The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 6: The Fourth Seal 63-0321 (Continued)

Day 71

387  You remember, the other night when I went through the sealing? If a man heard the jubilee call, and he refused to go free, he was taken to the post and an awl marked his ear. Ear is where you hear; and faith cometh by hearing. Then if he hears it and refused to accept his freedom, then he has to serve his denominational master the rest of his life. Amen. Oh, my. Isn't He wonderful? I love Him, I love Him (Let's just raise our hands now and worship Him) Because He first loved me (Glory.) And purchased my salvation On Calvary's tree. Now, just bow your heads, and let's worship Him now as we hum it.
390  Lord, how thankful we are. I'm so glad, Lord, so happy for You and Your people. Oh, Lord, You purchased our salvation on Calvary. We gladly accept it, Lord. Now, try us, Lord, by Your Spirit, and if there be any evil among us, Lord, any unbelief of the Word, any persons here, Father, that would not punctuate every promise of God with an "Amen," may the Holy Spirit come down now, the white horse rider, while His Spirit, Spirit of Christ in the face of antichrist, and call His own. Call them out, Lord. May now they repent; come quickly to You and be filled with the Oil and the wine and be changed from that denominational robe of Cain's death unto a snow-white robe of Eternal Life given out by the Bridegroom; and then they'll go to the wedding supper someday in the vindicated Word of the resurrection. Grant it, Lord. Search the hearts, while the people wait on You, through Jesus' Name.
393  Now, just search your heart, my brother, my sister, my friends. I've been with you a long time. This is about thirty-three years. Have I ever told you anything in the Name of the Lord but what come to pass? Search Christ now while you have a chance to. It may come pretty soon where you can't do it. See? He may leave the seat any time of His intercession; then you could cry with all your heart, you could stomp, you could speak in tongues, you could run up and down the floor, you could do anything you wanted to and join every church in the world; there's nothing, no more Bleach for your—your sins. Then what do you—where are you then?
394  While I believe, with all my heart, the seat's still open. I believe He's still on the throne of God, but soon He's going to rise now and come forth to claim what He has redeemed. He's doing the work of Kinsman Redeemer while Ruth is waiting. But soon, you know, after Boaz done the kinsman work, then he come and claimed his possessions, and that's exactly what the Bible said He done. He come forth and took the Book; then intercession is over. He's off the throne. There's no more Blood on the mercy seat, and then what is it? Judgment seat. Don't let it be said some of these days. "I thought the rapture was supposed to come," and hear the Voice say back, "It's in the past." God help you. Now, let's bow our heads. Brother Neville, come for dismissing or whatever you have to do. God bless you till tomorrow night. 

