The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 6: The Fourth Seal 63-0321 (Continued)

Day 67

236  All right, remember, He gave her a space to repent. Thyatira Age was the dark age. The dark horse rider rode in that time, when all the masses and everything had to be paid for and the prayers and—and the novenas and so forth. Now. See his black horse then? After he refused to repent in Thyatira (Watch.) changes his riding from a black horse to a pale one, death, for his last ministry.
237  Now, I might just give the individual a little shake here. To refuse God, to refuse God's call, you'll do it the last time sometime. And just like that church did, it's over. God's patience will not always strive with man. See? And when she refused it, and refused to accept it, then she changed, and went; now she's got a name called death, separation. God said, "I'll even take her children, the Protestants, and every one of them I'll kill with eternal separation." There you are, Thyatira Age, the dark age. His black horse now turns to death for his last ministry. See how the church ages blend in with the Seals just perfect, then we know it's right. The Holy Spirit makes no mistake. He gave us a great a-vindication the last time when we got the church ages done back there, you know. See the loving, long-suffering of God. Before He passed judgment upon her, He gave her a place to repent. And it's in the Name of the Lord I say this: He's give the Protestant church the same thing, and she won't do it. These messages shook everywhere, and she won't do it. She's going to have her own dogmas and creeds; I don't care how much you explain it.
241  As I said there in Chicago, the other day 'fore more ministers than there are people setting here… And there they had me penned off about the doctrine of serpent seed, and all this other thing. I said, "Somebody get your Bible and come here and stand by me then." Nobody said nothing. Tommy Hicks said, "I—I never heard that like that before, Brother Branham. I want three hundred of those tapes. I want to send them to all my ministers." There was about fifty or seventy-five said, "I'm coming down there to be rebaptized." Did they come? Not a one of them. Why? He give them space to repent. He will cast their children to death, spiritual death. (We'll pick that up tomorrow night, the Lord willing, or in Saturday night on those plagues that passes over. You watch what takes place there.)
245  Like He give Egypt, He give Egypt place to repent. What was that last plague? Was death. That's the last plague that's hit the Pentecostal church. It's spiritual death; she's dead. That's in the Name of the Lord. She's spiritually dead. He gave her place to repent, and she rejected it; now she's dead. She'll never rise again. And them people out there trying to bring in Episcopalians and priests and so forth, and calling them "Holy Father So-and-so." to… Why, they ought to be ashamed of themself. How blind can men get? Don't Jesus say when that sleeping virgin come to buy oil, she did not get it?
248  Everybody… You hear people say, "I got the Holy Ghost; I spoke in tongues." But they don't want to come around a church like this. "Oh, you know, I don't believe I want to go around a place like that." And then say you got the Holy Ghost? But you want your dignified way. You want to stay in Babylon and still enjoy the blessings of heaven. You have to make your choice. You can't stay out there in the world and serve God at the same time. Jesus said you couldn't serve God and mammon. So if you won't expect… If you really get saved, you'll enjoy meetings where the Holy Spirit is vindicating Itself and showing that the Word of God is so.
251  Someone said, "There's people make too much noise. It makes me nervous." You'll be nervous if you'd get to heaven. And you just think when all of them are there; then what about it? Oh, my, how the Lord wants to get… He—He's long-suffering like He was in the days of Noah. He tried hard. He suffered long for a hundred and twenty years to get them to repent; they wouldn't do it. In the days of Egypt, He sent plagues and everything else; they wouldn't do it. He sent John; they wouldn't return. He sent Jesus to die to save the whole group that would hear the Word.
255  And now in the last days, He promised again that He would send a message to call it out and restore the original faith back to it—back to the Word, and they won't receive it. They're so dogmatic in their dogmas and creeds till they got a… Oh, they think if they had a… If an Angel walked down… But God don't do that. He takes something ignorant and stupid, something that don't know hardly your abc's or anything, and then He takes that type of a person; 'cause He could take something that's nothing and then work through it. As long as something thinks they're something, then they can do nothing with it. He's always did that. You have to become nothing to become somebody with God.
