The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 6: The Fourth Seal 63-0321 (Continued)

Day 61

33  That when the—the Moses, under the blood of bulls… And when he met that Light, the Pillar of Fire in that burning bush, and he stood down there on a commission God had give him, and he was a prophet; and when the Word of the Lord came to him, he spoke and even things created by the Word. See? And now, if it'll do that under that, the blood of bulls, what about the Blood of Jesus? Not covered, but remitted it altogether; and you stand in the Presence of God as a redeemed son. Now, see, the church is far beyond its standard of living. And I think too many times we're probing instead of really coming out and facing the issue. I got something I want to say, and I—I will at the time.
35  And now, notice that there's something wrong somewhere in the churches. And I think it's the denominational systems that's twisted the people's minds and so forth until they don't know how to do it. That's right. But we're promised that it would be revealed. And now, these Seven Seals that this Book is sealed with, and those Seven Seals… Now… And then after these Seven Seals are completed, we find in Revelations 10 there was seven mysterious thunders that John was commissioned to write but then forbidden to write those. And at the time of those thunders, we find Christ, or the Angel come down with a rainbow, and put His feet on the land and sea and swore that time had run out at that time.
38  And then we find—find out that in the revealing of the Seals that the—the Lamb had left His mediatorial work as an Intercessor and had come forth now to claim His rights, all that He had redeemed by His death. And then the… No one could open the Book; no one understood It. It was a Book of Redemption, and God, the Father, Spirit, had It in His hand, because Christ was at the throne as a Mediator, the only Mediator. Therefore, there could be no saint, no Mary, no Joseph, no nothing else on that altar, because it was Blood, and only the Blood of Jesus could make the atonement. So nothing else could be standing as a mediator. That's right. There was nothing else.
40  So all this idea of interceding with Jude for politics and interceding with Saint Cecilia for something else, that's nonsense. That's not… I—I don't say them people are not honest and sincere. I don't say you're not sincere in you doing it if you do, but you're wrong. You're—you're sincerely wrong. And anything… They say, "Well, this—this angel, this—this appeared to—to Saint Boniface and said this, that, and the other and they can say this." I don't doubt that a bit in my mind but what somebody seen the vision. I—I don't doubt what Joseph Smith saw the vision, but it wasn't according to the rest of the Word. So therefore, to me it's wrong. See? It has to come with the rest of the Word.
42  That's the way the church ages and Seals and all the rest of it. And when anybody thinks that he has those seven thunders, if it don't compare with the rest of the Word, there's something wrong here. See? It's got to come THUS SAITH THE LORD, for this is the Book; this is the revelation of Jesus Christ in its entirety. Now, I—I believe then that the Lamb came forth. They didn't know… John was weeping. He couldn't find nobody in heaven, in earth 'cause all was other side of the chasm (See?): sin.
43  There was no man; and an Angel, of course he'd be worthy, but after all, it had to be a kinsman, had to be a human being, and there was no such a thing, 'cause every man had been born by sex. Had taking One born without it, so God Himself took that in the virgin birth and become Emmanuel, and His Blood was for—the One was worthy. And when He crossed this chasm Hisself and paid the price and bridged the way for the rest of us, then He set down to be Mediator, and He's been setting there. And the Book has actually been closed all that time. It's there, but it's still in symbols. They seen it.
45  John even saw it, the announcement when the first come forth. He said, "A white—a horse went forth. He had a rider on him, had a bow in his hand." That's symbol. That isn't revealed. See? No, it's just a symbol. And as far as any man upon the earth, that's all he could say. That's right. He might stumble and stagger, no doubt hit somewhere here or there and after while… But we find out then that in the Book of the Revelation at the seventh angel's message, the mysteries, all the mysteries of it, should already be revealed by that time (Now that's Revelations 10:1-7.), that it should be revealed according to that time—at that time when He did. Then the seven thunders utter their strange voices, and John was going to write… It was… John knew what it was, but he—he didn't write it, 'cause he was forbidden to write it. That's absolutely and altogether a mystery. It's not even in symbol or nothing. We just know he—it thundered; that's all.
