The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 5: The Third Seal 63-0320 (Continued)

Day 56

222  Now, let's take this old fisherman. Sets his basket down, pushed his gray beard down, walks down, "I believe I'll see who it is." His brother said, "Come on. Let's go down here. That's that same guy; the guy they said the other day. I stayed all night with Him last night. You know John and I was talking about?" "Yeah, that wild man down there? Yeah, I heard about him." Well, a—a—old Simon, you know, said, "I heard about him down there. Yeah, been down there—two or three months ago down there, yep." "Well, he said… And one day he was standing there and he said an odd thing. He said, 'You know, here He comes right now.' They said, 'How do you know?' He looked over there, and there was an ordinary Fellow standing there. He said, 'I see the Spirit of God like a dove coming down on Him. I hear a voice saying, "This is Him. This is My beloved Son in Whom I am pleased to dwell in.' Then he walked right in the water and baptized Him and so forth. Well there, he said he knew Him." "Oh, I don't know," Simon said. "I've heard all of that lots of times." But here he comes up; but down in his heart was a predestinated seed. Jesus said so. That's right. He walks up to Him. Walks up and said, "I'll go down to the meeting and see."
227  Walks up there, Jesus standing there, just an ordinary little Fellow. Walked up—and said, "Why, your name is Simon, and your father's name was Jonas." That deflated him. Why? That little Eternal Life seed struck in there. Yes, sir. Said, "Wait a minute. How's that? You never did see me, neither did you know my dad 'cause he'd been dead for years, but here you come tell me that. Now, I know that the Bible says…" (Now, that's not go back to what the elders says.) but "the Bible said that the Messiah would be a prophet. There He is. That's Him."
229  One day He passed through Samaria going down through there with a bunch of Jews. He left them. And this little ill-famed woman come out, maybe a pretty little lady, you know; and she'd been turned out on the street as a kid, and she was going through there. Maybe she was thinking about something. She walked up there, and set the bucket down, and she started to let the windle down, you know, get the water, and she heard a Man say, "Bring Me a drink." She looked around and there set kind of a middle-aged Jew. She said, "Say, aren't you a Jew? You shouldn't do that. It's not customary for you to talk to me. I'm a Samaritan." He said, "But if you knowed Who you're talking to, you'd bring—you'd ask Me to give you a drink." She said, "Where's your bucket? Where's your string?" "Well," He said, "the water that I give is Life." "The what? (See?) Why," she said, "why, you all want to worship in Jerusalem. And our fathers worshipped in…" "Oh," He said, "that's right," but said, "we Jews know what we worship," but said, "you know, the time is coming when—when men will not worship in Jerusalem or in this mountain." He said, "They're going to worship God in the Spirit, because He is a Spirit; He's Spirit and Truth." Well, she begin to study, you know. He said, "Go, get your husband, and come here." She said, "My husband? I haven't got any husband." Oh, He said, "That's the truth." Said—said, "You've been running around with five and got the sixth one now." And said, "You—you've had five. And—and you—you know, you—you told the truth."
236  Watch. What was it? That Light struck that seed that had been laying there that was spoke by God. Yes, sir. The seed was on the earth. When God moved the water away and the sun hit it, it come up. That's right. See? That's all it needed was sun. It needed light. Yes, sir. And then when the Holy Spirit in Him moved away her past life and showed it to her, that Light struck it; she said, "Sir, I perceive You're a prophet." She said, "That's how… We know—I know it, that when Messiah comes, that's what He's going to be, and we ain't had a prophet for hundreds of years. We have never had a true prophet for hundreds of years." And she said, "How… You tell me about my husband and told me how many I've had and so forth… Why," said, "I don't understand this," said, "when Messiah cometh, well, He's going to do that, but Who are you?" He said, "I'm He." That was it: A harlot.
239  And the priest looked around and said… Well, they'd have to answer to their congregation, said, "Don't fool with that fellow. He's—he's possessed of a devil." Now, that's the difference. That's the same thing today (See?), same thing today. Hits just exactly. Yep, yes, sir. She—she knew it because the Light struck it. They… Them fishermen, woodsmen, farmers, tax-collectors, harlots, they seen in Him what the simple Scriptures said He would do, and the Pharisees couldn't see because of their tradition. Amen. They couldn't see because their traditions; but the prostitute, the farmers, and all them, they saw it. All that was predestinated, when the doubts rolled away, the seed went to growing. That's right.
