The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 6: The Fourth Seal 63-0321 (Continued)

Day 69

307  Now, on this mixed colored, worldly, pale, sick horse… Just think of it. You know that's a bad thing. Now, watch where he gathers them—from the four corners of the earth. They are gathering now for the showdown. The showdown will be at Armageddon according to the Word (See?) on the pale horse, riding on it with a death tacked, with the name tacked on him, death. The antichrist… Listen, antichrist, first denomination. That can't be spirit. With his Jezebel, a prostitute to the Word, with her daughters with her—Protestants gathering themselves together now in unity. Did you hear the Baptist people speaking the other day over here you know? Huh? "Oh, we won't join up with them, but we'll—we'll be friendly and kind of click with them. We won't have to join their church, but…" There you are; there you are, just exactly what the Word said here (See, see?), old harlot in the first place. See?
310  Now, here they are joining themselves together, coming to that showdown to Armageddon and riding on a mixed colored horse, with one horse of white, one horse of red, one horse of black, the three different political—a—political power, spiritual power controlled by demon power which is the antichrist, mixing that all together, you got a pale, sickly looking thing he's riding on. That's right. Now, notice. Look what he's riding on. This pale looking, grisled colored horse, mixed with black, red, and white, coming into the battle, gathering his subjects from every nation under heaven. Did not Daniel interpret the dream and seen that streak of iron running to every kingdom, of Rome? Here they come, gathering. Now, set still for the close just a minute and listen close. They're gathering in now to do it, bringing his subjects from the four corners of the earth, riding a pale, sickly, three colored mixed horse: same man.
312  Now, in Revelations 19, not only is he getting ready, but Christ is getting ready to meet him. The battle's going to be hot and heavy. Christ, in Revelations 19… Christ is gathering His, not from the four corners of the earth, because there's going to be a little bitty remnant. What's He doing? He's gathering them from the four corners of heaven (We'll get them souls under the altar tomorrow night, and you'll see whether it's right or not.)—four corners of heaven on a snow white horse. He also has a name, not death, but the Word of God, Life. Amen. Got it wrote right on His thigh here: The Word of God. That's the only Life because God is the only source of Eternal Life there is: Zoe. Is that right?
314  And He's got wrote, "Life," riding on a white horse, and here's a man with three different powers mixed up, called death, gathering his earthbound delegates, and Christ is gathering His heaven-born subjects, saints. He's got death wrote on him; Christ's got Life wrote on Him. Those with Him are on white horses also, and they are called "the chosen before the foundation of the world," (Amen.) and they are faithful to the Word. Amen. Whew. I like that one. Called, chosen before the foundation of the world, and then faithful to the Word by their choosing, all stimulated with new wine and oil just riding right along, coming down to meet Him. They know the thunders will issue the thing 'course pretty soon. See?
316  Watch, how does He do? So if He is the Word, and His Name is the Word, then the Word is Life. The antichrist—anything anti is against. So anti is against the Christ, the Word, so it's got to be a creed or a denomination which is against the Word. Why, I don't see how you're going to miss it. Do you understand? How could you miss it? I don't know how you're going to, but that's true. Anti is against. Isn't that right? take away from. That's what he was. He's riding his mixed up horse. We see it right here in the Word of God. We see it right there in the seven church ages. Here He brings it right back in the Seals opening up and showing them things that went on in the church ages. Anti is against the Word. See why creeds—why we're so against the creeds and denominations, because they're against the Word. See?
321  Here we see Life and death coming to the final struggle. The white horse of true Life, the pale horse of mixed creed. You see the thing coming to a—s—to a real showdown. Now, I want to say something here. You might not believe this, but I looked it up to be sure. There's only one original color; that's white. How many knows that? There's only one original color. Anything else is mixed. Christ is on a solid white unadulterated Word from the beginning. Amen. Every color would be white if some chemistry hadn't broke into it. Amen. Glory. Every church would be standing on the apostolic doctrine of the Word of God and God confirming it if he didn't have creeds and denominations mixed into it. There you are. Oh, Brother Evans, I feel good right now. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Only one original color, that's white. It never—it never mixed with denominations or creeds. No, sir.
325  And remember, His saints are clothed in white robes, not mixed with denomination and creeds. Now, we find out the denominations and creeds… Here's where you get your mixed color, but this is the original color He's riding. The original color's on His people, and they've been dipped in Blood that cleansed that garment and sent it right back yonder. See? That's right.
