The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 3: The First Seal 63-0318 (Continued)

Day 35

291  Christ has a sharp Sword, and watch. It comes from His mouth—the living Word. That's the Word of God revealed to His servants, like He said to Moses: "Go, stand there and hold that stick out yonder, call for flies," and there was flies. Sure. Whatever He said, He done it, and it come to pass. His living Word… God and His Word is the selfsame Person. God is the Word. Who is this mysterious rider of the first church age then? Who is he? Let's think of it. Who is this mysterious rider that starts forth in the first church age and rides plumb on out into eternity, goes to the end.
293  The Second Seal comes forth and goes right on out into the end. The Third Seal comes forth and goes right on out into the end. Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh; every one of them winds right up out here in the end. And at the end time, these Books that's been rolled up all this time with these mysteries in them, is broken. Then out comes the mystery to see what it is. But actually they started forth at the first church age, because at the first church age received the message, like this. A white horse rider went out. See? Who is he? He's mighty in his conquering power, is a great fellow in his conquering power. You want me to tell you who he is? He's the antichrist. That's exactly what he is. Now, because, you see, if an antichrist… Jesus said that the two would be so close together until it would deceive the very elected, the Bride, if it was possible. Antichrist, it's the antichrist spirit.
295  Remember in the church ages when we opened the first church age back there, we found out that the Holy Spirit was against a certain thing that got started in that church age, and that was called "the deeds of the Nicolaitanes." You remember it? "Nico" means "to conquer." "Laity" means "the church, the laity." "Nicolaitanes" "to conquer the laity": take the Holy Spirit out of the church and give it all to one holy man, let him be the boss of all of it. You went through it (See?), Nicolaitane. Notice, Nicolaitia was a—a saying in one church; it become a doctrine in the next church age. And in the third church age it was a forcement; and they had the Nicaea Council. And it was then made a doctrine and a church.
296  And what was the first thing happened? An organization from it. Now, is that right? Tell me where the first organized church come from: Roman Catholic church. Tell me if Revelations don't say, in the Book of Revelations 17, that she was a whore, and her daughters were harlots. That's the same thing that organized with her: harlots. Taken the abomination, filthiness of their fornications for doctrine, teaching for doctrine the commandments of men.
297  Notice. Look, he starts out to conquer. Notice, he has no crown. The white horse rider; I'm speaking of here. See? A bow and a crown was given him afterwards. See? He had no crown to start with, but a crown was given him. Notice, later he was given a crown: yeah, three of them, three on one. That was three hundred years later at the Nicaea Council when he started out a spirit of Nicolaitia to form an organization among the people, and then it kept on going on, going on; it become a saying, then it become a doctrine.
298  You remember Christ speaking back to the church, said, "Thou hatest the deeds of these Nicolaitanes which I hate too," trying to conquer, take the Holy Spirit: just on one holy man; he can forgive all the sins and everything. Have we just read it over there, Paul spoke of it: that thing would set in the last days, and he couldn't be revealed till the last days? Then He that letteth will take the Spirit of God out of there, and then he'll reveal himself. Today he's under the disguisement of a white horse. Watch how he changes from that white horse in a few minutes. He don't only become a white horse; he becomes a beast with many heads and horns. See, see? The white horse, he's a deceiver now, and that's the reason the people hasn't known it all this time. They thought it, but here it is now; it's going to be revealed by the Scripture.
301  Notice, when Nicolaitia (See?), antichrist is finally… He's incarnate in a man; then he's crowned. When he starts off as a Nicolaitia spirit in the church, he's a spirit. You can't crown a spirit. But three hundred years later he become a pope. And then they crowned him. He had no crown to start with, but he got a crown later (See?), when that spirit become incarnate. See? He become a man. Nicolaitane doctrine become a man; then they could crown it. They couldn't do it because he was just a doctrine. Glory. Notice, and when this Holy Spirit that we have, becomes incarnate to us, the One that's in our midst now in the form of the Holy Ghost, becomes incarnate to us in the Person of Jesus Christ, we'll crown Him King of king…?… That's right. See?
303  Now, remember, about the time Christ come on the throne, the antichrist come on the throne: Judas. About the time Christ went off the earth, Judas went off the earth. Just about the time the Holy Spirit come back, the antichrist come back. You know, John said over here: "Little children, I would not have you ignorant, you know, about the antichrist, which he's already come and working in the children of disobedience." The antichrist then, there he was, begin to form in there the Nicolaitane spirit to make an organization. No wonder I hated that thing. See, see? There you are. It wasn't me; it was something in here. There's the thing; it's come out. You see it? I was all around the sides of it; I couldn't see it till now; I—I know it now. There it is, that Nicolaitane spirit God hated, and now that spirit become incarnate, and they crowned it. And here it is right here what the Bible said they'd do with it: perfect. Oh, my.
