The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 6: The Fourth Seal 63-0321 (Continued)

Day 63

98  All right, then Pentecostal had beyond joy. They was really stimulated; I think, it does anyone. Let's just take just a moment; let's think about David. He's—he got all stimulated too. He said, "My cup's running over." I mean, he really had a—a great event in his life. What—what caused him to do that? When he was in the Spirit… (For he was a prophet. We know he was. The Bible said so: prophet, David). Now, for he was a prophet, and he was in the Spirit, and he seen the resurrection. If you'd like to read it, it's in Psalms 16:8-11. He said, "Moreover my flesh was made glad. My… I—I rest in hope, because You'll not leave my soul in hell, neither will You suffer Your holy One to see corruption." I tell you, his cup got to running over, 'cause he seen no matter what it was… Oh, he seen the resurrection and he was really—and his cup run over.
100  Again David had another cup running over in Second Samuel (being that you got your pencils out), Second Samuel 6:14. There'd been a dry spell. They'd took the ark. The enemy had come in and got the ark of the Lord, and they took it down and set it up before Dagon, and Dagon fell on his face, and took it to another city and plagues broke out of the… That was the hottest thing they ever had on their hands down there, and they couldn't get rid of it, 'cause it was out of its place. Now, when they put it on the ox cart and started back, and when David saw the ark coming, you know what he did? He—he got so full; his cup got to running over with stimulation. When he seen the Word being revealed back into Israel again, he danced in the Spirit all around and around and around and around and around like that, yeah. His cup got to running over. You see? Why? He saw the Word returning. And I think that would make anybody get a little stimulated when they see after all these years, and then the true Word, by the promise that it would be, being brought forth and vindicated. What a time. What a time.
104  Now, let's read. I—I get all talking; I won't get to this, and I'll have you all here till ten-thirty. I let you out early last night, so I ought to keep you a good long time tonight. Yeah. No, I was just teasing. You see, I'm… We just want just as the Lord will lead. Now. And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come… see.
105  Now, when the Lamb had opened the Fourth Seal… Let's stop there now, the Fourth Seal. Now, Who opened it? The Lamb. Was anybody else worthy? No one else could do it. No. The Lamb opened the Fourth Seal, and the—the fourth beast, the living creature like an eagle, said to John, "Come, see what the fourth mystery of the plan of redemption has been hid in this Book," 'cause the Lamb was opening it. In other words, that's what he was saying. There's a fourth mystery here. I've showed you in symbol. Now, John… I don't know whether you understood it or not, but he wrote down what he saw. But it was a mystery, so he wrote what he saw. The Lamb was breaking the Seals, and God still wasn't going to reveal it; it was left for the last days. See?
107  Now, we had symbols, and we've probed at it, and done very good sometimes (See?), but we know it's moved right on. But now, in the last days we can look back and see where it has been, and that is supposed to be done that at the end of the church age just before the rapture. How anyone can get the Church going through the tribulation, I don't know. But… What's it got to go through the tribulation for, when it hasn't got—got—hasn't got a sin? I mean the… I don't mean the church; the church will go through the tribulation. But I'm talking about the Bride. The Bride won't, no, it hasn't got a sin against it at all. It's done been bleached out, and there's not even a—a—there's not even smell of it; there's nothing left. They're perfect before God. So what's any tribulation to purify them, but the others do. The church does go through the tribulation, but not the Bride. Now, now, we're just taking it in all kinds of symbols now like the—the church, Noah, the carried over type, went on out into sin. See? Now, they did go over, but Enoch went first. That was the type of the saints that would go in the—in—before the tribulation period.
110  Now, we find out this Lamb opened the Seal. Now, the first beast we find… If you notice, the first beast we find was a… The first beast was a lion, the living creature (found that in the book of the—of the church ages); and then the second beast, I believe, was the—the face of an ox or a calf; and the third beast was the face of a man; but the fourth beast was a face of an eagle. Now, that's exactly the way we've got them rotating just exactly like that, and that's exactly the way they're even placed in the Book here.
111  And then as a great teacher at one time in Florida teaching, saying that—that the whole—that the Book of Acts was just merely a—a scaffold work for the—for the church… The church was found in the four Gospels. And we find vice versa from that, that it's the four Gospels that guards the Book of Acts. It's from those four Gospels that the Book of Acts is written: the acts of the Holy Spirit in the apostles. And we find over in the Book, that them guards are setting there watching east, north, west, and south. Remember how we drawed it out here, and how beautifully, perfectly everything hit just to its spot?
