The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 7: The Fifth Seal 63-0322 (Continued)

Day 72

23  Two or three days after that in school, and was—went to the doctor, and the doctor was so amazed, he said, "There's not even one trace of leukemia found in the child." See? Now, that's instantaneously on the mark, the power of Almighty God to take a bloodstream and cleanse it out right like that and—and put the pulsation of—of new life back in there, because your—your bloodstream is your life, mortal, and the—create new cells and clean out the old. And—and what it is, it is absolutely… I'd say this: It is a creative act of the Almighty God to take a—a bloodstream that's contaminated with cancer until the little fellow yellow and puffed out. And within just a few moments time, a brand new bloodstream…
24  I believe, (I'm not going to speak it in His Name; I'm going to speak it in my—in the revelation of my faith), what happened in Sabino Canyon the other day… I believe that the hour is approaching when missing limbs will be restored, and the glorious power of the Creator… I—I believe if He can make a squirrel appear that has no… Here if the man or woman just got a part missing, and that's complete animal in itself. Oh, He is God. I—I love Him.
25  Well, now, I get started on them subjects, and we just talk on, and the people around the walls and standing in the halls and the rooms and so forth. So I'll get right straight to the message, and I want to say this… Now, I want to give thanks to Him Who's omnipresent, and that today, not knowing one thing about that Fifth Seal, it came in that same mysterious way this morning, just about a hour before daybreak that when I was out in prayer. And today… I have just set these last five or six days just in a little room, don't see no one, just go out and eat my meal with a—with a friend, with some of my friends here. And 'course, you know who that friend is; it's Brother and Sister Wood. See? And—and you know… And I went over there and—and stay with them, and everybody's been nice. There hasn't been anything, just simply… I'm trying to stay right with that message of these Seals. It's important. I believe it's—it's the hour of it's revealing time of revelation of it.
29  And now, I want you to be sure now, early, before—as soon as you can, write out your unknown understandings of—of these Seven Seals, if you have them, and lay them on the desk. And maybe Brother Neville or somebody might put a box up here… Well, here—here, I see them now. That's good. I'd rather have them tonight that I can maybe study on them awhile for Sunday morning.
30  Now, don't… This time, right at this time, don't make it requests for, say, "Is the evidence of the Holy Ghost this?" See? I—I'd like to know about what I've taught about (You see?), so we can get this one subject, like the church ages, straight (See?), because that's what we're dealing with now. Now, like we was going to pray for the sick then that takes maybe a—a different prayer, and you're anointed, come in for a different thing, you know, and you're seeking God to find out. "Will there be somebody there tonight, Lord?" "Yes, it'll be somebody wearing a yellow dress, setting in the right hand corner, and when you call her, call her this, and say thus and thus she's did, and she has so-and-so." Then you go down there and watch, and there she is. See? There you are. See? It's different. See? And this way I'm praying: "Lord Jesus, what is the interpretation of this? Reveal it to me."
33  And a… Now, let's get our—our Swords out again now, and—the Word. And I appreciate Brother Neville's spiritual support as well as his brotherly love, back here behind me, praying for me, and you all out there also. And now, tonight being Friday night, we'll try—just make it as… We… You can't possibly hit all the things, if—'cause you could take that—just one of those Seals and stay, just—just bring it right through the Scripture, right down. See, it take months and months and months, and you still wouldn't have it, 'cause the—the Seal itself ties the entire Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, one Seal of it.
36  So what I try to do is keep from getting way off of it, I'll jot down a Scripture or a little note here somewhere, and keep from just keeping on that one thing, I have to watch back 'cause I only… Speaking, I speak by—by way… I—I hope it's the right inspiration. And then when I—when I look down to see the… that… And I begin to speak and I feel myself going off on a subject, I'll turn around look back the other way to try to get another Scripture to get on that (You see?), to kind of lighten it up a little on that side instead of trying to go on with that.
