The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 3: The First Seal 63-0318 (Continued)

Day 27

31  John turning, he saw a Lamb coming out. It must've been bloody and cut and wounded. It had been slain, the—said—it—a Lamb that had been slain, and 'course it was still bloody. If you'd have cut the lamb and—and killed it the way that Lamb was anyhow, it was hacked to pieces on a cross, spears in the side, and nails in the hands and feet, and thorns over the brow. He was in an awful condition. And this Lamb come forth and went over to Him that set upon the Throne that held the complete Title Deed of Redemption; and the Lamb goes and takes the Book out of the hand of Him that set upon the Throne and was—took and opened the Seals and opened the Book. And then when that happened, we found out that it must have been a great a—a something took place in heaven, for the elders and the four and twenty elders, and the beasts, and—and everything in heaven begin to cry out, "Worthy." And here come the Angels and poured out the vials of the prayers of saints. The saints under the altar screamed out, "Worthy art Thou, O Lamb, for You have redeemed us, and now You have made us kings and priests, and we shall rule on the earth." Oh, my. And that soul was… He… to open that Book…
33  You see the Book actually was planned and written before the foundation of the world. This Book, the Bible was really written before the foundation of the world. And Christ, being the Lamb, was slain before the foundation of the world. And the—the members of His Bride, their names were put in the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world, but it's been sealed up. And now it's being revealed whose names were in there, all about it. What a great thing. And John, when he saw it, he—he said, "Everything in heaven, everything underneath the earth, everything heard him saying, 'Amen, and blessings and honor.'" He just really was having a great time, and—for the Lamb was worthy.
35  And now, the Lamb is standing now tonight as we enter into this 6th chapter; He's got the Book in His hand and starting to reveal it. And, oh, I would've absolutely today… And I hope that people are spiritual. I would've had a horrible mistake on that if it hadn't been about twelve o'clock today when the Holy Spirit came in the room and corrected me on something that I was writing down to say. I was taking it from an old context. I had nothing on it. I don't know what the Second Seal is no more than nothing, but I'd got some old contexts of something that I'd spoke on several years ago and wrote it down, and I'd gathered this context—context… And Dr. Smith, many great outstanding teachers that I—I'd gathered, and all of them believed that, so I'd wrote it down. And I was fixing to say, "Well, now I'll study it from that standpoint." And there about twelve o'clock in the day the Holy Spirit just swept right down into the room, and the whole thing just opened up to me, and there it was…?… of this—of this First Seal being opened.
39  I'm as positive as I'm standing here tonight that this is the Gospel Truth that I'm going to tell you about. I just know it is. Because if a revelation's contrary to the Word, then it isn't revelation. And you know, there's some of the stuff can look so absolutely true, and yet isn't truth. See? It looks like it is, but it isn't.
40  Now, we find the Lamb with the Book now. And now, in the 6th chapter we read. And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of a thunder, and one of the four beasts saying, Come and see. And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that set on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.
41  Now, that's the First Seal, the one we're going to try by the grace of God to explain it tonight by the very best… And I realize that a man trying to explain that is walking on dangerous grounds, if you don't know what you're doing. See? So if it comes to me by revelation, I'll tell you so. If I just have to take it through my own mind, then I—I'll tell you it's that before I talk about it. But I'm just as positive as I'm standing here tonight, that it come afresh to me today from the Almighty. I'm not prone to just saying things like that when it comes to this part of the Scripture. I—I—I'm—I hope you know what I'm talking about now. See? Now, you know, you can't say things if something's supposed to be laying over here before it happens. You—you can't say it till something lays it over there. See? But are you reading; are you listening to something? See?
43  Now, the seven-seal, roll Book is now being released by the Lamb. We approach that place tonight. God help us. As the Seals are broken and released, the mysteries of the Book are revealed. Now, you see, this is a sealed Book. Now, we believe that, do we not? We believe that it is a sealed Book. Now, we never knowed this before, but it is. It's sealed with Seven Seals; that is, on the back of the Book the Book is sealed with Seven Seals.
45  If we was talking about this kind of book, it would be like putting a strap across it, seven straps. But it isn't this kind of a book; it's a scroll. And then when the scroll is unwound, that's one; then laying right in the scroll is number two, and right here it says what it is, but it's a mystery. But yet we have probed in it; but remember, the Book is sealed, and the Book is a Book of mystery of revelation. It is the revelation of Jesus Christ (See?), a Book of revelation. And now, you know down through the age, man has probed and tried to get into that. We all have.
