The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 4: The Second Seal 63-0319 (Continued)

Day 43

141  Now, he was first called antichrist. The second stage, he was called the false prophet, because that spirit among the people become incarnate. You remember the white horse rider now had no crown when he started, but then he was—was given a crown. Why? He was the Nicolaitane spirit to begin with. And then he become incarnate in a man, and then he was crowned, and received a throne, and was crowned. And then he served that for a long time, as we'll see as the Seals break, and then we find out after that a long time Satan was kicked out of heaven. And he come down, according to the Scriptures and enthroned himself. Just think, enthroned himself in that man and become a beast. And he had power, supreme power like, that he done all the miracles and everything that there—the killings and bloody fights and everything that—that Rome could produce.
144  All right. He killed by cruel Roman punishment. Just… Oh, how we could break in some Scriptures here. Remember, Jesus Christ died under the punishment of Rome: capital punishment. The message that I've got in my heart to preach up here at this next meeting on Good Friday afternoon meets three, four things. See? "There They Crucified Him." There, the holiest, religious place in the world was Jerusalem. They, the most holy (supposed to be) people in the world, the Jews. There they crucified, the most cruel punishment that Rome could produce. Crucified Him. What? The greatest Person that ever lived: There they crucified Him. Oh, my. God help me to swing it into that bunch of businessmen to let them see where they're standing. All right. Now, not to be different, not to be nasty, but to shake that till them brothers can see that their dignitaries and holy fathers and things they're writing up in this Business Man's Journal is nonsense. Christians are not supposed to call any man, "Father." They start that… I've tried to help them in everything I can (you see where this tape goes, so) I'm finished. I will certainly won't have anything else to do with it. All right.
147  First, remember Christ. First as Nic—Nicolaitane. And what did the Nicolaitane age ask for? It asked to get away from them bunch of people that shouts, and clapped their hands and looks like disgracefully—like they did on Pentecost, act like drunk men, staggering in the Spirit and things. They didn't want none of that stuff. They said they were drunk. And when the celebrity… (Listen, don't miss this. It may sound crazy to you, but it's the Truth.) When the—the dignitaries begin to come in, they couldn't stoop to that. What makes God big is because He's big enough to stoop down. That's what makes Him big. There's nothing bigger, and He stooped the lowest that anybody could stoop or any human being ever stooped. He was the King of heaven, and He come to the—to the lowest city on the earth, Jericho. And He got so low to even the shortest man in the town had to look down on Him to see Him. Is that right? Zacchaeus. That's right. He was called the worst name that any human being could be called: a sorcerer, a devil, Beelzebub. That's what the world thought of Him.
149  Died the cruelest death. Didn't have a place to lay His head, kicked out by every organization. But when God exalted Him so high, till He has to look down to see heaven…?… God in humility. See? And He give Him a Name so great that the whole family of heaven is named after Him, and every family of the earth. All the family on earth is named "Jesus." All the families in heaven is named "Jesus." And such a Name that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He's the Lord, either here or in hell. Hell will bow to it. Everything else will bow to it. See, but first it was humility, then it become great. See? Let God exalt. He that humbles himself, God will exalt. See?
150  Now, we notice this "Nico" spirit wanted wisdom, smarter. It had to reason it out like it was in Eden, reason against the Word of God by the wisdom; and the church fell for it. What was it? Now, let's say—take this church here and take a bunch of people like we are, if you wasn't real Spirit-filled. And let us take, say… Now, nothing against the mayor of our city, I don't think I know him, Mr. Bottorff. Is he still mayor? See, I don't… See? Mr. Bottorff is a fine friend of mine. See? But say the mayor of the city and all the police force and—and all the marshals and they—they all come here. The first thing you know, if they got just a little thing in their head and begin to talk to the Board and the people around here, and say, "Now, you know what? This ought to be different…" If you're not Spirit-filled and got a real Spirit-filled man behind the pulpit, the first thing you know you'd be catering to them. Maybe not this generation; maybe the next generation.
