The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 7: The Fifth Seal 63-0322 (Continued)

Day 76

158  And when John Wesley come along, after Zwingli had come in, and Calvin, and he got the church to a place on security till they didn't want more revivals, "Whatever is going to be is going to be," that was all. And they just lived any kind of lives. The Lutheran Church was so twisted and the Anglican church (Oh, my.) the whole country become corrupt just like it is now. The churches had twisted… When King Henry the—the VIII come into England, and after Bloody Mary, and all these things taken place… And then the church was so full of violence and corruption. Men claiming Christianity and living with four, five wives or doing anything they wanted to do and carrying on in filth. John Wesley studying the Scripture and watching it, it was revealed to him that the Blood of Jesus Christ sanctifies the believer, and you're—shouldn't… Then what did he do? He come out with another reformation. He saved the world in his day like Luther did. See? What was it? That man, beast power, going out.
161  He give men wisdom of understanding that the thing is wrong. That isn't the Blood of Jesus Christ. That isn't the—the body of Jesus Christ; that represents the body. See? That's the still great fuss between Catholic and Protestant now. That's the only thing they can't get together on right now. Everything else they can get together on but that. These—and them councils they're having… Notice now, but this—but they couldn't get together on that. See? The one is the blood, and says it's the literal blood, that the priest has the power to change this bread to the literal body of Christ. That's what the little tabernacle is in the—the—the church. You know that's the reason they make signs and any kind of a pagan offer as they go by, you know, and bow theirself, and tip their hats and so forth. That is not to the building; it's to that kosher that's in the—the tabernacles. And…
164  Notice how Satan shrewdly pulled that. But see, at that time, upon the man's being (See?) God put a Spirit of wisdom upon man to understand that's wrong. Now, that was to combat the third beast, that had got the church so corrupt (that he was riding) that it was terrible—the reformers. What did they do then, they—in the reformers' age? They brought the church from its pagan ceremonies of idolatry back to God again. See? That's what the beast went forth, that cunningness of man, rider to do it.
165  Now but, read now verse 3, or Revelations 3:2 just a minute. Now, I've got it marked down here for some reason. Now, this just comes in now, the Lutheran Age and the reformers' age. Revelations 3:2… What they did, they organized. As soon as Luther got his church started on, they organized it. All right, the same thing Wesley did, same thing Pentecost did. It's exactly; organized it. And what did they do? They take up the same system that they come out of. See? Now, watch this Revelations speaking to this Sardis Church. To the angel of the church, is the first verse, of course. See? Now, watch. Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain,… (that is the Word that you've been taught See?)… the things which remain, that are ready to die:… (She's right then ready to start back in an organization just like the Catholic church they come out of. See?)… for I have not found thy works perfect before God.
170  There you go. There's the—there it goes right back again. Don't you see why organizational systems is wrong? Who started it? Did God? Did the apostles? The Roman Catholic church did it. Now, just let any historian say different. It's not there. They are—they say they're the mother church, and they are; but they organized the thing and put a system with man's head to it. We didn't take one man like they did; we take a whole council of men and put them together; and then you really got confusion. That's right. How can a council anyhow… It's just like we think democracy is right. I believe it is, too, but it'll never work right. It can't with a bunch of Rickys around here to run it. How in the world are you going to get it right? You can't. Notice, the real thing was a godly king.
172  Notice, the beast, the third beast now, was the cunningness of a man. And he represented the reformers that went forth from the idol of pagan, say, "This is the bread; this is the wine." See, the antichrist has still got something symbolizes Christianity. He's got to, 'cause he's against. You see? And then if he's got to be against something… Now, if he come along and say, "Oh, I'm a Buddha." Well, that has got nothing at all to do; that's just a heathen to begin with. But the antichrist is cunning. He's got all kinds of things that represents Christianity there, only got it off on the other side, something against the original doctrine of it. See, that's what makes him antichrist. See? So the reformers, when the beast went forth in the form of a—of a man to combat that… Now, don't forget this, class; don't forget it. See? Remember it all the days of your life. See? These beasts are correct; it's THUS SAITH THE LORD. See?
