The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 7: The Fifth Seal 63-0322 (Continued)

Day 82

416  I felt something lick my hand. There was my old coon dog. When—when Mr. Short, down here, poisoned him, I swore I'd kill Mr. Short for it. I was about sixteen years old. He poisoned him, give him a dog button. My daddy caught me with a rifle going down to shoot him, right in the police station. And I said, "I'll kill him." And I said, "Well…" I went over to the dog's grave. I thought…?… him, I said, "Fritz, you been a—like a companion to me. You clothed me and sent me to school; when you got old, I was going to take care of you; now they've killed you." I said, "I'll promise you, Fritz, that he won't live." I said, "I promise you he won't live. I'll catch him on the street sometime, walking; then I'll run right over him." See? I said, "I'll get him for you." But you know what? I led the man to Christ, baptized him in Jesus' Name, and buried him at his death. I got converted about a few years after that. I seen things different then. See? I loved him instead of hating him.
418  So then, but however, there was Fritz standing there licking me on the hand. And I—I looked… I couldn't cry. Nobody could cry. It was all joy. You couldn't be sad, 'cause it was all happiness. You couldn't die, 'cause it was all life. See? Couldn't get old, 'cause it was all youth. See, that's what… It was just perfect. I thought, "Oh, isn't this wonderful?" And the millions… Oh, my. I was right at home. See? And—and just then I heard a voice and it cried out, said, "All that you ever loved…" (Reward for my service). I don't need no reward. He said, "All that you ever loved, and all that ever loved you, God has given to you." I said, "Praise the Lord." I felt funny. I thought, "What's the matter? I feel funny." I turned around and looked, and on the bed my body was moving. I said, "Oh, I don't have to go back, surely. Don't—don't let me go." But the Gospel had to be preached. In just a second I was on the bed again (See?), like that.
423  No more than about two months ago, that… You heard it read in the—in the Business Men's "Voice." It's went all over the world. See? And Brother Norman, in here—I suppose he's in here somewhere tonight, he translated it off there and sent it in pamphlets. It's went everywhere. And ministers wrote in, many of them, and said… One here that… I'll just tell this very one. There's been hundreds of them, of course. This one man said, "Brother Branham, your vision in the Business Men's "Voice"…" And I appreciate Tommy Nickel. Although he isn't with the Business Men no more (I don't know why, but he isn't), but he put it in there just right. When I said… right there in that trinitarian magazine, he said, "Where I… Where Paul baptized in Jesus' Name and commanded the people do the same, I've done the same," see. He put it just the way it was. See?
426  And so then I—I thought, "My…" And this minister wrote in and said, "Brother Branham, your vision…" Which it could have been a vision. Said… Now, I don't want to say translation. If Paul… If I was caught up into this first heaven and seen that, what about Paul that was caught plumb up into the third heaven. What that… He said he couldn't even talk about it (See?), if he was caught up. If it was a catch-up, I don't know; I can't say. I couldn't tell you. But this minister said, "Brother Branham, your vision sounded very Scriptural and all right until you s—talked about a horse being there." He said, "A horse in heaven?" Said, that… See that ecclesiastical man-wisdom, mind. See? He said, "Heaven was made for human beings, not horses."
429  Well, I set down. Billy, my son, here, put the letter right here in the old church office, about three or four months ago. I said, "My precious brother, I'm surprised at your wisdom, but—and your knowing of the Scripture. I did not say that I was in heaven. I said it was in a place like paradise, because Christ was still above." See? But I said, "If it might satisfy you, now, you turn over to Revelations 19, and when Jesus comes out of the heavens of heaven, He's riding on a white horse, and all the saints with Him are riding on white horses." Right, absolutely. Absolutely. And up in that same place, there was one looked like an eagle, and one looked like an ox, and oh, my… Why, my, where's them horses that come got Elijah? Just goes to show you (See?), the human mind just wants something to pick on. That's right.
432  Now, notice. But I was just thinking, as this precious, godly, brother, John… (I just thought it'd be a good place to inject that, just before closing. See?) If John looked over there, and them was of his brethren (See?), his brethren that had to suffer a little; then, see, the Lord God permitted me to see my brethren and the saints that were waiting for the coming of the Lord. Notice, they were not under the altar of sacrifice. Mine wasn't; but these was. They were martyrs. See? Mine wasn't under the martyrs' altar. (Now, I want you to listen real close. And I'll close, honest, just about—in ten minutes, at 10:00 o'clock, if I just have to cut it off and finish it tomorrow.) Look. They—they were not my… The ones that the Lord showed me, the Bride, she was not under the martyrs' block, no, the sacrifice altar of the martyrs, but had received white robes by accepting the pardoning grace of the living Word. Christ had give them a white robe.
