The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 6: The Fourth Seal 63-0321 (Continued)

Day 64

128  And what happened? A man that couldn't even show a fellowship card, he couldn't show a credential, stayed out in the wilderness, not even a common school education. We're told by historians that he left to the wilderness when he was nine years old, after the death of his father and mother, and was raised out… His job was too important to mess with some seminary. He had—he had to announce the Messiah. God couldn't use a man all stuffed full of theology. He can't do it, because he will always drift right back; that's his line of learning. He drifts back to that. So he goes to see something; he tries to drift back to what the teachers have said. Be better if he'd kept away from them things and just believe God. And we find that they missed him. Even the apostles standing there missed him. Why, they said, "Why'd the Scripture say (the scribes) said that Elias…" He said, "Well, he's already come, and you didn't know him." But that's where I pattern the resurrection and—or the rapture. It'll go and they'll… I know that sounds strange, but maybe you'll know a little more after tonight, if the Lord willing, just how it's going to be. See? It'll be so secret nobody will know about it, hardly. The world will just think—just go right on like it always did. See? That's the way He always does it.
133  Do you know, I doubt whether one—one… I'd say one-ninetieth percent of the people on the earth ever knowed Jesus Christ was here when He was here. You know when Elijah prophesied, I doubt whether there was hardly anybody knowed that he was… They knowed there was a crank up there, some old fanatic, but they hated him. Sure. He's a—was what they call a oddball. And I think any borned again Christian is kind of an oddball to—to the world, because you've been changed. You're from another world. Your spirit's from across the chasm, and this thing here is such a messed up thing. You're—you're not different, there's something wrong. You're still too earthbound. You ought to be heavenly minded. Heaven lives by the Word.
135  Now, we notice that this—this great thing taken place. And now, we believe that there is to be a coming of the true spirit of Elijah. It's predicted it would be. See? And we must remember it'll be here in its own season and time. We may be laying a foundation for it now. And it won't be no organization. I—I disagree with a good friend of mine on that. He says it'll be a group of people. I want you to show me that by Scripture. God, the unchangeable God, never does change His plan. If He does, then He isn't God (That's right.), because he's a mortal, and he knows just like I do, and he makes mistakes. God has never changed His plan since the very time in the garden of Eden. He made a plan for redemption; that was the blood.
137  And we've tried education; we've tried dictatorship; we've tried psychology; we've tried denominationalism; we've tried everything to push everybody together, or love everybody together, and everything else. There's no other place of fellowship but under the Blood yet, the only ground that God meets man. God always deals with one individual. Two men's got two ideas. There never was two major prophets on the earth prophesying the same time. Look back and see if there was. No, sir. Too much scrupled up. He's got to get one man completely surrendered and use that person. He searches for that person, but there will be one sometime, somebody who will listen to Him word by word.
139  I don't care what anybody else says, they'll never move from it. That's right. They'll wait on, THUS SAITH THE LORD, and then—they won't move until then. He will be properly a-vindicated. You'll… Now, the outside world will hate it, but the elected seed, the predestinated seed, like there was in the days of Jesus, when that Light flashes, that seed will come to Life like that. They'll know it. It'll understand it. You won't have to say a word about it. She said, "Sir, I perceive that You're a prophet. I know when Messiah comes, He's supposed to…" He said, "I'm He." Boy, that's—that's enough. She didn't have to tarry all night and tarry the next night; she had it right then. She was on her road. She was telling them about it.
143  Now, remember, now in the first age was a lion age. That was the Lion of the tribe of Juda, Christ. His own influence of life, taken that age. That's the first beast, which means power that answered by human voice. The next age was the ox age or the dark horse rider's age. See? Now, the reason this first age was a white age, was that… As—as I've always heard people say that that first rider, white, was the power of the church went forth to conquer, and we find out he was given a crown, that that was it. It was the church. It was the church, but where did he go to? Went to Rome, is where he did and got—received his crown. Now, the second age was a—was a red horse rider which was a dark age. And now, now, the—the next age was the—the man of the—of age which was the black horse rider, and he was the age of the reformers (See?), went to the—the voice who spoke. Now, the black horse rider, that was the antichrist; but the one that was speaking in that age was represented as man. And that's the wisdom, smart, shrewd. See? And they didn't get it, See? They didn't call… They didn't name him. See? They just said it went forth.
