The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 7: The Fifth Seal 63-0322 (Continued)

Day 80

325  But the same inspiration that said Elijah will come for the last part of the church age to restore the faith of the children back to the original faith of the fathers, the apostolic faith, which were supposed to go back, and the antichrist has got them all pulled out… to restore back, as all the rest of the Scriptures has blended together… See? He comes by himself. See? But when he comes to the church, the Bible—comes to the—the hundred and forty-four thousand, the Bible plainly states that both he… There's two of them, not one of them, two of them.
326  And his first ministry couldn't take the Jews and put them back to the law, because he comes preaching Christ to the hundred and forty-four thousand (Amen.), that Messiah that was cut off. Amen. That's it. So don't have it confused. It's not confusing. The Scriptures don't lie, not a bit. Glory. Oh, when I seen that I just… I said, "Thank you, Lord," when I was watching it take place out there, seen that Elijah walk out there for that first age by himself. Then… He was by himself, then when I seen him come again way on over to somewhere else, there was two of them there. I seen…?… "There it is. That's good. That does it, Lord. Amen. I see it now." If I hadn't have mentioned it, it'd been a little confusing to somebody, but He told me to mention it, so I did. Notice, these men are kept alive by God from their original ministry for future service; they served it so well. See? Just think, that spirit of Elijah ministers five times: Moses, two. Watch, keep alive for further service… They were neither one of them dead now. Don't you believe that? They were both seen alive, talking to Jesus on Mount Transfiguration. But remember, they must die.
331  Now, now, Moses actually died, but he rose, 'cause he was a perfect type of Christ. See? Nobody ever knowed where he was buried. The Angels come took him. See? He had Angel pallbearers. Why? No mortal man could pack him where he was going. He just went through an act; that's all. He had Angels as pallbearers, 'cause they took him where he was supposed to be; no one knows. Even to Satan didn't even know; he disputed with the archangel. That's right. He couldn't understand what happened to Moses. "I see him trembling over there, and looking over the land, and looking back to the children and so forth, I see him trembling, but he stepped up on the rock, and that was the last time I saw him." That's the Rock. That's the Rock. Let me stand on that Rock at the end of my road. Yes, sir. My colored brother used to come up here and sing a little song, If I could, I surely would, Stand on that Rock, where Moses stood. Yes, sir. Oh, that's the Rock I want to stand on too; by faith I stand there.
334  But remember, Elijah, he just got tired, 'cause he had a lot of work ahead of him; so he was pretty well wore out. And God just sent him a ride home (That's right.), sent a chariot. Is that right? Took him up, he never died, 'cause He kept him alive. He had future work for him. Let him anoint a man to (See?) come forth in his spirit, but they must taste death. Now, Revelation the 11th chapter… Let's go… I'm right here anyhow; let's just hit it, Revelations 11. Watch and see if they're not both killed. Yes, sir, they both have to taste death. Yes, sir, now. After their ministry's finished, they taste death. Revelation 11, and let's start at 7. And when they… have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit… makes war against them,… (Oh, my. He can't stand; them holy rollers are back again. See, all right.)… out of the bottomless pit, makes war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them. (But watch what happens. They're perfectly typed now.) And their dead bodies shall lie in the street—in the street of that great city,… spiritually… called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified. (Jerusalem. See?)
338  Now, they have to face death, don't they (That's right.) after their ministry's finished? Why? The seventh angel's ministry, the seventh angel's ministry—Elijah's ministry to the seven angel—not… Why don't… Why could not, rather (I'm trying to say), the seventh angel's ministry, then be by Moses if he's immortal, as same as it could be by Elijah? Why don't they… Why didn't God just send, and said, "Elijah, you—you done worked so hard now, and everything, all these different places, I—I believe I'll just send Moses down." Why? Look at Moses' ministry. Elijah was a prophet to all nations, but Moses was a law-giver to the Jews only. Moses is there to say… Well, the reason he come with Elijah…
340  Them Jews saying, "Wait, we still keep the law here." But here stands Moses himself, and here's Elijah standing with him. See, he comes to the Jews only. See, Moses only went to the Jew. The prophet Elijah was to all nations, but Moses become a prophet to the Jews and a law-giver. See? That was his message: the law. But what was Elijah's message? To bobbed-hair women, denominations. Yes, sir, and he really tore them to pieces: painted-up faces. Told them, "You're going to be fed to the dogs." he just really tore into them. And then when his spirit come upon John, he stomped right out of the wilderness and done the same thing. Right. Said, "Don't you think that we belong to this or that. God's able of these stones to rise children to Abraham." Walked up to Herodias, said, "And you mean to tell me that you married your own brother-in-law?" He said, "It's not lawful for you to do it." Brother (Whew, hm), he told her. Sure.
