The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 3: The First Seal 63-0318 (Continued)

Day 38

389  Now, watch, at the same time that this guy's a-conquering (Then I'll close.), God's going to do something then too. Let's not just give Satan all the credit here. See? Let's not talk about him altogether. See? While this great thing is going out there, this great system winding in these organizations in a union so they can pool themselves together and stand against Communism, and not knowing that God raised up Communism to conquer them. Sure. What—what—what made Communism rise in Russia? Because of the impurity of the Roman church and the rest of them. They took all the money there was in Russia and starved the people to death and give them nothing instead of live just like the rest of the world.
391  I was down in Mexico not long ago and see them poor little children. Any Catholic country is not even self-supporting; there's not a one of them. Ask me where… Show me where they're at. Any Catholic-controlled country can't even support its own self. France, Italy, and all them, Mexico, wherever you go, they're not self-supporting. Why? The church took everything they have. That's the reason Russia kicked it out.
392  Watch what taken place. I know this myself. I stand down there and you think the golden jubilee was on you hear the bells ringing. And here a poor little woman coming down the street, dragging her feet, and a father packing a baby, and two or three of them crying. She was doing penance to some dead woman up there, they had her, thought she'd get to go to heaven by it. Oh, what a pitiful thing. Then I seen standing down there… Here comes… Their economics is so poorly balanced; the church takes everything they got. Here little Pancho, maybe—maybe Pancho Frank, he comes down, and he's a brick mason, and he maybe he makes twenty pesos a week, but it'll take the whole twenty pesos to buy him a pair of shoes. That's their economics. But now here, what about then if he being a mason and a bricklayer and make twenty pesos a week (just saying, I don't know what he makes, but say that kind of economics—the way it's balanced up).
394  Notice, now, if he makes twenty pesos a week, here comes Chico (See?), which means "little one," and he works out there for about five pesos a week, and he's got ten kids to feed; but there'll be somebody knocking on his door to take about five of those pesos or four of them anyhow to pay for some grease candle to burn on a million dollar gold altar for his sins. There you are. That's the balance of economics. That's the way their countries are. The thing takes it all. The church takes it all.
395  She's just got it in her hands. That's all. And her, with the money of the Jews in that covenant; the Bible said they'll take the whole thing, and then he becomes a beast; he breaks his covenant; he ravishes; he tears out the rest of that woman's seed like that, and spurts water out of his mouth, makes war; and there'll be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. And the Bride's getting married in glory (See?) same time. Don't miss it, friends. God help me; and I—I want to be there. I don't care what it costs. I—I want to be there.
398  Now, notice, in the same time this is going on, just before this takes place, rather, on the earth, God has promised, while all them scruples of denominations arguing their difference about their creed, God promised that He would send us a true prophet of the true Word with a message to return to the original Word of God and the faith of the fathers to bring down the power of the Holy Ghost amongst the people, with a power that will raise her above these things and take her in at the same time. Yes, sir.
398a  Same Word be vindicated of Jesus Christ that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. "Lo, I am with you always, even to the consummation. And the works that I do shall you do also. I will be right with you. A little while and they won't see Me no more, 'cause they will organize themselves and scatter out, but ye will see Me, for I will be with you. I will even be in you unto the consummation." When He said… His indignation be poured out after the consummation. There you are. Oh, God. Who is that white horse rider? You're not blind. You see who it is. It's that antichrist and that deceitful spirit that's gone now and crept in, and made and then sh…
399  See, God just keeps repeating it. He showed there's a man going forth with a white horse and with his bow and no arrow. He's a bluff. He has no power. You say, "The power of the church…" Where's it at? What do they do? They say, "We're the original church." The original church cast out devils, healed the sick, and raised the dead, saw visions and everything else. Where is it now? See? He's a bluff: bow with no arrow. That's right.
400  But you see, when Christ come, a Sword went forth from His mouth like a lightning flash. It went forth and consumed His enemies and cast away the devil. It cut away everything else and He come, His vesture dipped in Blood and on His thigh was written "The Word of God." Amen. Here He come with His army, coming from heaven.
401  That white horse rider has been in the land all the time. He will change from antichrist. He does that and becomes to a false prophet. See, he first started an antichrist, the spirit; then he become a false prophet. Then later, when the devil is cast out, he's incarnate then with the devil. Three stages: the first he's a devil to begin with, a spirit of the devil; then he becomes a false prophet, teacher of a false doctrine; next thing he comes as the very devil himself incarnate. See? There he is. And at the same time that this devil falls out of heaven and becomes incarnate in a man, the Holy Spirit goes up and comes down incarnate Man. Amen. Oh, my. What a time.