113  Now, I want you to notice… said, "Come and see." John… Now, I want you to notice again before this… Now, this here is the last of the riders to reveal the working of the antichrist. Tomorrow night strikes the souls under the altar, the next night, the judgments. The next night, the going away of the—of the end of the age—end of time of all things (See?), when she's taken up. Therefore, right in that Seventh Seal there pours out vials, and everything else are poured out. What they are, I don't know.
115  Notice. But now, on this here, we find that this fellow here is an eagle, this man that, or this living creature that's poured forth here now. Or in other words, there's four different ages of it. There was an age of the lion. And we find out that this being the fourth age… And he said, "Come and see the fourth mystery of the Book of Redemption that's been hidden in this Book. Come, see." And John went to see, and he saw a pale horse and again the same rider upon this pale horse. Now, he has a name called death. 117  Now, notice, none of the other rider… None of the other horses or no time that this rider ever rode, they didn't have—that man had no name, but now he is called death. It's not mentioned. See? He's revealed now what he is—is death. Well, how we could linger on that for a sermon and make it real plain. But anything that's anti, that's against the real, has to be death because there's only two subjects: that's life and death. And that proves that the Holy Spirit's revelation of this in this day is exactly the Truth. The anti, he's death, because the Word (as we'll see later here) is Life. See? And this man is called death.
119  Now, it was not mentioned of the other times of this rider. But since… Now, it is mentioned that he's called death. But the—under the revelation of the Lion… Now, watch. I—I want to read this close so I'd be sure. (Wrote down the place, stand here…) Under… Not under the revelation of the lion age or—or the first age, the early age, this wasn't revealed. The next age was the age of the ox, which is the dark age, the middle age. It wasn't revealed as what it was. Nor the man-like beast of wisdom, representing the reformers, Luther and Wesley and so forth, it wasn't revealed. But in the eagle age, the last age, the prophetic age where there is to rise prophetic utterance (See?), to whom the secrets always comes…
121  Now, there's where we get… We're going to linger on that a little while tonight so that you'll thoroughly understand. Now, in most times you realize these… I'm just not speaking to this group here. These tapes go everywhere. See? And I must make it clear, 'cause somebody just get one tape, and then if you don't get the rest of them, they're all hung up. See? God has promised this (See?) for this day, for the last ending up of all these different things that's gone on and being mixed up. We are… We've had Elijah's garments; we've had Elijah's robes; oh, there's been people that… John Alexander Dowie is buried up there wrapped in a—a robe; he said he was Elijah. And we've had all kinds of things like that. What is it anyhow? It's only to take away a Truth that is going to be presented. See, see?
122  They had false christs before Jesus' time. See? They always do that. It's Satan running out a counterfeit to upset the minds and the faith of the people before the thing actually happens. That's all. Didn't Gamaliel say the same thing to the Jews that day? Said, "Wasn't there a man raised up and professed to be this, and he took four hundred out in the wilderness, they perished," and so forth. Said… "Every branch that My heavenly Father hasn't planted," Jesus said, "will be rooted up." Gamaliel said, "Let them alone. If they—if it be not of God, won't it come to naught? But if it be of God, you'd be found fighting against God." The man used wisdom. He was a teacher.
126  Now, notice. Now, to wind up all these mysteries, God has promised that there would be a genuine Elijah rise, some man anointed with that Spirit, and it would reveal. He promised it in Malachi 4. And I got some notes and letters that says that isn't so, but I'd like to talk to that person. See? Why, you can't deny it. Any real good theologian knows that to be the Truth, that they're looking for it. But it just be the same way like it come by John, the forerunner of the first time of Christ. Why, they didn't recognize him, because there's such great things prophesied of him. Why, he was to make all the high places come low, all the low places go high, all the rough places go smooth; and, oh, he, well, oh, the prophets… Isaiah, seven hundred and twelve years before his birth, and Malachi, four hundred years before he come on the scene, all those prophesied of him. And they was expecting some corridor of heaven to be let down and this prophet walk right out with his staff in his hand from God.