326  Those that mixed turned pale and go to death. It is a perverting—per—perversion to mix colors with white. You pervert the original color. Is that right? If the original color, only color is white, and you mix something with it, you pervert its real cause. Amen. Is that right? And when… If He is the white horse, and He is the Word, then to mix anything with that, any kind of a creed, add one word to it, take one word away from it, it's to pervert the whole thing. Oh, my. Keep me with the Word, Lord. Truth and error… Oh, my. No matter how good, that it… Truth and error cannot mix. It cannot mix. It's either the THUS SAITH THE LORD, or it's wrong. No matter what "Holy Father" said it, Saint Boniface, or—or the Archbishop of Canterbury. I don't know who said it; if it's contrary to the Word, it's perversion. It won't mix.
328  Say, "Why, this fellow done…" I don't care what he done, how much holy he is or anything like that; this is the only direct Truth that we have. No church, no creed has no Truth, if it's outside of this; and show me one that's got it. I want you to tell me. I'll turn a page in the Bible and show you something. See, see? Just call the one. You say, "Pentecostal." Oh, my. (I just caught that thought from somebody.) Better leave it alone right now, because I seen that started a sore spot right there. I didn't—didn't want to hurt you, but I—I just wanted you to know I know what you were thinking about. See? 330  Those that mixed turned the anti to death (See?), turns the death color when you mix any kind of anything with the original. It is like Christ said about the mustard seed. Yet it's the smallest of all seeds, but it won't mix with nothing. Mustard won't mix. He's genuine mustard; so if you just got that much of faith, just hold to it. Notice, Life followed rider on white horse Who was the Word, Life, vindicated by His resurrected saints that He had with Him. Now, how's the battle going to go? Jesus said, "He that believeth in Me though he were dead, yet shall he live." He said, "If you believe in Me though you—you were dead yet shall you live, and whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never die." Again He said, "He that believes in Me…" He will give him Eternal Life, rise him up at the last day. That's His promised Scripture.
334  Here comes Satan with all four corners of the earth with his Protestants and with his—his Catholics, and all together, marching right up to the battle of Armageddon. All right. And here comes Jesus coming down from heaven with resurrected saints, vindicated Word. As I said, "If God speaks and sends you, He—He—He backs up what you say." See, see? Notice, if you're an ambassador from heaven, all heaven's behind you. And heaven is consisted of the Word.
337  Notice now, He's come with resurrected saints, vindicating that His Word is true. So Satan knows then the bottomless pits is ready for him. See? Oh, my. While death rode the pale horse, mixed creed and denominations and followed him… Oh, my, the eternal separation from God, that's where he rode them to—to eternal separation. Christ rode His Church right into glory in the resurrection.
339  Notice verse 8 now—just for—the last part of verse 8 while we're closing (See?), "Power was given unto them." Who is them? See? All right. Antichrist called death; hell followed. Watch his four point scheme. Antichrist, white horse, kills by spirit, being antichrist, spiritual kill. Number two: Red horse: kills by sword, political power when church and state united. Black horse: souls when he give out his doctrine, and she did there with her fornications, and he weighed out the food by… Sold their… What they'd give for food for balance and the pennies and so forth. Fourth, a pale horse: eternal separation from God (again four… See?). Oh, my. Praise be to God.
345  Now, last, here in closing… To those… Have you got… I'm past time. But will you give me about ten more minutes? I've got so many calls today about—about me speaking here. There's been so much fanaticism start out about Elijah, till that's just… It's—it's hammered to death. And you can… But if—if that… May God help me to help you to see what I'm looking at, will you? Just try to See? Now, here in closing, to those who don't believe that the last messenger to the church age is Elijah, the prophet, a man anointed in that line… After death… Watch. After death of this last church age… Now, you notice what happens. See? After death, their dead bodies are destroyed by wild beasts. You know that. Now, that's true. Like theirs had the type of Jezebel.
349  Now, turn to Revelations 2:18 and 20. I believe we had this just a few minutes ago, didn't we? Yeah, I believe we just got that. I had it wrote down here for some… Yes, the time of moral decay. That's what it was. See it how it was… how Jezebel had come in… Now, Jezebel is the churches, this modern church, not Bride now. Jezebel in the Old Testament is a type of the church today, according to the Word of God of Revelations 2:18-20. "Thou sufferest that woman, Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess…" See? Is that right? Now, it's typed perfectly to Jezebel.