The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 5: The Third Seal 63-0320 (Continued)

Day 52

69  Now, I don't want to scare you, and I—and I—I—I don't think it's that way; but I just want to tell you what He said, and you know it yourself. "As it was in the days of Noah wherein eight souls were saved by water…" Eight souls out of the world be saved by water. Well, you say, "Oh, my, there is no need of me trying." That shows you haven't got the kind of faith you need. "If there's just going to go, be one, that'll be me (Amen.), 'cause I believe." See? That's the way you want to believe it. "Be me." Sure. I want to live so close to Him that I know He's going to take me when He comes; I believe it. So if there—if everybody else misses it, I'm going to be there by His grace, 'cause He promised me that, and I know that I—I'll be there, 'cause He can't lie, and I know my soul and life bears record, and I try to live daily just like He was coming, so I—I'm—I'm going to be that one. That's the way you want to feel. If there's going to be eight, I'll be one of that eight; going to be five hundred, I'm going to be one of that five hundred. Don't know about the other fellow, but I want to be one of that five hundred. You see? See? That is the way you want to remember it. See? And if you don't remember it like that, there's something wrong with your faith. See, you're not sure you are saved yet then. You're just guessing at it. Don't do that.
73  All right, we ain't going to get into this Seal, are we? All right, I want each night… I don't know whether you mind me taking up your time. We could get out a little bit earlier. There's not too… In the revealing of these—of these Seals, remember, it's only really one verse. The first tells the announcing of it. The second verse… Most all commentaries and so forth, the reading of it are—are… The reading of their thoughts, and I have—and I've always believed like nearly all of them does that that first horse rider was the—was the early church. But when the Holy Spirit revealed it, it was absolutely contrary to that. And so then, all it does, it just show what it is. And then I try…
75  Now, to me this is very sacred. That's the reason I'd rather answer these questions, and let's get it everybody knowing straight and on tapes too, that they'll understand now. See? I tried to speak awhile at night on backgrounding to get the people rushing in and pushing in and… You shouldn't do that. See? But when it does, it's human being, and it's hot and in here and you—and you are restless, but you've been very, very nice. The best I've ever seen the people act in the Tabernacle has been this meeting, and just setting quiet, and the mothers taking their babies to the nursery when they start crying and everything, it's been very nice.
78  But I've tried to background it until I just feel the anointing of the Spirit on me to say these words, to say what has been revealed to me. And then if I've somewhere doing that, if I have made a mistake here, surely here before all the people, He will correct it for me. I—I want it—it's—it's… I want it right. There's no need of taking just what you imagine; there's something right, and—and we want that. We want God to give us what's right.
79  So now, we took this—these riders as they come up—the first horse. Now… And we realize that that was the—the antichrist that went forth. And then we find out last night that the same fellow that went forth as antichrist with the white horse, we found him with a sword last night, riding and killing people. Now, now, it's always the natural and the spiritual, and for the Church sake, I want to type just before we get to the opening of this Seal, which, what He give me. I got it wrote down here. I got several Scriptures here—seven or eight pages of it, and as I refer to it… Notice. I want to give a type of the church and make it so plain that you'll be bound to see it. See?
83  Now, there was a natural bride in the garden of Eden. (You remember last night?) That natural bride, she was Adam's sweetheart, not yet his wife, 'cause he hadn't knew her yet as a wife. Just like Mary was Joseph's wife, but he never knew her yet. She was found with a child. See? Now, before Adam knew his wife, she was just a bride to him. All right. And we find out that God… She—she fell in the garden of Eden because she failed to hold to God's Word.
86  Now, He knew that Satan would be loosed among them, so He gave them a place to stay behind, fortify them. Well, there… Who could know any better place to be fortified than God if He's trying to take care of His own children? If I wanted to take care of my little Joseph, well, brother, everything—and I knowed his life depended on it, why… and I was able to do it, why, a forty foot concrete reinforced would—would be the thing would do it, that's—I'd make it ninety foot to be sure that… And if I can think that about my little boy, which if his mortal life would lost, I believe a child would be saved, how much more to God to His child that would be eternally lost. What should He place him behind? He placed him behind His own Word. As long as you're in that Word, you're safe. "If ye abide in Me and My Word's in you, then just ask what you will…" That's it, the Word.