148  But now when it comes forth, the eagle age; that's the one that God always likens His prophets to eagles. He calls Himself an eagle. The eagle goes so high there ain't nothing else can touch him. Not only is he up there, but he's built for that position. When he gets up there, he see where he's at. Some people get up there and can't see where they're at, so don't do no good to get up there. But if you… But you let a crow try to fly with an eagle, or a hawk, either one; he'd disintegrate. He's got to be pressurized for where he goes.
150  That's the trouble today; some of us don't get pressurized. We explode too quick (You see?), when we're jumping; but we got to be pressurized. When you get up there, and have the keen sight of the eagle to see what's coming and know what to do. Now, the eagle age revealed it. Now, we find out that eagle age was promised in Revelations 10:7 and in—and in Malachi 1:4 that would be in the last days (See? That's right.), that it would be here. All right.
152  Notice. Now, this fellow, we find out that he's riding on a pale horse. Pale… Oh, my. After… Notice, after sixty-eight million Protestants, as we took from—from Schmucker's "Glorious Reform" of the—of the martyrology of Rome, last night… We find that up to the fifteen hundred mark (I believe it was, or eighteen, I don't remember exactly now) but there was sixty-eight million put to death to protest the first Roman church, Rome. No wonder he could impersonate himself in the personified name of—and called death. He sure was. Now. God only knows how many he caused to spiritually die by his anti-Bible Word teaching. This is the one he put sixty-eight million to the sword and killed, and probably literally billions died spiritually on his false teaching. No wonder he could take the name of death.
155  See the rider? The first place, as an antichrist he was death to begin with, but he's innocent then. Then he received a crown, a triple one, and when he did, then he united… Satan united his church and state, because he was over both of them then. Antichrist was Satan in the form of a man. And then also Saint Matthew, I believe it is, the 4th chapter, tells us that—that Satan took Jesus, our Lord, up and showed Him the kingdoms of the world, all of them, in a moment of time, and the glory of them, offered them to Him, and he said that they—they were his. So, you see then, if he can unite his state and his church together, then the red horse rider could ride sure enough. See? Truly.
158  Now, then we find out his mystery here in his church and state. The fourth stage of his ministry, he's called the beast. First he's called the antichrist (See?), then he's called false prophet, and he's called the beast. Now, we find him here being called as the beast. Now, I want you to notice that's after the fourth horse, and in this fourth horse, if you'll notice, all… The first one was white, and then the next one was red, and the next one was black, and the fourth one… All of these other three was represented in it, because pale is red and—and white and so mixed together. See? He… It's—it's all mixed in this one horse. See? And there he become four, or actually the three in one, and it was all mixed up in that one thing.
160  Now, I want you to notice the four of them. Notice the off-mark of four of the spiritual mathematics. God is threes. This is four. He's in four here. First, antichrist, white; second, false prophet, red; third, vicar of heavens and earth and—and purgatory, black; fourth, the beast, pale horse, Satan being kicked out of heaven. You want to read that? Revelations 12:13, Satan being kicked out of heaven… Then in Revelations 13:1-8, he is incarnate in the person of the beast. He's first the antichrist, just—just a teaching called Nicolaitia; then he becomes from that to a false prophet. If he's an antichrist, antichrist is against. Anything that's against God's Word is against God, because the Word is God. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was made flesh, Christ, and dwelt among us." And now, he is against the Word, so he'd be antichrist; but a spirit cannot be crowned. That's the reason he didn't receive a crown, just a bow with no arrows.
162  And then when he come to crowning time, then he become the false prophet of his antichrist teaching. Get it? Then he gets a sword, because he unites his powers together; then he don't have to ask nobody. He's governor of state; he's governor of heaven: receives a triple crown, makes himself an idea called purgatory, where if—if some of them died back there, and they got some money they want to pay them out, he can pray them out of it, 'cause he's got the power to do so. He's a vicar. Certainly he is. He takes the place of God on earth. If that ain't as plain as anything… We find it, pull it on down through the Bible and count his numeral numbers and everything else. Here he is; play him up back here in number four, not number three, number four. See?