The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 5: The Third Seal 63-0320 (Continued)

Day 58

286  "You doctors of divinity and everything and talking how… And introducing yourself as 'Doctor,' 'Doctor,' 'Doctor,' and I'm a…" I don't know whether… Brother Wood and I say "cheechaker," or "greenhorn." "I have no education, never come through any seminary or school, but you get your Bible and come here and stand by my side, disprove the serpent's seed, the baptism in Jesus' Name, or any of those things that I teach." Nobody said a word. And you all know that. That was the quietest bunch you ever seen. See, they just crow like I don't know what. Now, now, here it is. I don't believe in fussing with people, but when it comes to a spot where they try to drag you into it… And I wouldn't have went, but the Holy Spirit told me, said, "Go on over there; I'll stand by you."
288  Told them three or four days behind—before time. You all was there and heard Mr. Carlson and them and—and Tommy Hicks—and all of them set there. And I went three days before, and I said, "You're going to have to cancel that place." It was a stormy night; I was having a meeting. He said, "Go, stand by that window at that third little door there. And I went there and stood right in there. I looked out like that. He said, "They've got a trap set for you. They're going to ask you to speak at that Ministerial Association of the Greater Chicago." Said, "They got a trap set for you on your teaching of My Word." He said, "Now, they're going to cancel off that place there. They ain't going to get it, and they're going to get to a place where it's brown." Said, "Here it looks."
291  I stopped, and I seen myself in a corner, looked back there and seen, I seen all them people. I seen all them ministers set there, the way they was. I looked them all over, and He said… "Well," I thought, "I'd better not go over there then, Lord, if they're going to do that. I don't want to hurt their feelings or do anything wrong." He said, "Go; I'll stand by you." He did. That's right. Now, you all… Here's witnesses right here were setting right there and know it. That's right. Well, you got the tapes here also. But there you are. You see?
294  Now, now, here is the mystery of this. And now, It… When it revealed to me early this morning 'fore daylight, then I went quickly to the Scripture and begin to look—search it up. Here it was. Three of them so far has been absolutely supernaturally revealed. That's right. Now, here is the mystery of the black horse according to what it was revealed to me. See? He has started riding him in the time of the dark ages. That's what the dark horse represented: the dark ages, for it was a time of midnight to the true believers that was left. Watch now in that church age, that middle church age, the dark church age. Watch how he says, "You just have a little strength." It was a midnight to them for the true believer.
295  Now, watch. Practically all hope had been taken from the true church for this fellow controlled both church and state. What are they going to do? See? Catholicism had taken over both church and state, and all didn't agree with Catholicism was killed. That's the reason he was on a dark horse. And watch what a dark thing he done (See?), then you can see. And you just… If you know your history, watch it. And you… Well, you won't have to even know it to know this. Now, watch. All hope was gone; that's his black horse. Now, he rode in on his white horse, cunning; then he was give power, he took peace, slaughtered the millions. That's what he was going to do as he rode on through; and he still does it. See? Now, here he is on his black horse now, coming forth, dark age, that was that time, just about the time after the church got set up and got in power, they smothered out everything else and went through about hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years is what every reader knows that was the dark ages. How many knows that? Sure, the dark ages. There's your dark horse, representing that dark age.
298  Now, all hope's gone, no hope at all; everything looked dark for the little believers. Now, that's the reason it's called—represented a dark horse. His balances or his scales in his hand (You see?), calling out "A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny." See? Actually that is… Wheat and barley is natural staff of life. That's what bread and stuff's made from. But you see, he was charging for this. What it means, that he was charging his subjects for the kind of the hope of life that he was sending out to them by making… he started in that very time of making them pay for prayer, charging for prayer. They still do it—novenas. "Cause, what was he doing? Capturing the wealth of the world, the scale weighing out a measure of wheat for a penny and three measures of barley for a penny. The rider on a black horse (See?) he was making—stripping his subjects of their money, when the Bible predicts that he holds about the wealth of the world. As we said last night about Russia and all that, they just take all the money and just stripped the people for everything they've got, everything. So there you are.