89  So Eve got to strolling in the garden, and she run into the serpent (a very polished-up sort of a fellow), and she… And he begin… Now, he was on the other side. God lives, dwells, works in humility, never any other way. See? Now, the little humble lady walking along there, and Satan come up as a wise, slick, polished sort of a fellow, and he wanted to sell her the program as long as… No matter how much Satan was around, as long as she stayed behind this Word, she was all right. See? So let Satan do whatever he wants to, you just stay with the Word. See? Don't make a bit of difference. If he says, "Why, you're sick." "By His stripes I'm healed." See? "Well, you're going to die." "He will raise me up again (See?); He promised."
91  See? Just stay behind the Word. That's all. Christ retreated to the Word Himself: "It's written…" See? Now, stay behind the Word. But Eve, she begin to kinda let down, but she never let it all down; she only let one little phrase down, and that's what Satan wanted her to do. He got her from behind God's promise by reasoning. Don't never try to reason God's Word; just believe It. See? So she stepped out from there and before Adam ever got to her for a wife, she was already defiled by Satan. And she… And… Did you notice? Christ did the same thing. Exactly. Now, for redeeming, God had to be there first. And did you notice Mary? Before she come to Joseph, the Holy Spirit had done got there. Amen. See? That's where the Redeemer come.
95  Now, now, notice, the natural woman fell, and God made a way for her to be redeemed. Although she had fallen, He made a way. Now, that was, the first bride on earth fell before her husband and her were married. She fell by—by the reason of—of reasoning. Instead of staying with the Word she fell, and she fell to death, eternal separation. With her, she took her husband and everything else there was on the earth; she fell.
97  Now, but God full of mercy, made a way to redeem that woman. And now, He promised her, telling her that sometime in the future the true Word would come to her again. The true Word will be made known to her. Now, remember that, 'cause He promised Christ through the woman, and Christ is the Word: Saint John 1 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word became flesh (See?) and dwelt with us…" God dwelt with us in flesh. He was the Word. Before a word it's a thought, and a thought has to be created. All right. So God's thoughts become creation when it was spoke by a word. That's when He presents it to—to you as a thought, His thoughts, and it is revealed to you, then it's still a thought until you speak it.
100  That is the reason Moses went out to pray (that Pillar of Fire around him) and He said, "Go, hold your stick towards the east and say, call for fly." There's no flies, but he went and held the stick there and said, "Let there be flies." No flies at all yet. Went on back, but the Word, God's thought has already been spoken. It's a Word, now it's got to happen. See?
102  Now, don't you see where Jesus said? "If you say to this mountain (Not if I say it, but) you say to this mountain, 'Be moved'…" And the first thing, I guess, in Moses time, big old green fly begin to buzz, and after while they were five pounds per yard. See? Where did he come from? He did… God created them. Don't you see? God can destroy this world tonight with—with gnats if He wants to. Why, He could pile gnats plumb to the moon. The only thing He would do, just say, "Let there be gnats to the moon." That'd be all there would be to it. No chemicals or nothing, they'd just keep on growing, growing, growing on—on. See?
105  He can do what He wants to. He's God, the Creator. The only thing He do is just speak it. That's right. He's the Creator. Now, if we just get to realizing how great He is… See? He just does what He wishes to. He sets up there and looks at people, and these little educators smart mouthing there's no God and everything… Why, it—it's just like it was at Babel again—Babel, rather. Now, we notice that God told Eve that after so long a time, "The Word is coming back to you." Now, how did she fall? I want my class to say it. What did she fall from? What did Eve fall from? The Word. Is that right? The Word. And God said He'd make a way to redeem her back to the Word again. All right. After so long a time the Word would be known to her. All right, the Word would come for one purpose now.
108  Hold tight now, what I'm saying. The Word would come to her for one purpose; that was for redemption. All right. But until—until then, she had a substitute that would—that would work until the time arrived for the original Word. Now, you—you understand clearly? See? He told her the Word would come to her again, but until that time He give her a substitute until that time arrived. So He gave her a offering to make, a substitute for that blood. Now, the blood was of bulls and sheep, and goats and things; but it didn't take away her sins. See? It only covered her sin. It didn't take it away at all. It covered it, for it was a animal's blood, and in the animal's blood is animal life. It was a substitute until the real (Now get your coats on)—the real human Blood, as human beings would be, become incarnate: God, without sex, virgin, the virgin birth produced that.