257  Oh, my. And notice. Yet, He gave her a space to repent, but she didn't do it. He's done it again; she won't do it. Her rejection away, makes her… or… Her rejection makes a perfect way for Satan to come into her and be incarnate (That's right.), incarnate himself right in her because she rejected the Word, and that's exactly the same thing that the Protestant church becomes a harlot is because she rejects the vindicated Truth of the Word of God, and that gives the devil a place to come right in and incarnate himself, and he will make an image unto the beast when they can consolidate together, right yonder now, and go on and do just exactly what he said. That's right. Amen. If I had an education, I could bring it out. I haven't got no education. I'm just expecting the Holy Spirit to reveal it to you. He will to those who… That's right. He will do it.
260  Notice. Look how—what she did here. She rejected God's message for her to repent. She started off an antichrist, and that's what she was. She become a false prophet, an incarnate devil, and when she did with her false teaching… Then in all of that, God give her space to repent, tried to get her. See how long-suffering, what a wonderful love? There's no love like that. Look at those even that spit in His face and things, He forgave them. That's God. See? Don't reject God's message. Look, she was asked to repent, go back to where she fell from. And where did she fall from? The Word. Yeah. Where did Eve fall from? [Congregation answers, "The Word."—Ed.] Where did the denomination fall from? [Congregation answers, "The Word."— Ed.] There you are. See? No other way, just every time it's comes right back to the Word, right back to the Word (See?), and they get into a system that runs them back away from the Word, runs them from the Word instead of to the Word. Notice. Look, she was given a space to repent, go back. Repent means to go back, turn back, about-face, repent, go back. And she was given a space to go back to where that…
265  Now, remember, she was the original Pentecostal church that the Holy Ghost was poured upon on the day of Pentecost. How many Bible students knows that? Sure, she was. See where she went from. She fell from the Word and accepted dogmas. She expect… Instead of the Holy Ghost she wanted a holy man: Doctor, LL., Ph., Q. U., and then made him a pope. See? Sure, but she—that's what she wanted, somebody to do her praying, somebody she could just pay her money out, and that's all she had to do. See? Now, it's the same thing today. As long as they got a pew to set in, pay heavy on the collection plate, that's good enough. They're a member of that church. Don't tell them nothing else about it. They don't want to know. That's her daughters. Now, where did she fall from? From the original Word of the apostolic apostles and prophets. That's where she fell from. That's where the Protestants fell from. Repent. Go back. Turn back 'fore it's too late, if it ain't already too late. One of these days that Lamb will leave His place, and then it's all over. So is her daughters been asked now, before being judged with her, to return back.
269  Now, the last message they get is when this prophet that I've been speaking of, which I've been reading many books about it… And I know that real good sensible, spiritual thinking men know that that's coming. See, they know it's coming. See, they… But the trouble of it is, they keep saying, "We need it. It's going to be." And when it comes, then they'll be so humble they'll probably miss it just like they did the other time. That's right. People will write about it and everything, say, "Oh, yes. It needs to be," and then let it be showed right before them, and they just go right on. See? They've always done that.
270  Watch now. The original Word, they—she has to repent to go back at. So her daughters has been asked to be forced, they will be judged and throwed into the same bed and killed with her. They've been asked to turn back to the original Word, go back to the apostolic doctrine; but they're so tied down with their creeds and things, they won't do it. They only make fun of it. Then what do they do? They finally form up in the image unto the beast, another power, notice, and act to the Lamb's Bride like she did in Revelation 13:14. That's what they do, just persecute, just the same thing. The churches makes just as fun of the true Bride of Christ as Rome ever did (Just exactly. Yes, sir.), acts to the real Lamb's Bride just exactly like she did in Revelations 13:14. Now, notice, we see by God's Word of promise, He will—He will kill her children, the denominations, her daughters, with spiritual death. (Now, that's Revelations 2:22. Don't forget it.) To kill is to put to death, and death is eternal separation from the Presence of God. Think of that, friends. Think of that. Don't you trust in any man-made creed. Anything that's contrary to the Word, you keep away from it.
273  Now, watch. Watch in the Bible here. It said his name was hell, and… I mean his name was death, and hell followed after him. Now, hell always follows death in the natural. When the natural man dies, hell follows him; that's the grave, hades (See?); that's in the natural. But in the spiritual it's a lake of fire. See? All right. See, it's eternal separation where they're burned up and just… And Malachi 4 said, "It don't even leave him stubble or branch or nothing else." It's the way the world has of purifying itself again for the Millennium. See?