344  Notice, these souls are to wait a little season for the hundred and forty-four—to be martyred. Oh, isn't that—doesn't that just put the Bible together? Now, my time's exactly up, if I let out a little early, but I got a few more little things to say if you can stand it. I know it's hot, and I'm sweating, but listen. I just got something to tell you; it's just so good, it's just burning right in my heart. I hope you haven't forgotten it. See? Let me say this in the presence of Him. By His grace He also let me see my people not long ago in white robes. You remember it? You remember the story? Not long ago, the Gentile Bride… They're there now. They all was in white robes.
347  I'd woke up. I'd been on a meeting. It's been about a year ago or little more. I woke up one morning, and I raised up, and I said, "Sweetheart," to my wife. She didn't move. The kids about… I had to get up and take them to school, right up here at the old place. Well, I—I raised up in the bed. You know and leaned… You know how you sit up and just lean your head back against the headboard. (We got one of the old fashioned beds.) And so I just leaned back like that. And I thought, "Boy, you're already fifty-three. If you're going to do anything for God, you'd better get doing it 'cause you're going to be just too old after while." And I thought, "You know, that's right." I thought, "Boy, you know, I ain't very far away. I got to go pretty soon." I said, "That's—that's a year older than my daddy lived." See? I thought, "I got to move away pretty soon." I thought, "You know, I ain't done nothing for God yet." I thought, "I always wanted to do something for Him." I thought, "I got to hurry and do it, if I'm going to do it, and I don't know how I'm going to do it; that's all."
350  I thought, "Man, I hope I live to see Him coming. I don't want to be a spook or a spirit." See? (I was always afraid of a spirit.) And I… You know, that kind of a… I always thought, like if I'd meet Brother Neville and he'd be a little white cloud moving around, you know, and I'd say, "Hello, Brother Neville." And he'd say, "Hello, Brother Branham," by some other sense; he couldn't talk. But I'd just know that it was Brother Neville. He… I'd want to shake his hand like I always do, 'cause that's all I know is human beings. See, I'd want to shake his hand, but he ain't got no hand. It's down there in the grave rotted away. See? I thought, "My, I hope I don't have to go through that." Now, I wasn't… Now, I'm going to tell you the truth. I—I was afraid to die, not afraid I'd be lost, but I didn't want to be a spirit. I wanted to just remain a man. I wanted to wait for the rapture. See? I just wanted to stay like that. I didn't want to be no spirit, go around.
353  I was laying there thinking that, and all at once there was something happened. Now, you know, and all of you are acquainted of the vision; and if this was a vision, I never had one like it (See?), and I've had them since I was a little bitty boy. And all at once something happened, and I felt myself leaving. I thought, "Oh, oh." And I—I thought, "I—I've already died (See?), and I'm—I'm gone on." See? And I got to a place; I thought, "I believe I'll look back." It was just as real, friends, as I'm standing right here. And I turned around to look back, and there I was laying on the bed. I was stretched out, laying by the side of my wife. I thought, "Well, it's probably a heart attack." See? I thought, "Well, see, I just died instantly," which would be a fine way of going. So I thought, "That's a heart attack. I didn't have to suffer." I looked, and I thought, "Well, now that's strange, there I lay right there, and here I stand here."
358  So I turned, and it looked like a great big, like a great big field like or something, just great spreading field of bluegrass. And I said, "Well, I wonder what this is." And all of a sudden, as I looked, here come thousands times thousands of young women, all in white robes, hair hanging down to their waist, bare-footed, and they were running right towards me. I thought, "Now, what's this?" I turned around and looked back there, and there I was. I looked up this way; there they come. I bit my finger. I said, "I—I—I'm not asleep exactly," but I could feel. And I said, "Why, something here's funny." And these women all come running. And I never seen such pretty women, and they all come right up to me. And when they run to me… You know how I've been, kind of… They call me a woman hater, but I'm not. See? But I—I just think a good woman is a—one of the—is a jewel. But I think one that is no good is, as Solomon says, "water in your blood." So I certainly ain't got no use for—for a ill-famed women or smart alecks.