The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 4: The Second Seal 63-0319 (Continued)

Day 42

101  We notice in the breaking of the First Seal, Satan had a—a super religious man. Did you notice that white horse rider, which they—it was thought to be that that was a—the early church going forth. But, oh, my, that's been taught through the years, but it couldn't be. Just watch when the rest of them, when we get them all tied together, then look where it's at. See? Now… And I don't know what the rest of them's going to be as yet, but I know it's got to come just perfectly in there, because it's the Truth. It's the Truth. That was the hierarchy church of Rome. Exactly.
102  These people who think that the Jews are the antichrist, they are certainly a million miles off the line. Don't you never think the Jews are an antichrist. Their eyes were blinded purposely that we might have a way to get in, giving us a time of repentance. But the antichrist is a Gentile. Certainly it is, an impersonator of the truth: "Anti," "against." Now, this great superman… Oh, how he become a great man, and—and then finally was throned. Then after throned, he was crowned. And now, he… After that he was worshipped in the stead of God. Now, look, before that ever come… I want to ask you something: Who was that? What was that on Paul in Second Thessalonians 2:3, that said that man would come? Why did that man look down through the age and see it? He was God's prophet. Certainly.
105  Why was it he said the Spirit speaks expressingly that in the latter time that they'd depart from the faith and would give heed to seducing (You know what "seduce" is.)—a seducing spirit in the church? That is clergy, seducing clergy spirit, workings of devils, hypocrisies in the church, heady, high-minded (wisdom. You see? smart, intelligent), having a form of godliness (just go say, "Well, we're Christians, we should go to church."), having a form of godliness but denying the revelations, the power and the working of the Spirit, from such turn away. See?
106  Now, notice he said, "For this is the sort that'll go from house to house and will lead silly women (Now, that don't mean Holy Ghost women.)—silly women that's led away with divers lusts." Divers lusts, they just like to get in every little thing that they can get into, and all kinds of societies, and live anyway that they want to, and still, "We go to church. We're just as good as anybody," dances, parties, cut their hair, paint, dress anything they want to, say, "We're—we're Pentecostals; we're—we're—we're just as good as anybody." Oh, your own works identify you.
108  Notice, but he said, "Man of reprobate minds concerning Truth." What is the Truth? The Word, which is Christ "… concerning the Truth." "Oh, you… You make… You—you're a woman driver; you're a woman hater; you do this and that." No, sir. That's not right. That's a falsehood. I do not hate women. No, sir. I… They're my sisters—if they are sisters. But the thing I… Love is corrective. If it isn't corrective, it isn't love. If it is, then—if it's love, it's—it's phileo love and not agapao, I'll tell you that. You might have a little phileo love for some nice-looking lady, but agapao love is a different thing. That's a love that straightens the thing out and meet God yonder somewhere where we can live eternally. See? I didn't mean that, maybe, in the way it sounded, but I… You know, what… I—I hope you understand. All right. Now…
112  But remember he said, "As Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so will they. But their folly was soon made manifest." Why? When Moses was commissioned to do something that seemed radical, but he went down there just as honest as he could be, and God told him to take this stick and to throw it down, and it would turn to a serpent. Then He did it to show him what it would take place. And before Pharaoh he stood out there just as God had commissioned him and throwed down his stick, and it turned to a serpent.
114  And no doubt Pharaoh said, "A cheap magician trick." So he goes and gets his Jannes and Jambres, said, "We can do those things, too." And they threw down their stick, and they become serpents. Now, what could Moses do? What was it? It was to show him that every genuine thing of God, the devil's got an impersonator for it. He impersonates to throw the people off the track. What did Moses do? He said, "Well, I guess I made a mistake; I better go back." He just stood still for he'd carried out his commission to the letter. Then the first thing you know Moses' serpent eat up the other one. See? Did you ever think what become of that other serpent? Where did he go to? Moses picked up the stick and went on out with it. He worked miracles with it. And that serpent was on the inside of the other stick. That's wonderful, isn't it? Yes, sir.
