The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 7: The Fifth Seal 63-0322 (Continued)

Day 78

237  Now, you see what had happened, they'd went to the Gentiles (See?), and the fuss was on, 'cause they were Jews. See? And after they had held their peace, James answered, saying, Men and brethren, hearken unto me: Simeon… (That's Simon Peter)… hath declared how God at the first did visit the Gentiles, to take out of them a people for his name. See? My wife's name was Broy. When I took her she was a Branham. See? Jesus takes His Church out—or His Bride out of the Gentiles. It's the Scripture, typed just like Joseph was.
240  Now, notice this. Now, these souls under the altar was, the—the—these—these souls, understanding now that are under the altar, why they were martyred by sinful men like Eichmann. See? They're holding right on, millions of them (See?), but they remain Jews. Now, remember. What was it? They were killed for the Word of God's sake, not for the testimony of Christ. Did you understand that? But remember, the church come in. Also the martyrs of the church was for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. How many knows that here too? All right now. But these didn't have the testimony of Jesus Christ "… for the Word of God and for the testimony which they held," as Jews. And Hitler hated them, so did Eichmann, so did Stalin, all of the rest of the world (See?), but they stayed true to what they believed. And they killed them because they were Jews. Did you know Martin Luther kind of had that same idea, too? It's the truth. He said, "All Jews should be taken out. They're antichrist." See? But he was just under another dispensation, and didn't see it—didn't see the Word. Now, the Word of Truth comes forth.
246  How you going to ever blind out Israel? You can't do it. No. Oh, how could that prophet stand up there that day and say, "You look like a unicorn, Israel," when they was trying to show him the worst parts of it; and he said, "Why," he said, "whoever blesses you will be blessed, and whoever curses you will be cursed." That's right. Oh, my. How are you going to do it? One time they thought God would forget. When the prophet seen that dark thing coming for the Jews, that man standing there and the Word of God pouring to him, he said, "Oh, Lord, are You going to forsake Your people?" He said, "What's that laying there by you?" He said, "A measuring stick." "How high is it to heaven? Measure it. How deep is the sea?" He said, "I can't do it." He said, "Nother can I—neither can I ever forget Israel." No, sir. He ain't going to forget her. He had to blind His own child. Now, think of that: blind His own child to give us a chance, and we turn it down. Now, don't that make you feel about so little that you could crawl under a concrete block with a ten gallon hat on and never touch it. That's pretty small, you know. Oh, my.
252  Yes, they held for the Word of God. They were Jews. They had their law, they stayed with it. You remember last night now? They stayed with that. And they were Jews, and had the law, and the Law was the Word of God. They stayed right by it. That's right. And for the testimony they held, they were martyred, and here was souls under the altar, after the Church had been gone.
253  Now, watch. They had in their blindness martyred their Messiah, and now they were reaping for it. They realized it. They recognized after it was gone on. They seen then when they come before the altar of God. But now the grace of God is to them. Now, watch. Now, they could not, by no means, be saints, 'cause they would already be robed, but here they are now, just souls under the altar for the Word of God and the testimony they held for being God's people, the Jews. But now, watch. The grace of God comes to them, and Jesus gives them each one a white robe (Watch.) plumb over after the Church is gone, because they were loyal to their cause, and they were blinded, and they didn't know it. They didn't know it. They were playing exactly the part that God had ordained for them to play. And here—here, John looks over and sees souls under the altar. Now, watch. He sees those souls. Watch what he calls them. They cry, "Lord, how long?" Watch. "Just a little while longer." See? (Let's get that as we go down right through the Scripture.)
256  They realized they'd murdered their Messiah. See? And they didn't know it, but then they realized. They got—they got murdered back to pay for it, for doing the wrong. And now, look what a thing they had to do. See, they was guilty of murder, so they got murdered. See? They cried out, "His Blood be on us." See? That's right. And they were blinded. Now, if they hadn't have been blinded, God said, "Let them alone. They're not worthy." But being that they was blinded by God, His grace reached down to them. Amen. Talk about amazing grace, and give each one of them a robe, because all Israel will be saved: every one that has his name written. That's right.