37  And so now, we're going to study tonight, by the grace of God, by His help, the—the Fifth Seal. And it's a short one. It's a little longer than the other. The four horse riders now was two verses apiece, and this is three verses in this one. Now, the Fifth Seal begins in the 6th chapter of Revelations, the 9th verse. And now, if you happen to be a—a stranger that hasn't heard these four horse riders, well, you… See, sometimes you—you just drop back and kind of tap something, and when you do, you're expecting the people to understand it. So if there a little something you don't understand, well, just kind of bear a little bit or get the tape and listen to it, and—and I'm sure you'll—you'll get a blessing from it. I have; I—I hope that you—that you do.
39  Now, everybody ready from the 9th verse now to the 11th, or including the 11th. And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou… judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also… their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.
40  Now, this is rather a mysterious… And now, for the sake of tapes, and clergymen and teachers that's setting present, now if you have a different view from this, I did too. But I'm just taking it from the inspiration which completely changed my view of it. See? And then I find out, as you see these revealed, it's taking right back and bringing those church ages and the Scriptures right together, tying it up. See? And that's the reason that I believe that it comes from God.
42  Now, we realize that, and I am thinking that sometimes that we depend on what some great teacher might've said about it (See?), and that's—that's all right. I don't condemn the teacher, not by no means. And I don't condemn anybody; I just condemn sin, unbelief, nobody. And some people have said, "You condemn organization." No, I don't. I—I condemn the system of organization, not the people in there, the group of people that makes the organization, you know; but the system they're governed by, that's what I condemn, Catholic and Protestant the same.
44  My, I've… Some of the best friends that—a—a—a—that I know of are Catholics, just world…?… Do you realize… And the man may be sitting here tonight, perhaps is, the only way that we got this tabernacle built, because a Roman Catholic stood on his feet in the court there and went to the front for me, boy, like nobody would do. That's right, and they couldn't turn it down. That's right. They said they had to—figured out too many people. Said, "Oh, that won't make eighty more in that church," like that. "That church is standing there," he said. "I—I know the pastor," (and all like that) and said, "that church has been there." Said, "The rest of you can add to it, then why can't they?" A Roman Catholic, good friend of mine. See? Yes, sir.
46  A—a boy that is a Catholic, a real royal friend of mine, was talking to me. He had a certain hardware store before I left. He said, "Billy, I—I know you don't believe in our system of religion"; he said, "but I'm telling you right now," said, "God has honored your prayers so much for us. I believe if you get in trouble anywhere in the nation," said, "every Catholic in the country would come to you." So you see, that… He said, "Every 'cross back,'" he called it. I'm going to tell it just the way he did.
47  'Course they claim to be that because the early Christians packed crosses on their backs. We know that by history. And they claim to be the early Christian, which they were, but the system has got them off of that path (You see?), and them people, a Catholic, or Jew or whatever it is, they're a human being off the same tree that we come from. See? That's right. They are—they are a people who love, and eat, and drink, and sleep and—just like anybody else. And so we mustn't never condemn individuals, no, no one. See? But…
49  We mustn't condemn individuals, but as a minister, I have to strike that serpent out there that's biting into those people. You see? And I don't… There's… I don't even… Just me in myself, I wouldn't do that if it wasn't a commission from God that I'm duty bound to do it (See?), and I must hold that true and faithful. But if a Catholic, Jew, or whatever he was, come here… If he was a Mohammedan, Greek, or orthodox, or whatever he might be, if he come here to be prayed for, I would pray just as sincerely for him as I would for my own. That's right. Certainly, because it's a human being. I've prayed for Buddhists, and Sikhs, Jains, Mohammedans, and—and every kind (You see?), like that. And I don't ask them no questions; I just pray for them because they're somebody, a human being, that wants to get well, and try to make life a little easier along the road for them.
51  Now, we realize that in this… And many of you here, I know there's at least two or three real scholars setting here, and—and they're smart, read out of other men's doctrines on this subject. And I want these brethren to know that I—I'm not condemning these men. I'm only expressing what the Lord shows me; that's all I can say. Now, we don't want to never think that because some little wash woman or—or little plowboy out there couldn't get a revelation from God, because (You see?) it's—God, He actually reveals Himself in simplicity. That's… We had that Sunday to start this off on—how He reveals Hisself in His simplicity. That's what makes Him great.