47  And yet, one time I remember… If—if Mr. Bohanon happened to be present, or—or some of his people, I—I don't mean it by any insult. Mr. Bohanon is a bosom friend, and he was the superintendent of the Public Service when I was working there. When I first got saved, I was telling him about reading on the Book of Revelations, and he said, "I tried to read that thing," he said. And Mr. Bohanon was a fine man, and he—he was a member of the church. And—and I don't know what all he belonged to, but he said, "I think that John must've had a red pepper supper that night and went to bed on a full stomach."
48  I said to him (although it could've cost my job), I said, "Aren't you ashamed to say that?" And I was just a boy, but I said, "Aren't you ashamed to say that about the Word of God?" See? Yet, I was just a kid no more than my early, maybe twenty-one, twenty-two years old, and work scarce, and the depression on, but yet there was a fear in there when I slanted—heard any slant toward God's Word. It is Truth, all Truth. So it was not even a dream or a nightmare; it wasn't John eat. He was on the Isle of Patmos because he tried to put the Word of God into a book form and was exiled there by the Roman government, and was on the island on the day of the Lord, and he heard behind him a voice of many waters and turned to look, and he saw seven golden candlesticks. And there stood the Son of God in between them.
50  Now, and then the Book is a revelation. So "a revelation" is "something that's made known of something—something that's been revealed." And now, notice, so you won't forget it: It is closed up until the latter time. See? The whole mystery of it is closed up until the latter times; we find that in the Scripture here.
51  Now, the mystery of the Book are revealed when the Seals are broken. And when the Seals completely are broken, the time of redemption is over, because the Lamb left the intercession post to walk out to take His claims. He was a Mediator between that, but when the real revelation happens on the Seals as they begin to break, the Lamb is coming forth from the sanctuary. It's according to the Word. We read it last night. He come from the—out of the midst and took the Book. So He's no more Mediator, because even they called Him a Lion, and that's the—that's the King, and He's not a Mediator then.
52  Although the actors of these Seals begin at the first church age… Now, remember, so you'll—you'll—we'll get the background of it thoroughly if we can, or as thoroughly as possible. The actors… I'll place it like that, because an—an actor is a man who changes masks. See? And in this act tonight, we're going to see that it's Satan changing his mask. And all actors… Christ, acting the part as He did when He become from a Spirit to man, He only put on an actor's garment, human flesh, and came down in the form of a man in order to be a Kinsman Redeemer.
55  Now, now, you see, it's only an actor's form. That's the reason they are all in parables and sym—and the way they are here like beasts, and animals, so forth; it's in a act. And these actors begin in the first church age, because it was Christ revealing Himself to the seven church ages. Now, you understand it? All right. See? Christ revealing Himself to the seven church ages, then through these church ages, there's a great mess-up comes along. Then at the end of the church age, the seventh angel's message is to pick up these lost mysteries and to give it to the Church. See? Now, we'll notice that.
57  But the—not then revealed in their true state. Now, in the Bible times, the mysteries were there, and they seen these things happen the way John saw it here. Now, he said, "There is a white horse rider." But what the mystery of it is, there's a mystery that goes with that rider. Now, what it was, they didn't know; but it's to be revealed. But it is to be revealed after the Lamb leaves the Father's throne of His intercessory as Kinsman Redeemer. 58  I'm going to drop a little something in here. Now, if anybody gets these tapes… Any man can speak whatever he wants to. He has a right to—to anything of his conviction. But if, you know, if a minister doesn't want this amongst his people, then tell them not to take it. But I—I… This is amongst the people that I have been sent to speak to; therefore, I must reveal what is the Truth. See?
59  Now, the Lamb in the time of intercessory back here, He knew that there were names in there that was put in there from the foundation of the world, and as long as them names have never been manifested on earth as yet, He had to stay there as Intercessor. Do you get it? Perfectly predestination… See? All right, He had to stay there, because He came to die for those that God had ordained to Eternal Life. See, see? By His foreknowledge He saw them, not by His own will. His will was that none should perish, but by His foreknowledge He knew who would and who would not. Therefore as long as there was one name hadn't never yet been clared—declared in earth, Christ had to stay there as an Intercessor to take care of that name. But as soon as that final name had been splashed in that Clorox or bleach, then His intercessory days was over. "Let him that's filthy be filthy still. Let him that's holy, he's holy still." See? And He leaves the sanctuary, and then it becomes a judgment seat. Woe unto those outside of Christ then.