258  Jesus give them robes, like Joseph did to his brethren: a type. Look, when Joseph stood there, and when he finally… He made hisself known there by the altar, his own altar, in his palace, his throne; he said, "Everybody leave me." His wife was over in the palace where the Bride will be. And he said to them; he said, "Don't you know me?" Hey, he's speaking in Hebrew now. "I'm your brother, Joseph." Oh, my. They said, "Now, oh, you're going to get us." Said, "Wait a minute; wait a minute. God did that for a purpose, had you to throw me out in order to save life." Glory, there you are exactly. He said, "Don't—don't be angry with yourself." Remember Joseph said that? He said, "Don't be angry with yourself. Everything's all right now. It's all over. God sent me here ahead of you." You know, the Bible said they'll say to Him when they see Him coming, said, "Say, You're the Messiah, we know; but—but what about them scars?" See? He said, "Oh, I got them in the house of My friends."
262  Friends, and then they'll, when they realize it, them that's left, the hundred and forty-four thousand, the Bible said that they'll separate one house from the other one and take days just to cry and wail and walk up and down the floor, saying, "How did we do it? How did we do it? Why, we crucified our own Messiah." They crying like a home would for its only begotten son. "How did we do it?" Them Jews are, they're the most religious people in the world; God's chosen. But He blinded them to take us, and we turn it down. What is the judgment of the Gentile church? There you are. See? Blinded purposely by God, so that He could get us, the Bride, for Jesus. Take them out of the… See, and foretypes it and everything…
265  Now, you see who these souls are? They're not the martyred saints. They done gone. That's right. Notice, they were… They've done gone. See? So these are given robes, each one of them. And now I want you to notice. But now God's grace stoops to them. Jesus gives them each a white robe like Joseph did his grace to his brethren. Now, watch. Though they had tried to rid Joseph also, but his grace reached right down to them. See? "Oh, that's all right. That's all right. You didn't mean to do that. But see, that was God doing that. See? God let you all do that so you could run me out, and bring me down here so I could save lives for people, these Gentiles here, where I got my wife from. I wouldn't have had no wife if—if I'd have stayed back up there. And I—I love my wife; she's got me these children here," and said, "I—I… And now, now I'm coming to get you all. Now, you all are going to have good too. I'm going to bring you down here; we're all going to live together as one big family." He said, "One thing I want to ask you. Is my old father still living?" Oh.
268  And watch him, what he did to little Benjamin, which is the type of the hundred and forty-four thousand as we'll get later. See what he did? He just run right quick to Benjamin, fell on his neck and started hugging him. His little brother that had been born into the family, after he'd been gone, by his mother, the first church, the orthodox church. The hundred and forty-four thousand were born in His absence, while He was away to get His Gentile Bride. Oh, my. Don't that just do something to you? There… So, you see who they are? There you are.
269  Notice now, though they had tried to get rid of Joseph, his grace reached to them. Though they tried to get rid of Jesus, He still comes right back around, 'cause they was blind, and gives them each one a white robe. He's going to take them right on in home anyhow. It doesn't make a bit of difference 'cause He done said, "I'll save them all anyhow." See? Now, verse 10. Notice, they asked for revenge. See? Now, if that had been the Bride, it'd been like Stephen: "Father, forgive them," you know. See? But these are Jews that just come in. See? They asked for revenge. Notice, again… See? Again He said… Notice, it's not… He said, "It's thy brethren," the Jews, the hundred… Now, they wanted revenge. They said, "Oh, we're going to… We—we want you to revenge us down there." He said, "Just a little while now, just a little while, for…" (Notice, let me read it here. It's in the—the 10th verse.) All right. And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? And white robes were given to every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet… a little season,… (See? Watch)… a little season, until their fellowservants… (See? Now, what is it? The prophets now are preaching to Israel. See?)… till thy fellowservants also—thy fellowservant and also thy brethren, that should be killed… (See, the ones predestinated to be done, so you see, should be killed)… as they were, should be fulfilled.
276  See, in other words, it's predestinated to them. It's the Scriptures that they have to do it. And just rest for a little while. Now, you got your robes; you're going home. And just set there a little while. See, wait just awhile. Now, notice. Now, notice. Thy brethren—thy brethren had to yet be killed, which means the hundred and forty-four thousand yet to be called in the tribulation, the hundred and forty-four thousand is called… Wish we had time. We might get it tomorrow night, if the Lord willing, we—but just before we get in on another Seal. See? Also… Now, watch. They have to be martyred by the antichrist; we just come through, and notice in his last ride, where he breaks that covenant with them Jews down there, and there she goes. See? These Jews, a hundred and forty-four thousand, is to be called out by the two witnesses of Revelation 11.