The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 7: The Fifth Seal 63-0322 (Continued)

Day 83

452  Notice, watch. Look at Moses. Elijah, after Moses had died and Elijah had been taken into heaven, he stood there on Mount Transfiguration with his senses of speech, hearing, understanding and talked to Jesus before the crucifixion. Now, what kind of a body did he have? Look at Samuel. After being dead for about two years, was called back in the—the cave that night by the witch of Endor and talked to Saul with language, heared Saul, spoke back, and foreknew things that was going to happen; still his spirit hadn't changed. He was a prophet.
454  When Elijah's spirit comes upon a man, it'll drive him just like Elijah. He will go to the wilderness. He will love the wilderness. He will be a hater of immoral women. He will be against organization. He will—he will pull no punches for nobody. And that just—that's—that'll be his spirit. It was each time it come. See? Moses will be the same person. Now, and we find out in Revelation 22:8 the same thing. Now, or to settle it for those who—those souls (Now, watch it.) under the altar of the breaking of this Seal that had been slain in the time between the death of Christ and the going up of the Church (the Eichmann group and all that, them true Jews with their names on the Book), if you'll watch, my brother, according to the Scripture they could talk, cry out, speak, hear, and had all five senses, not sleeping in the grave unconscious. They were very much awake, and could talk, speak, hear, anything else. Is that right? Oh, help us.
456  Two minutes. Amen. I'm sorry I kept you a half hour. No, I can't. I oughtn't to say that, see. See? That's right, see. But look, here is to the best of my understanding, the best in according to the revelation that was given me this morning just before daylight by the Lord Jesus Christ, there is the opened Fifth Seal to go with the other four. See? By His grace, He gave it to me, His grace to you and I. We thank Him for it, and with His help I intend to live closer as I can live, teaching others to do the same thing, until I meet Him with you in glory, when all things are over. I love Him for this, and it's the best of my knowledge to it. And I truly believe with all my heart that the true revelations of the revealing of the First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Seal is now open to us. I love Him, I love Him Because He first loved me And purchased my salvation On Calvary's tree.
459  [Brother Branham begins humming—Ed.] Now, quietly, reverently before God, as we seen this Seal open to us, God having to take His own beloved children, and blind their eyes, and send them, because His own justice requires judgment of sin… Think of it. His justice and His holiness requires justice. A law without a penalty is not law. And His own laws, Himself, He cannot defy and still remain God. That's the reason God had to become man. He couldn't take a substitute, a son that wasn't, just an ordinary son to Him or something. God became both… Jesus became both Son and God, the only way He could justly do it. God had to take the penalty Himself. It wouldn't be just to put it upon somebody else, another person. So the person of Jesus was God manifested in the flesh called Emmanuel. And to do that, and to take a Bride, and to save a lost bunch of heathen Gentiles, He had to blind His own children, and then punish them for it in the flesh for rejection; but His grace provided robes. But the life… See what happens? And if He had to do that in order for us to have a chance, how can we spurn that chance in love?
462  If there is in this building tonight, that person, young or old, that has to this time spurned that opportunity that cost God such a price, and you would like to accept that offer to God tonight, that you don't have to, as far as we ever know, to be a martyr, though you may be, but a white robe has been provided for you. And if God knocks at your heart now, why not accept it. Now, let us bow our heads again. If that person or persons are in here that desires that, or want to accept it upon the basis of your faith in the shed Blood that God had to shed for you, be—suffered beyond anything that any other mortal… There couldn't have been a mortal being suffer like that till His own grief separated His water from His Blood in His veins. Before He went to Calvary, drops of blood was coming from His body with such grief and broken heart, that what He had to do, but could've refused it, too, but willingly did it for you and I.
464  Can you reject such matchless love? And you see that now, by the opening of these Seals, that what you have did, and what God has did for you, and you're ready to surrender your life to God, and if He will snatch you out of the hands of the antichrist that you're now in, would you accept His offer by just raising your hand to Him, saying, "God, by this, I signify; I accept that offer of grace. And, Brother Branham, I desire your prayers that I'll ever remain faithful." Raise your hand, and I'll pray. God bless you. God bless you. Mean it now. Don't—don't do it 'less you mean it. And right where you're setting, accept it right there; 'cause remember, you could not have raised your hand unless something told you to do it, and nothing else could've done it but God.