152  And that's the way it started in. See? Why? They were saying, "Looky here, it's reasonable." You—you'd listen to it. Say a man come in here that could say, "This church is too little. Let us build a big church. I'll build you one out here; it'll be worth so much money—half a million dollars will be put in there. I'll put the thing on the broadcast." When they do that, then they got an axe to grind—nine times out of ten. You know one of them kind. The first thing you know, then if he does, he runs things to suit himself. You can't say nothing because Brother John Doe back there, he's the finance of this church. See? And then you get a little Ricky out of some seminary who knows about as much about God as a Hottentot does about Egyptian night, and he will come along there, and he will cater to that guy, because he buys him a new car all the time, lets him ride around, and buys him this, that, and the other. And that's exactly how it started out. Right.
154  Notice, wisdom and smartness… They said, "Now, looky here. Isn't it only sensible that… Now, the—our—our women, what difference does it make how they wear their hair?" But the Bible says it does make a difference. Just take that one thing, besides the hundreds of others. See? It does make a difference. God said it made a difference, so it is a difference. But you see, if they get that started (and the Trustee Board and deacons and everything), the first thing you know the pastor either gets in or gets out. That's all. See, it's the people that voted it in.
156  All right, now notice, that spirit begin to move and the church that—that—that got so much dignitary in it, so much big things, and so much money started till after while they listened to it and fell for it, the crudeness of the devil. And that's the very thing that Eve done in the garden of Eden. Now, you hear that; that's right. Look, the natural woman, Adam's bride, before he come to her as a wife, fell for the Satan's scheme against the Word of God by reasoning it. Before Adam lived with Eve as a wife, Satan beat him there. That's right. You heard "The Bride Tree" I preached on, that talks of it. (See?) All right. Now, notice, there Eve fell for reasoning. Now, he, Satan tried to reason it. And she said, "But the Lord said…" He said, "Oh, you know, but surely the Lord won't. See? You—you ought to be wise, you want to know something. Why, you're nothing but a dumb child. See? You ought to know something." If that isn't Satan… Oh, my. If that isn't some of these modern… See? "Oh, they're just a bunch of holy-rollers; don't pay no attention to them." See? Don't go…"
160  Now, the natural first bride of the human race, before her husband come to her, she fell from grace by listening to Satan's lie after God had her fortified behind His Word. If she'd have stayed behind the Word, she'd have never fell. Now, that's in the natural. Notice, the natural woman. And what was the curse? The actual curse of coming out from behind God's Word… Now, remember, she believed about ninety-eight percent of It, but you just have to let one thing go. See? She believed a whole lot of It. Oh, certainly. She said this, and Satan admit that's right. If he can just get you on one corner, that's all he wants. See? Only thing you have to do is give the bullet a little twist this way, and it'll miss the target. See? That's all. Now, she believed so much of it, but yet missed it.
163  Now, and the—and the results, because she left the Word for one little speck of a reason… What say now, "What about the women? or, Why do you want to talk about something like that? But any of those little things… What's the difference whether it's initial evidence…" It's something to it. You got… It's got to be straightened out. We presumed at it through seven church ages almost, but the hour has come when God speaks it. And He don't only speak it, but He shows it, and vindicates it, and proves it. That's right. If He doesn't do it, then it isn't God; that's all. God stands behind His Word. Notice now. Now, the natural woman caused natural death, because she listened to reason to make herself wise—make herself wise instead of staying behind the Word and doing what God told her to. She wanted wisdom and be wise, and she listened to reason, and—and she lost the whole human race. See?
167  Now, this time the spiritual woman, the Bride of Christ that started on the day of Pentecost with the early apostolic church, lost the same thing at the Nicaea Council. Lee, you know that's right. At it, at the Nicaea Council when she swapped her spiritual birthrights to take Constantine's big churches and things that he offered them there; and she sold out her Scriptural birthrights for a bunch of Roman dogma. Now, that's hard on the Catholic, but the Protestant has done the same thing. They're represented in the Bible here as a daughter of the—a harlot of the whore. That's exactly right. Every one of them… No excuses, but out of there has always been a little remnant right along that goes to make the Bride. Notice, she lost her birthright (See?), before her husband got to her (See?); before the wedding she lost her virtue.