48  And now, in studying this… Now, don't forget… Now, Sunday, or Sunday morning we omitted the healing service because of having the answers to the—to the people's questions. Now, if… I want you to have a question on these Seven Seals, if it's bothering you, something that you don't understand. Let's have it on the Seven Seals, then I can tell by Saturday night whether it's enough to—to answer them or not. You see? And then just… Now, just say… Well, about something else, or "Should I do this?" or—or "My… I had a dream." Them—them's all worthy things, now remember. They're worthy things, but let's stay right with the Seven Seals; that's what we're right on. That's—that's what the—the meeting is designated to: the Seven Seals. Let's stay right with that.
49  I got to go home, got to have a few meetings out in the west. I'll be back again then in a little over a month or two or something like that, and maybe the Lord will permit that we can have something else on that—maybe healing service or something then or whatever we're—whatever it is. Then we've got seven trumpets here to come forth yet. You see? And them all comes in there too, and the seven vials (See?) to be poured out, so… And it'll all blend right in here, but it's all a mysterious yet. Now, last night we find that the First Seal went forth, and the rider and the Lord… So help me, I never knew it before; none of these things have I ever knowed before. That's right. And I just don't—just go up there and take the Bible and set down and set there until… When it goes to breaking forth like that, I just pick up my pen and start writing (See?), and just stay there, maybe for hours, till It gets—a—It gets finished.
53  Then I go back, and I find out as I see where He said this… I thought, "Well, looks like I've seen that somewhere." I get my concordance, go look back (Is there something like that?) and here it is right here. And then here it is over here again; here it is back here and down here and over here. Then I just tie it right in. I know that's God as long as it's comparing Scripture with Scripture. That's the way it has to do. Just like putting a building together, the stones have to fit stone by stone.
54  Now, last night we had the opening of the—of the Third Seal. First was a white horse, and the next was a red horse, and then a black horse. And we find out that the riders were the same rider all the time, and that was the antichrist to start with. He didn't have no—no crown, but he received one later on. And then we find out that then he was given a sword to take peace from the earth, and we find out that he did that. Then he come in with the dogmas of giving the church with money by weighing a penny of—for this and two pennies for that, but he was forbidden to touch the oil and the wine, which was a little that was left. And then, we give—left off last night with the illustration of what the oil and wine was and what the effects that it had. And we… It might've sounded a little rude, but it's just exactly the Truth. See?
55  Now, we left off on… Well—well, let's for just a few moments review of that now. And then we left off on the power of the wine, what the oil represented Spirit. (I guess you all got it all down. You'll find it on the tape, if you didn't and where to find the Scriptures.) That the oil always symbolizes the Holy Spirit, like the foolish virgins with no oil, wise virgins with oil, which is the Holy Spirit, and then on back in—in the—the prophets and so forth. And now, of course I don't try to pull out every Scripture in there, and there's things that you can't even speak about; take too much time. But I try to place out here with Scriptures and so forth just enough to give the people so it'll let them know and see the picture of it. But if you'd set down with one of them Seals, why, my, you could take a month's sermons every night right on that Seal and still not even touch it (See?), on one of them. And that's how—how much there is to it. But I just hit the high spots of it, then you can—you can see what it's all about.
57  Now, as oil symbolized the Holy Spirit… Then we find out that oil and wine is connected in worship (See?), always connected in worship. And the wine, I said (which come to me) that the wine symbolizes that it was the power of—it was the power of stimulation by revelation. See? And that's when something has been revealed. It gives stimulation to the believer, because it's presented by revelation. See? It's something that God has said; it's a mystery. They can't understand it. See? And after while, God comes down and reveals it and then vindicates it.
59  Remember, if the Truth is revealed, the Truth is also vindicated. God constantly… No matter how smart the person might be, how brilliant he might be in his mind, if God don't back up what he's saying, there's something wrong. That's right, 'cause it's the Word. Now, when Moses went out there under the inspiration of God and said, "Let flies come," flies come. He said, "Let frogs come"; frogs come. See, what if he said, "Let flies come," they didn't come? See? Then he—he didn't speak the Word of the Lord (See?); he only spoke—he spoke his own word. He might've thought there ought to be flies, but there—there didn't any flies come because God hadn't told him so. And when God tells you anything and says, "You go do this, and I'll be right with it for this is My Word," and He shows it in the Bible, then God stands right behind that. And if it's not written in the Bible, God stands behind it anyhow, if it's God's Word. See? And then if it's outside of that, it's revealed to prophets. We realize that all the mysteries of God is made known to prophets and them alone (See?), Amos 3:7.