467  So now, when you see the Scriptures so perfectly unfolded, you see what's been going on down through the ages, the last few years, twenty or thirty years, you see it perfectly a-vindicated. You see the Scripture telling exactly what's happened and what's fixing to happen, then upon the basis of the faith in the work of Christ, where you're setting right now, and have raised your hands, say, "From this minute on, it's settled. I take Christ now for my Saviour, and I'll live for Him the rest of my life, and I desire God to fill me with the Holy Spirit." And if you haven't been baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ, the pool will be waiting for you. Let us pray.
468  Lord God, there was some great number of hands among the people that went up. And I'm sure that You're the very same Lord Jesus that made the atonement for us many years ago, and by seeing those Seals revealed and the great things that's taken place right here in the last few years, I believe with all my heart that the door of mercy is beginning to close, and You're ready to take Your journey now to redeem Your people. While there is room and a door open (as it was in the days of Noah), may these precious souls that lives in the body of this tabernacle that's going to be dissolved someday, that raised up that mortal hand on the inside of them because of their—their conviction and their profession that they believe and want to accept Your proposition to them for salvation on this opened sealed Book that's been opened to us; give to them, tonight, Lord, a robe of the righteousness of Jesus Christ and clothe their soul in that, that they might stand before You in that day, which is close at hand, perfect by the Blood of Christ.
469  Lord God, if they have not been baptized into the Name of Jesus Christ, and upon the revelation that You give me concerning it, and seeing that Paul commanded people that had even been baptized by John the Baptist to be rebaptized again in the Name of Jesus Christ in order to receive the Holy Spirit in Acts 19. I ask that You'll convince them, Lord, of the Truth, and may they obey You. And then in obedience of their acceptance and obedience to their confession and to the water, may You in return fill them with the Holy Ghost for power of service the rest of their lives. I commit them now to You in the Name of the sacrificed Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. Amen. Amen. I love Him, I love Him Because He first loved me And purchased my salvation On Calvary's tree.
471  Now, to you that had your hands up, obey the commanding of the Spirit that would follow the—the constitution of the Word for repented sinners. Follow it in every act. And the God of heaven reward you for your stand for Him. Lord bless you. Tomorrow night bring your pencils and papers now, as you have been. We expect to be here at the same time, at 7:30 sharp, the Lord willing. And by—pray for me that God will open the Sixth Seal to me tomorrow, that I'll be able to bring it to you as He gives it to me. Until then, we sing again, not only through hymns, but through praises for Him that died in our stead and redeemed us. I love Him: I (Give your pastor now.) love Him, I love Him Because He first loved me And purchased my salvation On Calvary's tree.
Chapter 8: The Sixth Seal 63-0323
1  Let's bow our heads just a moment now. Lord, we are again gathering for the service. And we think of the time in the early days when they all come up to Shiloh for the blessings of the Lord. And now, tonight we have assembled here to hear Your Word. And as we have been studying in this certain portion of the Scripture, that the Lamb was the only One that could open the Seals or to loose them… And we pray that tonight as we have under consideration this great Sixth Seal, we pray, heavenly Father, that the Lamb will open it to us tonight, that we are here to understand it. And when no man on earth or in heaven was sufficient, only the Lamb was found sufficient. So may the all sufficient One come and open the Seal for us tonight that we might just look a past the curtain of time. It would help us, we believe, Father, this great dark sinful day that we're living—would help us and give us courage. We trust now that we find grace in Your sight. We commit ourselves with the Word to You, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
3  Good evening, friends. It's a privilege to be here again tonight, to be in the service of the Lord. I just a bit late. I just went to—on an emergency of a dying man of—a member of this church. His mother is—or comes here. And they said the boy's dying right then, so I went down to see just a—a shadow of a man laying on a bed, dying, a man about my age. And in just a moment's time, I seen the man rise to his feet, giving praise to the Lord. And so God, if we will be willing to confess our sins, and do that which is right, and ask for mercy, call upon Him, God is willing and waiting to grant it to us. And now, I know it's warm in here tonight, and—and it's… (No, I guess the heat's altogether shut off.) and—and we're… I noticed last night, or today this is my seventh day in a room without light (just electric light. See?) studying and praying for God to open these Seals.