435  I do not think, by the opening… I do think, rather, by the opening of this Fifth Seal, as I believe that it's opened to us… I did it with good conscience, with clear revelation before God, not trying to just make it think, because I always was against organizations, never would belong to them, but it's opened to me now. And I do think another thing: by the opening of this Fifth Seal in this day, straightens up a doctrine right here that I might speak of, of soul sleeping. Now, I realize that there's people in here that does believe that (See?), in the soul sleeping. I think that this disproves that. They're not sleeping; they are alive. Their bodies are sleeping, but the soul not in the grave. They're in the Presence of God under the altar.
437  Here is where I differ with a precious brother, a teacher. And I notice—I know I see some of his people setting here, that I realize that this was a great teacher. He's a doctor in a—doctor of divinity, and a Ph., LL.D., and he's a—he's a real good man too. I think he's gone on at this time, but he was a good man and a good writer. And it's Brother Uriah Smith, the author of "Daniel of Revelation."
438  Now, to you people who are follower of his teaching (See?), now, I don't… I'm not just—don't want to say this arrogantly, but I just… See, but, Brother Smith in trying to support… See? And trying to support soul sleeping, there he mentions that the soul sleep, and there is no altar of sacrifice in heaven, that the only altar spoke of is—that he—he believes is in heaven is the altar of incense. But to you dear people (and not to differing with my brother; I prob—hope to meet him on the other side. See?) not differing with that great teacher; but just to show you how this disproves that… See? It disproves it, the opening of this Seal in this last day; it just takes soul sleeping plumb out of the way. See? They're alive. They're not dead. (See?)
440  Notice, notice this now. Now, if there's no altar of sacrifice in heaven, where is the sacrifice for sin laying then, the Lamb? There has to be a place where that slain Lamb, bloody, is laying there, where the Blood is. Now, the incense was the odors—odorous stuff that they burnt, which the Bible said was the prayers of the saints. If there isn't no sacrifice on the altar, then the prayers cannot be received. It's only by the Blood on the sacrificial altar that lets the prayers go through to God. Brother Smith was wrong (See?), not disagreeing with him. I think I've made myself clear, with brotherly love and respect for his great work (See?), but he was wrong.
443  The Fifth Seal has opened there (See, see?), many other things, if you caught it. See, I'm waiting for my questions to see by… All right. Now, where was the ark, the slain, wounded, bleeding, bloody Lamb for atonement, for these odorous prayers? Notice, the Bible says: "If this earthly tabernacle of our dwelling be dissolved, we have one already waiting." That's where I seen those saints. See?
446  Watch when a baby… Excuse me again, sisters, for this plain talk before young and a—a women. But look, when a mother is—has conceived, and that little bunch of muscles is twisting and jumping (You understand.), it is a natural body. And just as nature is performing the natural body… Did you ever notice your wife before the little ones was born? She always, right along at the last, becomes real kind, sweet. If she hasn't been all of her life, she will be then. Did you ever notice how saintly or… kind of a feeling… You notice a mother—and you see some sinner out there make fun of a mother that's a pregnated woman. I think that's ridiculous. That's life coming to the world. But did you notice around that mother seems to be a sweet feeling. What is it? It's a little spiritual body, spiritual life waiting to come into that little body as soon as it's born. Now, it's only begotten; but when it's born, it's born. The spiritual body unites with the natural body.
450  And then, the Bible teaches that we are now begotten of God. We're begotten of the Holy Spirit that in us is Christ, a son of God being formed in us. And when this earthly body be dissolved, this spiritual body comes from the bowels of the earth, there is another body waiting to receive it. If this earthly tabernacle is dropped, there is another body to receive it. This mortal body puts on immortality. This terrestrial puts on celestial. This… See what I mean? There is a natural body that's sinful; but in it's making just like it is another body that we go to. And I am so grateful to God that I can say as your pastor and brother, I seen those people, so help me, in that body and handled them with my hands. That's right.