The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 7: The Fifth Seal 63-0322 (Continued)

Day 81

363  And so these women all come; they started throwing their arm around me. Now, that's unusual. You know, I wouldn't stand for that. So… And they were… Now, I'm going to have to say this in a way that… I'm—I'm in a mixed crowd; but they ev—they were women. They were women, and they—they hugged me, each one, and said, "Our precious brother." And one would hug me, and then the other one would hug me. I was standing there looking, and I thought, "Well now, what's this?" See? And they was standing there. And I thought, "What's happened?" I looked back down, there I was laying right there on the bed; and here I was standing here. I thought, "Now, that's odd. I—I don't understand it." And them women holler, "Oh, our precious brother," then hugging me. Now, they was every bit in feeling, women.
366  Now, forgive me, sisters, as I say this, 'cause… But you listen to your doctor; and if we ain't got clean minds, then we're not Christians. I don't care… I've always lived clean; God knows that. When I was a little boy, the Angel of the Lord told me to not defile my body, smoke, or drink, and that's been truth. By the grace of God, I've kept that. When I was a sinner, I didn't run around with women. And so… But any man that lets a woman hug up into his arms (him being made up of cells of male and her a female), there's a sensation. I don't care who you are; now, don't tell me you're not if you're healthy as a person. But not there, because you don't have any more different cells. You'll never sin there. There was a change. There's no more than just a brotherly love to them women.
370  Although in the grace to be looked at, I think a—a woman, a nice woman that holds herself right and walks like a lady, she's a—she's an example of a jewel on earth. I—I like anything that's graceful, and I think a—a woman that holds her place and tries to be a lady is a—is a stature of honor. I do believe that; and I think one that isn't, it's just like the—the Christ and the antichrist: same thing. I—I like anything that's natural…
371  Like a pretty horse, and he just stands in a stature of a real pretty horse, or anything like that. A pretty mountain, pretty women, pretty men, anything that stands in the making of God, and I always admired it, and these were perfect. But no matter how much they would hug me up into their arms (And they were women; you understand.), but there could never be no sin. The male glands and the female glands both was gone. Thank the Lord. They were my sisters completely. I looked and I begin to… I—I looked at my hands. I seen they was all so young, and I looked; I was young, too. And I… And losing my hair as a young man, putting carbolic acid on it, a barber did, and took it all out when I was just a boy; and it's been always a kind of a thing to me, that I—I—I get a cold so quick, because that my scalp's still soft, you know, and the roots of the hair is still there, but it was burnt by carbolic acid, and the hair can never grow. See? And I went, my wife, when I—long years ago, and got me a hairpiece to wear—a little piece of hair, put on, cover my head up, but I was always ashamed to wear it because it looked like it was something false, and I didn't want nothing false. And so I thought, "I'll just put me on a stocking cap." And then I did for a while, you know what they did? They went to calling me "Bishop" then, said I wanted to be a…?… I just said, "Let her go." So I just suffer out with a bad cold and let it… But I… You just raising them windows, anything, and that little air come across like that, boy, I got it.
378  And I'd went to a doctor and asked him what did he thinks. He said, "Well see, your pores—pores are open. You're sweating from preaching. That air comes; it—it puts a cold germ up here in the mucus; and it runs down over your throat. The next morning you're hoarse. That's it." And—and so… Oh, my, you fellows that's got hair, you don't know how thankful you should be. And… That—that is right. See? And I found out then… I'm going to have… one of these days if I don't get my teeth, I'm going to have to have some of them, and so,… or either do without them. So if a fellow—if a fellow… I wouldn't think it would be any more for a man, if he wanted to, to wear a hairpiece than it would for a woman to wear one of these mouses or rats or ever what they put in their hair like that to make it up. See? But—but 'course if you do, it depends on what you're doing it for. See? It depends on what you're doing it for. And so…
382  But however, just standing there, I felt up, and I had my hair again. My, I was young, and these—all these young… And I thought, "Well, isn't this strange? Here they are," and they was all run… And I looked coming, and I—I seen Hope coming; she looked… You know she died at twenty-two. She was still just as pretty as ever. Many of you remember her, them big dark eyes. She was German, her black hair hanging down her back. I thought, "Now, when she gets here, she'll say—she'll say, "Bill." I know she will. I know she'll say "Bill" when she gets here. I was watching, and every one of these women coming, hugging me and saying, "Our precious brother, we're so glad to see you."