241  What did she do? She said, "Well, I'm glad I met the Messiah." Oh, no, brother. Right into the city she went. She forgot about the water. She said, "Come, see a Man Who told me the things that I've done. Isn't this the very thing that the Scripture said Messiah's going to do? Isn't this exactly that?" And the people could see that same thing that Jesus Christ said in Saint John 14:12, it would happen again. He said it also in Luke when He said, "As it was in the days of Noah…" how God manifest Himself in a Man and told who was behind Him, and what Sarah did (laughing in the tent), and all these Scriptures of Malachi and so forth predicted in the last day. Hebrews 4 said when the Word comes back… Malachi 4 said it would return back by a man; the—Hebrews 4 said the Word of God discerns the thoughts that's in the heart, and they can see it done and walk right away from it. Their traditions hide it and makes it none effect. Well, we're just here. That's all.
244  You know, He could do this same thing today. He'd come right on the scene and produce the same things He did then as He said He would. See? He promised to do it. He promised to do it. And if He would do the same things… The Laodicea messenger is supposed to do it; and then if the Laodicea church sees it done, they'll do just exactly like the Hebrew church did at the beginning. See? No matter how well vindicated it is, all—they do it anyhow. Oh, my. Now, It said that it would—we would return to the original Word and be made manifested as promised to restore again the faith, original faith again. And if He made Hisself known that He was dwelling amongst His people by doing these things… He could even have His picture taken, scientifically prove it, and still they don't believe it…?… Let the mechanical eye of the camera catch Him standing there, that same Pillar of Fire, same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8) to show that it's—it's scientific in every other way, scientifically, in the spiritual realms, and every way it could be vindicated, it's been vindicated and you know they'd probably do the same thing. They'd probably just walk right away and do the same thing that they did.
248  Oh, God, help us. Oh, my. Now, we'll just stop here. God, help us to see now, my prayer, as we come now, 'cause I don't want to keep you too late. God help us to see. I believe, maybe the Spirit upon us to be right now that He'd help us to reveal, open up this Seal. Let's read as we see the state the church is in. We see where it has been, seen what they did, seen where it was supposed to come, see it there, and see what they was supposed to do. They did just that. Now, you see where we are at? You do the judging. I can't judge. I'm just responsible for bringing this Word. Just as It's give to me, I can give It. Until it's give to me, I can't give It. No one else can. And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that set on him had a pair of balances in his hand. And I heard the voice in the midst of the four beasts saying, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; but see thou hurt not the oil and… wine.
250  Now, the Lamb's got the Book in His hand breaking the Seal. Broke the first one, second one, and now, He breaks the third one. And as He breaks it, the Lamb breaks it, the Third Seal, the third beast… Now, how many knows what the third beast looked like? Looked like a man. The first one looked like a lion; the other one looked like a calf or an ox, and the third one looked like a man, as a man. And he heard the—the living creature that—the beast, living creature like a man said to John, "Come, see what it is, this mystery that's been hid." All down through the years of redemption, since the foundation of the world, It's been hid under this Seal, what's going to happen. Now, come, look what it is." And so he opens it up; a thunder blasts; and the Lamb opens the Seals.
253  Now, and John walked up to see what it would be. What did he see? He seen a black horse, and his rider had a balance or scales in his hand. Now, that's the first thing he saw. When the Lamb announced it, broke the Seal, then the other beast… See, them beasts are taking turn about, announcing, "Come, see." And John, where he was standing, maybe like this, he walks over here when the Lamb opened it, walked over, usually the thunder strikes as we seen in the First Seal. And he watches to see what takes place, and he sees a man coming first on a white horse; he watches him ride down and on down through; John sees him plumb to the end. He sees him come down, his white horse, got a bow in his hand, and the—the rider has; and he has no arrows with it. And the next thing he sees, he gets a crown, rides right on through.
255  Then we find out and then the Lamb, here it comes again. He opens another and looks. Now, here comes a red horse. And this man has a sword in his hand. He rides right on down through the Scriptures (See?) with a sword in his hand and was to kill and take peace from the earth. Now, the Lamb opens another Seal. Another one of the living creatures like a man said, "Come, see." Now, he walks up to see what this is. And when he does, there comes a rider on a black horse.