118  Now, antichrist comes into light gradually. I want you to notice. Now, when you here… Now, to my Catholic friends, just set still just a minute… And now… And then we're going to see where the Protestants, where we all are. See? Notice, the first church… When the Catholic church said that they were the first original church, they're exactly right; they were. They begin at Pentecost. That's where the Catholic church began. Now, I once didn't hardly believe that till I read history, and I found out it is right. They begin at Pentecost, but they begin to drift. And you see where they are at? And if Pentecost drifts with the speed it's drifting now, they won't have to go two thousand years. In a hundred years from now they'll be farther away than the Catholic church is. That's right.
122  But notice how this white horse rider… (Now, we just backgrounding it a little till we hit this Seal.) Now, notice the white horse rider. When he went out he—he serves in three stages. The devil, as I proved to you the other night is in a trinity just like God, but it's the same devil all the time in three stages. Notice his stages: In the first stage he come in, the Holy Ghost fell, and people had everything in common. And the Spirit of God was upon them, and the apostles went from house to house breaking bread with the people, and there was great signs and wonders wrought. And—and then the first thing you know, Satan began to cause a murmur to come up. Then after while these slaves and the poor of the land what received the Holy Ghost, they went out into different places testifying. They testified to their masters.
126  And after while there begin to come all like army captains and… And the different people the celebrity begin to see the gallantry and the miracles and signs that these men done, so they accepted Christianity. Well then (You see?), when he embraced Christianity and go down there to a place where they're meeting in a little old dark, dingy hall, and clap their hands and shout and speaking in tongues and getting messages, why, he could never take that to his—his competitor or whatever it is in his business. He'd never believe it like that (Certainly not.), so he's got to dress it up.
128  So they begin to get together and begin to think, "Now, we'll form something a little different." And Jesus, right immediately at the first church age, He told them in the 2nd chapter of Revelations here, "I have somewhat against you, because these deeds of the Nicolaitanes." "Nico," "conquer the laity." In other words, they want to make… Instead of everybody be one, they want to make some holy fellow. They wanted to make some kind of… They wanted to pattern it in paganism from where they had come out from, and they finally done it. Now, watch. First Nicolaitane. The Nicolaitane was called in the Bible, antichrist, because it was against the original doctrine of Christ and the apostles.
131  I don't want to call this man's name. He is a great man. But I was at his meeting here a few years ago, and he knew I was there, 'cause I'd shook his hand. And he said, "You know, we have such today that they call Pentecostals." And he said, "They—they rely upon the Book of Acts." And he said, "You see, the Acts was only scaffold work for the church." Would you imagine a man that's studied the Bible, a gallant old man, and had studied the Bible the way that fellow has, and then would make a remark like that? It sounds—it—it don't—It even doesn't sound like the Holy Spirit is around, it's got not to be nowhere; because anybody with common understanding would know that the Acts of the Apostles was not acts of the apostles; it was the acts of the Holy Spirit in the apostles.
133  Don't you know how we patterned it out in the church ages, the—them beasts setting there watching that ark there: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John standing there watching that. And in there is what happened as a results of the writing of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. That's what the tree putteth forth its first branch, and that is what happened. And if that tree ever puts forth another branch, they'll write another book of Acts behind it. 'Cause you see, the same Life's got to be in the same thing.
135  So now, today when we look over our denominational churches: Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Church of Christ (so-called), and Pentecostals and things, where do we find that? You don't find it. I will admit that the Pentecostals has the closest thing to it there is, because they are up here in the Laodicean Church Age. They had Truth and rejected it. They got lukewarm with it, and God spued them from His mouth. That's exactly according to the Scriptures. You can't make them Scriptures lie. See? They're going to be truthful always. Don't try to… The only thing, don't try to line your thought up to the—or the Scriptures up to your thought, but re… line yourself up with the Scriptures. That's… Then you're running with God. No matter how much you have to cut away or lay aside, line up with that. See?
138  Look what it did the first time it fell. Well, if God acted like that the first time, He's got to act like that the second time. He's got to act like that every time, or He acted wrong the first time. See, we as mortals, we can make mistakes. God can't. God's first decision is perfect. And the way He chose to do things, there can't be no other better way. He can't improve on it, because it's perfect to begin with. If it isn't, then He isn't infinite. And if He's infinite, then He is omniscient. And if He is omniscient, then He's omnipotent. Amen. He's got to be that to be God. See? So He… You can't say, "He learned more." He didn't learn more; He's the—He's the very fountain of all wisdom. See? Our wisdom here come from Satan. We inherited it from Eden where we swapped off faith for wisdom. Eve did it.