300  Now, notice. Do you see where that old money taken in church comes from? Get away from that stuff. To build an organization, a big something—a million dollar here and… You see what the mother of it is? Thank you, Lord. Oh, my. I'm so glad. Yes, sir. All right, it's been His grace; that's all. All right, it's a midnight time. Do you understand that now? And here he is charging for the kind of life, that's this barley and stuff, natural. It wasn't spiritual, now; it was barley. See? So… And barley bread and wheat bread… He was charging for that kind of a life that he was giving to his subjects, charging for prayer by the priest to pray people out of purgatory. Charging… (Now, I'm taking this right out of history). Charging for, I guess, it's novena, I guess everybody knows what. Novena, I guess that's something you have to do, you know, some penance. Somebody have to charge for that. Bringing the wealth of the world to him, into hisself, into the church itself, and he's still riding. Oh, sure he is. Yes, sir, still riding.
303  Notice… Here's the good part now. Notice, "See that thou hurt not this wine and oil." Just a little bit of it left, brother. "Don't you touch that." Now, oil is—symbolizes the Spirit, the Holy Spirit. I'll give you a few verses if you want to, a few Scriptures in Leviticus 8:12, where Aaron, before he went in had to be anointed with oil, you know; and—and Zechariah 4:12, of oil coming, pouring through the pipes and said, "This is My Spirit," oil. Another thing, if you want to see Matthew 14:25, there was a foolish virgin (25:3) the foolish virgin had no oil, no Spirit. And Matthew 25:4, the wise virgin had oil in her lamps, Spirit-filled. Spirit… Oil typifies the Spirit. Oh, glory. You get it? All right.
306  Now, oil typifies Spirit, and wine symbolizes stimulation of revelation. Boy, I like to run all over the place. It's a wonder I didn't wake up the neighborhood when the Lord showed me that. Stimulation of revelation… See? Oil and wine in the Bible is associated together always. I got the concordance and looked, and there's a string of them that like—like that, where wine and oil goes together all the time. See?
308  When the truth of a promised Word of God has been truly revealed to His saints that's filled with oil, they all get stimulated. Wine is a stimulation. Glory, I feel it right now, stimulated with joy, shouts. And when it does, it has the same effect upon them that—that wine does upon a natural man; because when the revelation has been given of a truth of God, and the true believer filled with oil, and the revelation is revealed, the stimulation becomes so great that it makes him behave hisself unnormally. That's right. Glory. Maybe that's what's the matter with them now. That's right. It makes them behave theirself unseemingly.
309  Now, if you want Scripture for this, just start reading Acts 2. What'd they have? They had the promise that had been given them. When all of the promise of the Holy Spirit was poured out on them, and was—it was Scripturally a-vindicated… Now, see the… What if they'd said, "Now, wait. He told us to wait up here for our ministry." And after eight days, they said, "Well, I tell you, boys…" Mark said to Matthew, "I—I believe we've already got it, fellows. Don't you think so?" See, "We already got it. Why are we waiting on our ministry? Now, we ought to just go on out preaching. He told us to come up here and wait, and this is eight days we been here." "Well, let's wait another one." Nine days come. Then Mark comes around or—or—or maybe one of the rest of them, John, said, "I—I—I believe we oughtn't to wait any longer. I believe we've already got it, don't you?"
312  And I can see Simon, 'cause he had the keys, you know. "Now, wait a minute, boys. The Scripture's got something to say about this. He never told us just how many days to wait. He said, 'You stay there until… You stay there until Joel's prophecy comes to pass, until Isaiah's prophecy is a-vindicated. For with stammering lips and with other tongues will I speak to this people,' and this is the refreshment. This is the wine that's poured out." What is wine in the Bible? Refreshment. This is the refreshment that comes from the Presence of the Lord. It's—it's got to be Scriptural now. See? So, you see, wine represents stimulation of revelation, and when the Holy Ghost fell, and they seen the fire of God fall upon them, my, that begin to stimulate them, and the first thing you know, they got so stimulated till the people actually thought they were drunk, but they were stimulated by the revelation.
314  By God's… Here it is. God's vindicated revelation made plain to them, they was happy about it. God promised it. Here it was revealed to them and vindicated to them. Amen. Here was a man standing there saying, "This is that; this is it," and there it was being a-vindicated by the same signs…?… There's—there's stimulation by revelation (See?), and now, they really had it then. That's the reason Peter could get out there and say, "Why, you men of Judaea, and you that dwell in Jerusalem, listen to me. All you doctors of divinity, listen to what I'm going to tell you." Oh, how wonderful. Revealed, revealed, they become so stimulated when they seen it vindicated. That just always does that; it always does.