178  Notice, idolatry brought the—the man beast went forth with the power of God by wisdom that God gave him and brought the church from idolatry back to God. But in the… We find out in that same church age when they started to denominate to do the same thing that they did in the beginning, that Rome did… Now, she's going to make daughters to that church, and what does she say? Said, "Now, that you're—I haven't found you perfect, and you got to strengthen that little strength you got left." Now, listen to him warn them in Revelations again, 3:3. Let's get… Well, I believe I got it just a few minutes ago. Remember from… how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent… (Just, in other wise: "Remember, that you come out of such corruption as that. See? And look here.)… If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come unto thee as a thief… (Uh-huh.)… and thou shall know—and thou shall not know what hour I will come upon thee.
182  On down, He's going to move the candlestick. See? So that's it. What is it? The Light of the Church. And she went right into the same organizational system of pagan darkness that she come out of, and there she remains today. And honest hearted people thinking that that's the truth, just the same as Catholics are, and the Protestants laugh at the Catholic when they're just six of one and half a dozen of the other, exactly according to the Word: man's wisdom.
184  Now, notice. Oh, how I love this. Listen to Him now warn them. Now, now, we… You perfectly agree, every one of you (Now, if you don't, write me a question), that those beasts are exactly identified in each age as the Bible has identified them here? That's exactly what they done. Their history shows what they done. We look right here and see what they done. And here, them beasts… I—I never knew that before. I was just setting there, and I could just see it moving up there just the same as you're looking at me. See? And it's got to be right, 'cause it's right here with the Bible, so how are you going to do anything else, but say it's right?
186  Notice. Now, the fourth beast that was sent forth to combat the antichrist in this last beast… Are you ready? The last beast that was sent forth, or the last power to combat the antichrist (who was against the teaching of God, the antichrist) was an eagle. See? The fourth living beast was an eagle. Now, you just study the ages, study the Scriptures, it's a eagle. And in the Bible the last age was an eagle age, and God likens the eagle to His prophets. See? It… Now, watch. The last age, the eagle age—a revealer of the true Word. See? Before God moves to action, like He did in the days of Noah, He sent forth an eagle. When He brought Israel, and Pharaoh's army was ready to go, He sent an eagle. Every time He sends an eagle at the last end of it. And here He sends an eagle again. That's exactly with the Word, so how can you make it anything else? He sends an eagle.
188  Why? A revealer of the Truth that's been fallen all through the age. So how in the world could the—a—the ox, or the—a—or the—a man, or whatever beast was riding, how could it ever be revealed until the eagle's come? They had their place. They were godly sent beasts, just the same as anybody else was. The lion, that was the original. There's where the antichrist come up in the—in combat; then He raised up another power. He sent a power to meet it. Then He raised up another power, and He sent another power to meet it. And then at the last power, He brings down the eagle to restore the children back to the original faith again of the fathers—the eagle age. Then did you notice? There's no more beasts. That's all of it. That's the end.
193  Now, if you will take now Revelations 10:1-7 (I've been referring to it.) remember, in the last messenger's age (See?) what was to happen? "All of the mysteries of God would be revealed." The eagle. Amen. Now, you see the four beasts that rode? That was perfectly right. You believe that? And now, here's each age, or each power, that rode behind it, and there is the Scripture that shows what the enemy's rider did. That's been revealed in these Seals, and also it's been revealed now that each beast power that God sent out to combat it hits exactly on the dot, up to the eagle time.
195  Now, if this is the last time, there'll come a eagle. That's right. And to that… Now, remember, now, in the days that the lion came, the original Word, about one-hundredth of them listened to the lion. In the days that the—a—the ox came, just a teeny little drop of them listened to the ox message. In the days that the—the man come, he worked among men. You see? So he was shrewd. He got a little group out, and what did they do? Satan seen that, so he just sends them right back and marries them into it. And remember, when the eagle finally comes, it'll be one-hundredth of one percent that'll listen; it's a eagle age.
199  Remember, it's all these other riders… And then even Jesus predicted if He didn't hasten His coming there wouldn't be any flesh at all saved for the rapture. Is that the Scripture? See where we're at then; don't you, brother and sister? See where we're at? God, I'm so glad. I—I don't know what to do, brothers. This is not me standing up here to—to talk. I'm in here too. I—I'm among you. See, I… It's me. I got family. And I got brothers and sisters that I love. And the God of heaven kind enough to come down and—and reveal that thing by His own, by visions that's been proved for thirty years it's the truth. Here. We're… We have arrived…?… Scientific search has proved it. The vindication of the Word has proved it. And we're here; and this revelation comes from God, and it's the truth.