The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 6: The Fourth Seal 63-0321 (Continued)

Day 68

276  Have you noticed, the rider is a he, and "he had in his hand…" Man, false prophet, but his bride is called the church, she, Jezebel: Ahab, Jezebel. Why, it's just as perfect as anything, ain't it. See? Daughters is she also, but never received one man headship. Protestants do that. But still harlot in principle of their doctrine, denomination, systems… That's just—that's what it says.
278  Notice. What is this all coming to? (Now, we've just got about twelve, fourteen minutes here, I guess.) Look what this is all coming to. What is it? It's going right back the way it did. It started in heaven; it's coming to the end time battle. The first thing in heaven was a battle. Lucifer was kicked out and come to the earth; then he polluted Eden. Then he's been polluting ever since. And now, from the battle in heaven, it's coming to the battle on earth, and it is to be finished at—on earth at the end time in a battle called Armageddon. Now, anyone knows that. The battle started in heaven. Holy… And so, they kicked them out. Michael and His angels overthrowed them—just run out. And when they did, dropped right down in Eden, and here started the battle down here.
280  May… God had His children all fortified up by His Word; and Eve stuck her neck out, said, "I believe you're right, maybe…" And there it went, and it's been ever since. Then God come down, and now He's got to… He come down to redeem those that would come down… As I said, "God's like a big contractor. He lays out all His material on the earth, and then He builds His building." Now, remember, before there was a grain of—of seed on the earth, before there was a sun that ever struck the earth, your body was laying on the earth, 'cause you are the dust of the earth. See? You are. God's the Contractor.
282  Now, the way He was going to do it was reach down and get like He did Adam, a little bunch of calcium, potash and cosmic light, and, "whew." [Brother Branham makes blowing sound—Ed.] Say, "There's My other son." See? Then He'd bring up some more and, "whew" [blowing sound—Ed.], "There's another one." But what did Eve do? She corrupted that way, and she brought it through a sexual act; then death struck it. Now, what's God doing? He's got so many of those seeds down through there that's predestinated, so much of the predestinated, and then at the end time, He won't say, "Eve, come bear another child." He will, "whew" [blowing sound—Ed.] call and I'll answer. Right. That's the idea. When that last one's brought in, that settles it.
285  Now, the battle started in heaven. It'll be finished on earth in the form of Armageddon. Now, let's watch and see it unfold. And maybe we can unfold it if the Lord help us right now to do this now. Watch it unfold. The mysterious rider (Watch what he does now.) opposed, refused to repent and to go back to the original blood Word. The Word became blood and flesh (See?); he refused to go back to It. Is antichrist… The true Word Bride is the… He's opposed to the true Word Bride. Takes his own bride (He opposes this true Bride too.), and he takes his own bride and brings her to him in a form of religion called creeds and dogmas. See? And now, seeing the holy Bride, he is against her, but he forms his own bride called antichrist by antichrist teaching, which is contrary to Christ. See how shrewd he is? And now, instead of having a unity of love controlling worship under Blood, he's got a denomination. Instead of having the Word, he took creeds, dogmas, and so forth.
288  Like in the Protestants says the Apostles' Creed. I want you to find a word of it in the Bible. Why, there's no Apostles' Creed in the Bible. As I said here not so long ago somewhere, "If the apostles had a creed, it's Acts 2:38." That's exactly all I know they ever had. That's what they called everybody to do. When he found one of them that looked like they were Christians, he said, "Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?" They said, "We know not whether there be…" He said, "Then how was you baptized?" Now, being baptized into Jesus' Name or in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, rather, that—that's all right, but that's not all of it yet. No, sir. You could be baptized fifty times like that, and don't do a bit of good until the heart's changed by the Holy Spirit. It all has to go together.
291  Notice, it's—it's Christ… The antichrist refuses the true Bride doctrine, and therefore he takes his own bride now and builds her up under a creed of his own, takes his own bride and makes her a denomination. She gives birth to other denominations, as quoted in this holy Scripture: gives birth to daughters. And she don't—she becomes just like her mother: natural, worldly, denominational, opposing the spiritual Bride, the Word. They don't say they don't belong to church. You talk to a denominational person, "Sure, I belong to church." "Are you a Christian?" "I belong to church."
292  That don't have one thing to do with it. See, I said… You don't belong to… You—you might belong to what is called a church (See?), belong to a church. That's not a church. Them's not churches; them's lodges where people get together and… feed like, "birds of a feather…" but you're only one Church; and that's the mystical body of Christ. And you don't join that; you're born in it. As I've always said, "I've been with the Branham family fifty-three years and never did join it. I was borned in it." See?
295  Now, notice, it's just typed beautifully (I—I got a Scripture wrote down here, but I… We ain't got time to get to it.) as Esau and Jacob. Now, Esau was a religious man; he didn't claim to be an unbeliever. He believed in the same God Jacob did, same God his daddy did, but he was just a shyster (or, excuse the expression) just… He was just no good. He—he—he was… Now, as far as being morally, he was really a better moral acting man than Jacob was. But you see, he didn't think… "Oh, what's that birthright got to do with it?" and he sold his birthright to Jacob. See? But Jacob, he didn't have big things and like Esau did. He didn't have the inheritance he did. But there was one thing Jacob wanted, was that birthright; and he didn't care how he had to get it, he was going to get it; and God had respect to him. And then, that's the same thing today with the natural man, carnal mind, worldly minded. "Well, I belong to the state church." "I belong to this church." "I belong to that." That don't have one thing to do with it, not a thing.
299  Watch. Gathers them now on his mixed colored horse. He's gathering them together on his mixed colored horse 'cause he's got political power. If you don't believe he has, how did this president get in just now? How did that ever slip up? Come over here for freedom of religion, and you bunch of Democrats that would sell your birthrights out to politics. I ain't got… Democrats… parties are, they're both rotten (I'm talking about Christianity.) But you sell your birthrights on a Democrat ticket to put something like that in. Shame on you.
301  Don't you realize that this nation exactly is in a pattern of Israel? What did Israel do? She come over to a strange land and took the occupants out and killed them off and went in and possessed the land. That's what we did. The Indians, that's the only true American there is, is our Indian friends. And then what did they do? Israel had a few great men. First thing you know… They had David and had Solomon; they had great men. And finally they got a renegade up there, Ahab, that married a Jezebel, an unbeliever. Well, that's the same thing we did. We had a Washington and a Lincoln, but look what we got now. And the very thing of it is, he's married and soused down and dyed-in-the-wool to Jezebel. He might be a pretty good sort of a fellow, but she's going to run the business. You see it right now; the whole family is coming in.
304  What did the Holy Spirit tell me about thirty-five years ago (And all of you old-timers know it.) of seven things that would happen before the end? This is the last—next to the last thing coming up. Everything else hit just exactly on the dot to the wars and everything else. See? And now, she's right in the hands of woman to rule the nation, Jezebel (See?), but remember, in the days of Jezebel someone really told them their colors.
306  To gather them on their mixed colored horses… See? He's gathering this thing together, mixed with creeds, denominations, man-made doctrines. Is that right? Sure, a mixed color—the mixed color of the dead, pale horse of the world… Now, that's right. Mixed colors of the dead, worldly form of the pale horse. Oh, my. No holy blood of the Word at all. And watch, from corner—from the four corners of the earth, they gather them. Gathers them to Armageddon, the Bible says. I'm trying to think of the Scriptures. I got them wrote down here. I ain't calling them but just… where they were written down—see what they are. Gathers them together to the great day of the battle of the Lord God. Watch.