Chapter 7: The Fifth Seal 63-0322
  1  Let us bow our heads now for prayer. Gracious heavenly Father, the Almighty God, Who brought again Jesus Christ from the dead and has presented Him to us in this last day in the power of the Holy Spirit, we are grateful for these mighty visitations of the—of the immortal God. And now, Father, we are facing another hour, a hour which might change the eternal destination of many people. And to approach this, Lord, we are insufficient, because it is in the Scriptures that the Lamb took the Book and opened the Seals. O Lamb of God, come forward, we pray. We call on You, Lord, the great Redeemer. Come forth and show us Your plan of redemption that's been hid through the years, breaking this Fifth Seal for us tonight, Father, and revealing what's beneath that Seal for us, that we might go away a better Christians than we are now—might be better fit for the task that lays ahead. We ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
5  Good evening, friends. I deem this a grand privilege to be here tonight on this great event. I don't know anywhere that I could feel better at than to be on the work of the King. And now, coming especially on these lessons where we're just waiting… If He would not reveal it to me, I could not give it to you. I'm not trying to use any of my own thoughts or anything, just as He will give it. And that's right. And I—I'm sure that if I don't use my own thoughts and it comes in the way it has, and all through life it's never been wrong; it won't be wrong this time.
6  Now, we're just gloriously and very, very thankful for what He has done for us, the great mysterious hand of the living God. What greater thing could be, how much more a privileged people could we be than to have in our presence the King of kings, Lord of lords? We would probably blow the whistles, and—and hoist the flags, and lay out the carpets and everything for the President of the nation to come to the city. But just think, that would be all right, and it'd be an honor to the city. But think, in our little humble Tabernacle tonight, we're inviting the King of kings, God; and we don't… He don't desire carpets to be throwed out and so forth. He desires humble hearts to be laid out, so that He might take these humble hearts and reveal to them the—the good things that He has in store for all those who love Him.
9  Now, we asked… And I've got a testimony that I would like to—to give. Now, if I'm mistaken on this… I just heard it, and I could be that I'm way—wrong, but I think the people are here and—that the testimony applies to. And then, a few days ago when I was out to my home now in—in Arizona, a—we got a—a call that said there was a little boy that had rheumatic fever; and that goes to the heart. And he was such a… His father and mother are such darling precious friends of mine. It was one of our deacons here of the church, Brother Collins. His little boy, little Mikie (Joe's playmate) was suffering with rheumatic fever of the heart, and the doctors had sent him home, put him in the bed, and told the parents not to even let him up, nor raise him up to take a drink of water: take it out of a straw; he was so bad. And the parents, faithful, comes to the tabernacle here and believes.
11  And a few nights ago, not trying to wait… We'd announced healing services on Sunday, but seeing that we're going to have to answer questions, so then we had to omit the healing service. And then I had a little something that I been keeping in, my inside of my heart. And the mother and father wanted to know if they could bring the child to the—the room, and they brought the little fellow out there, and the Holy Spirit pronounced him healed.
14  And so the parents being respective of that, taken the little fellow home and sent him on to school—just sent him on to school. The doctor got a hold of it. So the doctor wasn't very well pleased with such a thing, so he told the mother that the baby should be in bed, of course; and she give him the story. And I think the man is a, I understand, is a Christian believer by a denomination a Seventh Day Adventists—the doctor is. And so, he said, "Well, you ought… It's time for the child, for me to examine it." Said, "You ought to at least have it examined." She said, "Very well." Took the child down, and the doctor examined it, the blood, where the rheumatic fever lays… And so I understand that the doctor was so amazed he didn't know what to do. The little boy is perfectly normal, sound, and well, not a…?…
17  Now, I—is the Collins here… I might've told that wrong. I don't… Is that right, Sister Collins? Yep. That's little Mikie Collins, just about six, seven years old; and that happened right in the room about three nights ago. Oh, there had to be Somebody in that room besides human beings. It was the great mighty Jehovah (That's right.) that comes to honor His Word. And I—I am so grateful to hear that. See? I know we all are. Not only me, but all are, because what if that was—was your little boy or my little boy?
19  And remember, I'm giving testimony, just as—just one, and pick out one here and there; it's happening everywhere, but just to let you know that—that my real ministry is on divine healing. But you—I'm here for these Seals because… A little later you'll understand why I had to do this. And so, I'm not a teacher. I'm not a theologian. I—I just pray for the sick, and I love the Lord. And now, now in this though, that… Last night we gave a testimony of the little girl… I got her name, and Billy's got it here now somewhere of the parent and who they are. And this little girl was in the last stage of leukemia, just…?… Just so bad that they could not feed her by the mouth any more; she had to be… her blood transfused through the veins. And she was a pretty little thing. She was small for her age. (About like this little lady here, I suppose, but she was about this high; very…) They were like most of us. You could tell by the dressed child and the parents that they were very poor, just very poor, and so—but real reverent, and the Holy Spirit pronounced that child healed.
21  Now, just think of that—with leukemia. That little fellow… And the blood was so bad they couldn't even feed it through the mouth no more. It had to take—go to the hospital and take the blood transfusions through the veins, feed it, I guess glucose or whatever… I don't know what medical terms does for that disease; but however, it had to be fed that way. And before the child left the place, it cried for a hamburger. And the parents, after they'd heard the Holy Spirit of THUS SAITH THE LORD (See?), they, and them strangers, never was around before, but they… A—a dandy old couple that just got their seats here for them a few minutes ago, Brother and Sister Kidd, had instructed them on what to do and what to listen for, and the child eat its meals on the road home.