403  Tomorrow night, God willing, the Second Seal. You love Him? (All right, Brother Fred…?… the tapes, brother, keep…?…) Now, you—you believe it? (I just shut the tape off.) Now, I'm going to hear from that; you know that. See? But I expect to. Let me tell you something, brother. I just now know for one time in my life why that Spirit has always warned me against them, that organization.
405  I'm grateful to the Lord God for showing me these things. I know that it's the Truth. There it is, revealed right there. Here he rides right down through the age and comes right out here and displays himself right down here just as perfect as he can be. See? That's him. Now, we're not deceived on that. Now, you got your eyes opened. Stay away from that kind of stuff. Love the Lord with all your heart, and stay right with Him. Yes, sir. Come out of Babylon. [—Ed.] Three things: proved by the Word, shown by a picture, manifested by the works of the Spirit, vindicating that It is the Word. Let the Word come upon these handkerchiefs, Lord. Heal the sick. Heal every sick person that's present, Lord, and those out there that writes in and calls in. Father, at this hour, there's another healing that should be done right now, and we go on to healing service. But, Lord, it's that soul, we want that just in order, Lord. And these things must come. We pray, God, that You'll take these words now that has been said, and make them real to the people. Let them see It, Lord. Being pinched for time, and, You know, Father, so I pray that enough has been said that the Holy Spirit will take It and reveal It into hearts. Those who are writing the Scriptures down, may they study Them. Those who are making tapes or—or—or hearing the tapes, may they study It; not put their own interpretation to It now, but just study the Word. Grant it, Father. In Jesus' Name, I commit it all to You, and for Your glory. Amen. [A brother prophesies. Congregation rejoices—Ed.] Amen. Oh, thank You! [Congregation continues rejoicing.] Oh! If there is somebody here that don't know Him, in pardon, do it now. Hear that straight, strong rebuke. If you ever expect to draw nigh, do it now, for days after this. What if that was the breaking of that Seal? What if that was the Angel that sent forth there, that blasted (almost) me off of the ground, the other day, standing back there, when three witnesses are standing close. That I told you before I went, "There would be an explosion that would almost send me up." And I was caught up by seven Angels, and come eastward. The thing like to shook me from the ground. Is that right, Brother Norman, Brother Fred Sothmann, who was standing with me when it happened, above Tucson? And the—the… Setting, picking the burrs off of my clothes, exactly what the vision said. And it was south of… towards Tucson. If that's right, raise up your hand, Brother Fred, Brother Norman. There they are. Stand up on your feet, so the people can see that you were there, a witness. I never heard anything like it, in my life. And, immediately, they didn't hunt, the rest the day. I begged Fred, the next morning. He don't know this. I begged him to go out hunting, kept saying, "Do it. Do it." But He said, He told me back there, "He won't do it. You're going East, right now." And them seven Angels! The first blast, she opened. Yeah. What if it is? We're at the last hour. See? I love… Let's worship Him. I love Him Because He first loved me Let's stand. And purchased my salvation On Calvary's tree. Let's cleanse our hearts now, brothers, as we bow our heads. My sisters, I've talked awful to you, but I've done it in godly love. I've done it because I loved you; about wearing long hair, and dressing and acting right. I've done it because of godly love. Let's pure our conscience now while—while the Clorox of God. In the morning, may be too late. He may step forth. These things coming forth like this, brethren, might be the end of the mediatorial office. Did you ever think of that? Well, I don't know it is. I don't say it is. But what if it is? What if it is? What about it? There's no more redemption; it's gone, at that time. I hope it's not, but there is a possibility that it is. I love Him, I… Cleanse us, Lord. … love Him Because He first loved me And purchased my salvation On Calvary's tree. Blessed be the Name of the Lord! Glory to God! I love that sweet feeling. Don't you feel That? Just the Holy Spirit, like, bathing around you, walking around with It. Oh, how wonderful! Oh, think of His mercy! I love Him, I love Him Because He first loved me And purchased my salvation On Calvary's tree. Don't forget It, friend. Don't forget It. Take It home with you. Stay with It. Hold It on your pillow. Don't forget It. Stay with It. God bless you now. Brother Neville, your pastor.