384  I thought everyone dressed just alike, but they had their hair different, you know, red hair and black hair and blond hair, and—and they was coming by, but they was all young. And when she got to me, I thought, "I'm just going to see what she says." And she looked up at me, and she said, "Oh, our precious brother." She hugged me, and she just went on. Some other woman come, hugged me next. And I heard a noise, and looked over this way, and here come a bunch of men, young fellows, all the age of about twenty. They had dark hair and blond hair, and—and they all had white robes on and bare-footed, and they run to me and begin to hug me and hollering, "Precious brother." I thought… and I turned back around, and there I was still laying there. And I thought, "Why, now, this is strange." And just then a voice went to talking to me; I never did see the voice. It said, "You have been gathered… See, you have been gathered to your people." Then some man picked me up, set me way upon a big high thing like this. I said, "Why did you do that?" Said, "In earth you was a leader."
390  And I said, "Well, I don't understand this," and that voice talking to me. (I never could see the voice. Now, It was just above me, talking to me.) I said, "Well, if I have—if I have passed on, I want to see Jesus." I said, "I… He was so… He was all my life; I want to see Him." And so, he said, "You can't see Him now. He's still higher." See, it was below the altar yet (See?), the sixth place where man goes (See?), not the seventh where God is, seventh dimension, the sixth. And they were—and they were all there and they was passing by, and I said,… Looked like there were actually millions of them. I never seen them… And I set there. These women and men still running by and hugging me, call me brother.
394  And I set there, and then a voice said, "You've been gathered to your people like Jacob was gathered to his people." I said, "All these my people? Are all these Branhams?" He said, "No, they're your converts to Christ." And I looked around, and there was a real pretty woman run up. She looked real… They was all about the same. She threw her arm around me, and she said, "Oh, my precious brother." She looked at me. I thought, "My, she looked like an angel." And she passed by, and that voice said, "Didn't you recognize her?" I said, "No, I didn't recognize…" Said, "You led her to Christ when she was past ninety." Said, "You know why she thinks so much of you?" I said, "That pretty girl was past ninety?" "Yeah," said, "She can never change no more now." Said, "That's the reason she's saying, "precious brother." I thought, "Oh, my, and I was afraid of this. Why, these people are real." They—they wasn't going anywhere. They wasn't tired being there. And I said, "Well, why can't I see Jesus?" He said, "Well now, He will—He will come someday, and He will come to you first, and then you'll be judged." Said, "These people are your converts that you've led." And I said, "You mean by being a leader, that I—that—that He will judge me?" He said, "Yes." And I said, "Does every leader have to be judged like that?" Said, "Yes." I said, "What about Paul?" He said, "He will have to be judged with his." "Well," I said, "if his group goes in, so will mine, 'cause I've preached exactly the same Word." I said, "Where he baptized in Jesus' Name, I did too. I preached…" And the millions screamed out, all at once, said, "We're resting on that." And I thought, "My, if I only knew this before I come here, I'd make people come here. They can't afford to miss this. Why, looky here…" And then, and he said, "Someday He will come, and then… Now, in here we neither eat, drink, or sleep; we're just all one."
407  Why, it isn't perfect; it's beyond perfect. It's not sublime; it's beyond sublime. There's no name can, you can't think… There ain't no word or the vocabulary to say it. You've just arrived; that's all. And I thought, "Well, this—this would be perfect. And then, what are we going to do next?" He said, "Then when Jesus comes, then we're… And He judges you for your ministry, then we go back to earth and take up bodies." (Well, I—I thought about it then; that's exactly the Scripture.) Said, "Then we go back to earth and take up bodies; then we eat. We don't eat here, neither do we sleep." Said, "We eat down there. But we go back to the earth."
410  I thought, "My, isn't this wonderful." Oh, my, and I was afraid of it. Why was I afraid of dying, to come to this? Why, this is perfection, plus perfection, plus perfection. Oh, this is wonderful. See, we're right under the altar. See, that was it. We're right under the altar, waiting for the coming (See?) when, He go get the ones that was sleeping—in the—the bodies sleeping in the dust, to raise us again. Come by, raise us up—like Jesus come through Paradise and brought up Abraham, Isaac, and all them, you know, was waiting in the first resurrection. They entered into the city and appeared to many, perfectly Scriptural. A vision was there or whatever it was, it was perfectly Scriptural. And then I said, "Well, isn't this wonderful." And then I thought, "Isn't that wonder…?" And I heard something nicker like a horse. And I looked, and my little saddle horse that I used to ride, little Prince (I thought so much of him.), here he was standing there by me and put his head over on my shoulder to hug me like I used to give him sugar, you know. He put his… I put my arm around him. I said, "Prince, I knowed you'd be here."