of Life from the foundation of the world. When the Lamb was slain, the names were put on the Book. He's standing in the holy place tonight in glory as an Intercessor, making intercessions for every one of those souls whose name is on that Book. And nobody knows that name but Him. He's the One that's got the Book in His hand. And He knows when that last one comes in, then His intercessing days is over. He comes forth then to claim what He's interceded for. He's—He's doing the Kinsman Redeemer work now and comes forth to receive His own.
65  Oh, my. That ought to set every Christian to—to searching himself and holding his hands before God and saying, "Cleanse me, oh, Lord; look into my life and—and let me—let me see where my bad part is, let me get it out of the way right quick." See? For if the righteous be scarcely saved, where will the sinner and the ungodly appear? It's checking-up time.
66  And if you would place it, and want to give this Word… (Now, I don't want to—you to ask me question on this, 'cause you get me plumb over on another in… I mean in—in writing your questions. I think the questions is done in anyhow.) This is the time of the investigation judgment. That's right. (Now, we'll get that on the—on the trumpets when we come to that, whenever the Lord provides, or the vials.) And we'll find out on that investigating judgment, when that—just before the woes went forth, and—and we see that that is true. And the three angels that struck the earth crying, you know, "Woe, woe, woe, unto the inhabitants of the earth."…
67  And we're living in a terrific time, the time that—that… You see, these things that we're in now, that we're studying right now, is after the Church is done gone. See? These things are the tribulation period. And I think it ought to be truly settled in every believer's heart that this Church never takes the tribulation period. You cannot put nowhere the Church in tribulation. I… You put the church there, but not the Bride. See, see? The Bride's gone on, 'cause (See?) She—she has not one sin, not a thing against Her. The grace of God has covered her over, and the Bleach has took every sin so far away, there's not even a—ever a remembrance of it, not a thing but purity, perfect in the Presence of God. Oh, it—it ought to make the Bride get down on her knees and cry out to God.
69  I think of a—a little story, if I'm not taking too much of your time now in—in this preliminary. I—I do this for a purpose, to feel—till I feel the Spirit just right to start. This is a—this is a sacred thing. See, see? See, who knows them things there? Nobody but God, and they're not supposed to be revealed, and proved by the Bible that they would not be revealed till this day. That's exactly right. See? They was—they was guessed at, but now we're supposed to get it exactly the truth, vindicated truth. See?
71  Notice now, it was a—a little girl in the west that how she'd—she'd fell in love with a—a man had fell in love with her. As a buyer of the cattle, come out there for the Armour Company, and—and they had a—a great… The boss come one day (the boss's son from Chicago), and 'course they put them on a regular western frontier. The—the girls there, they dressed up. Each one was going to get this boy, sure, you know, 'cause that was the main man's boy. So they dressed in their western frontier. And—and they do that out west.
73  They just got through one of those episodes, and Brother Maguire (I think he's here now), they caught him downtown without his western clothes on and they throwed him in the—in the jail, and put him in a Kangaroo Court, and made him pay for it, and then made him go buy a western outfit. I seen the rest of them walking around with guns about that long hanging on them. They just go native out there. They're trying to live in something in the back gone days, bygone. See? And then in Kentucky, you're trying to live in a bygone days of the east here. Get back in Renfro Valley and things. You like to go back to the old days. There's something causing that, but when it comes back to go back to a Gospel in the original, you don't want to do that. You want something modern. See? Goes to show that… See, you—you… There's a…
76  And what makes a—a man do wrong? What makes him drink and carry on, or a woman do wrong? Is because she's trying to… There's something in her thirsting, and something in him thirsting. And they're trying to quench that holy thirst with the things of the world when God ought to be that quench. He made you that way to thirst. That's the reason you thirst for something. God made you that way so you'd turn that holy thirst to Him. See? But when you try to quench that thirst… How dare anybody to do that. You have no right to do that: to try to quench that holy thirst that you thirst for something… And—and then—and you turn it into the world, try to satisfy it with the world; you can't do it. There's only one thing that'll fill that up, and that's God. And He made you that way.
77  So this—this… The young girls put on a—a regular western, a "carry-on" for this boy when he—he come out. And each one of them was sure they was going to get this boy. There was a little cousin there on the ranch, and she was an orphan. And so she just done all the—the work for these, 'cause they had to have their fingernails fixed, you know, and they couldn't wash the dishes for their hands and things; and she done all the real hard work. And then finally when the boy came, they went out and got him in an old western style, the buckboard, and they come in shooting their guns and carrying on, you know, and—and acting up. And that night they had a great big dance out there, on an old fashion dance, and all the ranchers around about and coming in with their dancing and so forth. And the first thing you know, why, this went on, this jubilee, for two or three days.
80  Then one night this boy stepped out to—of the place just to rest awhile from the dance, and got away from these girls, and he happened to look going down towards the corral. There went a little girl kind of ragged looking, and she had a dish pan full of water. She had washed the dishes. And he thought, "I never seen her before. I wonder where she come from?" So he just puts it in his way to go around by the side of the—the bunkhouse and go down there and come back side of the corral and met her. She was bare-footed. She stopped. She held her head down. She seen who it was, and she was very shy. She knew this great person. And she was just a cousin to these other girls. Their—their father was foreman on this big Armour outfit, so they… kept… She kept looking down. She was ashamed of being bare-footed. He said, "What's your name?" She told him. Said, "Well, why ain't you out there to the—where the rest of them is?" She kinda made excuses.