307  Incarnate… He become a man and then they crowned him. Read, notice, or read, rather, how Daniel said he will take over the church kingdom. Would you like to read it? Let… We got time to do that, haven't we? All right. Listen. Let's go back to Daniel just a moment. Turn back to the Book of Daniel, and we'll read just a moment; and we won't be, maybe another fifteen, twenty minutes or thirty, or something. All right, let's get Daniel the 11th chapter, and let's take the 21st verse. Here's Daniel. Daniel's speaking now how this fellow is going to take over. And in his state shall stand up a vile person… (Rome, talking)… to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom:… (Now, watch.)… but he shall come in a peaceable—come in peaceable, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.
309  That's exactly what it done, what Daniel said this antichrist would do. He will fit the people's place. Yes, it'll fit their—their menu for this day for the churches. For in this church age they don't want the Word, Christ; but they want church. The first thing, they don't ask you if you're a Christian. "What church do you belong to?" "What church?" They don't want Christ, the Word. You go tell them about the Word and how to straighten up; they don't want that. They want something, just live any way they want to and still belong to church and obtain their testimony. See, see? So, he fits the menu just exactly. And you remember, "he" was finally called "she" in the Bible. And she was a prostitute and had daughters. Just fits the bill of the day, what the people want. There it is.
310  God has promised it; when the Word is refused then they are turned to their desires. Let's read Thessalonians again. Let's… I want you to watch here just a minute. Say, "Well, we read it awhile ago." Second Thessalonians 2:9-11, It said that they would, in turning down, rejecting the Truth, they would be given over to a reprobate mind and would believe a lie and would be damned by it. Now, that's what—that's what the Holy Spirit said. Now, isn't that the desire of the church today? You try to tell people they have to do this, that, or the other; they'll let you know right quick they are Methodists, Presbyterian, or whatmore; they don't have to paddle in your boat. See? Certainly. They want it. And God said, "If they want it, I'll just let them have it. And I'll actually make them believe that that's the truth, 'cause I'll give them a reprobate mind concerning the truth."
312  Now, look here what the Bible says also. "As Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses…" so will these guys in the last days with a reprobate mind concerning the truth, and shall turn the grace of our God into lasciviousness, deny the Lord God. Now, you see where it's at. Not only Catholic, but Protestant, the whole thing, it's all the whole organized world. That's that white horse rider under the—the way of a white, righteousness church (See?), but an antichrist. It's got to look like—on a horse even, just like Christ is coming on a horse. All anti—so close it'd deceive the very elect… Here he is. He's the antichrist. He started riding in the first church age. Now, he rides on down, on down through every age. Now, watch him.
314  You say, "Way back—way back in the apostles time?" He was called Nicolaitia there. Then in the next church age, then he become a doctrine in the church. First he was just a saying, then he become a doctrine. Swell, celebrity people, fine dressed, highly educated, polished didn't want all that carrying on in the church. No, they didn't want all that Holy Ghost stuff. Must be a church… "And we all go through the Nicaea Council and so forth at Rome." Then when they come there, they took the church, and took paganism, Roman Catholi—or paganism—pagan Rome and a few superstitions and took the—the Astarte the Queen of heaven, and turned it to be Mary, the mother; make intercessors out of dead people, and so forth, and took that round kosher wafer which is still puts round on there and called it the Body of Christ, because it represents the mother of heaven… When a Catholic passes by, he crosses himself because that light's burning in there is supposed to be the kosher which is turned to God by the power of the priest, when it is nothing in the world but just plain paganism. That's right.
316  I just don't understand it. Well, yes I do. (Excuse me.) Yes, sir. I understand by the grace of God. Sure. Now, notice. Oh, my, how they can do that. See? And they are given their desire. No, that's true. You don't have to do that. No, sir. If you don't want to do it, you're not forced to do it. If you don't want to tally up to God's way of living and things and worship, you don't have to do it. God don't make nobody do it. But let me tell you something. If your name was placed on that Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world, you'd be so happy to do it, you can't wait for the minute to do it. Look here. When you say, "I'll give you to understand; I'm just as religious…" Well, that might be true. Look it… Who could say them priests wasn't religious in the days of the Lord Jesus? Who could say Israel wasn't religious in the wilderness?