The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 3: The First Seal 63-0318

Day 26

1  Let us bow our heads now for prayer. Our heavenly Father, we thank Thee tonight for this another opportunity to come to worship You. We are thankful to be alive and to have this great revelation of Eternal Life dwelling within us. And we've come tonight, Father, to study Thy Word together: these great hidden mysteries that's been hid since the foundation of the world; and the Lamb is the only One that can reveal it to us. I pray that He will come among us tonight, and will take of His Word, and reveal It to us, that we might know how to be better servants to Him in this end time. O God, as we see that we are now in the end time, help us to know our place, Lord, and our frail being and the certainty of the coming of the Lord soon. We ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen. I believe it was David said, "I was happy when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord." It's always a great privilege to come; and in the studying of the Word together gives us this great hope.
3  Now there's many standing, and I'm just going to hurry as quick as possible. But I trust that you have enjoyed the Presence of the Holy Spirit like I have in these last couple of times. And today I had something to happen that I haven't had for a long time. I was studying on this—on this revelation here, on the opening of the Seal. Years ago I run through it here, about some twenty years ago I guess, or something like that, but somehow or another I never was just exactly satisfied. It seemed like there was some things especially in these Seals, because those Seals are the entire Book. See? It's the Book. The whole Book is one Book sealed. It starts…
6  For instance if I had something here—I'd show you what I mean. Here is one seal. That's one… And you roll it up like this—the way it was rolled. And you roll it up in this manner, and at the end there is a little piece sticking out like that. That's the First Seal. All right. Then that's the first part of the Book. Then the next seal is rolled in this manner, right by the side of it, and it's rolled up in this manner like here and then at the end, right here, there's another sticking out, means two seals. And that's the way the whole Bible was wrote, in scroll. And so to break these Seals, it opens the mysteries of the Book.
8  Did you get to study in Jeremiah, how he wrote that, many of you taken it down last night? How them Seals were wrote and placed away for keeping until he returned after seventy years of the captivity. He was to return back and claimed his possession. And I certainly like to study it. You can't… There's no way to express it all, because it's an eternal Word. It's an eternal Book. And therefore, we just have to kindly hit the high places. And today in studying, I have written down many Scriptures so you can study it. And also in the tapes will reveal much of it as you study. And…
10  There are so many things. If I could just stand here at the platform and reveal it to you the way it's revealed to me in the room, my, it would be marvelous. But when you get here, you're pressed, and you just kind of jump over the things and try to just get the main part to the people that they might see it.
11  I certainly appreciate that song Brother Ungren just sang: "Down From His Glory." If He hadn't have come from His glory, where would we all be tonight? So we're thankful that He come down to help us.
12  Now, with many standing, we'll just hurry right through in here to the best we can. I don't say, we're going to hurry right through, but I mean we're going to get started as quick as possible. And now, let us turn now, after the… We've had the 1st chapter, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, and 5th last night, and tonight we're starting on the 6th chapter of Revelation. Now, as we study this chapter we are referring different places even to Old and New Testament alike, because the entire Book is the revelation of Jesus Christ. See? That's altogether the revelation of—of the Lord Jesus: the revelation of Jesus Christ. It's God revealing Himself in the Book, revealing Himself through Christ in the Book. And Christ is the revelation of God. He come to reveal God, because He and God were the same. God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. In other wise, you'd never knowed just what God was until He revealed Himself through Christ; then you can see. I used to think years ago that maybe God was angry with me, but Christ loved me. Come to find out, it's the same Person. See? And Christ is the very heart of God.
16  And now as we study this; you're comparing it now… The first three books of the Bible of Revelations (which we have pretty thoroughly combed that) is the church ages, the—the Seven Church Ages. Now, there's seven church ages, seven seals, seven trumpets, and vials, and—and unclean spirits like frogs, and all this goes together. My, how I'd like to have a—a great big map and draw it all across the way I see it, you know; just how that each one takes its place. I drawed it out on a little sheet of paper, but I—you know… And everything so far hit just exactly right. And with the time and the ages as they have come and gone and everything has blended in just perfectly right. So it may not altogether be right, but it's the best that I know about it anyhow. And… I know if—if I do my best, and I make a mistake in trying to do my best, and the best that I know of, God surely will forgive me for doing—for the error if I have done wrong. But…
18  Now, those first three books is the first seven church ages, and then we find out in the 4th chapter of Revelations John is caught up. See? We see the churches… There's not too much said about the church ages. There's where I think that people are going to be so surprised. They're—they're—they're applying the church way over into the tribulation to those things that's a-happened. And as I said Sunday (yesterday), "The first thing you know those tribulations will break in, and you'll wonder why was not the—the first coming was the rapture. And it'll be as it has been; it's passed and you didn't know it." See? Now, there's not too much promised to that Church, that Gentile Church, the Bride.
19  Now, I want you to bear in mind, there is a church and a Bride. See? You always have to make it run in threes. Fours is wrong: threes: threes, sevens, tens, twelves, twenty-fours, and forties, and fifties, in those unbroken numbers. The Bible is… And God runs His messages in—in num—in num—numerals of the Bible in those numbers. And you get something that flies off of one of those numbers, you'd better watch. It won't come out right on the next things. You got to bring it back here to where you start from.
21  Brother Vayle, Brother Lee Vayle, he—he… I think he's here. We were talking the other day about people who, getting off the track. It is just like shooting a target. If that gun is perfectly balanced, perfectly trained and sighted, it's got to hit the target unless that barrel moves, or twists, or vibrations throws it off and wherever—or a wind puff. Wherever it starts off at, there's only one way to do, is come back to where it left the track and start again, if it's going to hit the target. If it doesn't, why, it just doesn't hit the target.
22  And that's the way in studying Scripture, I believe. If we find out we start something here, and it doesn't come out right, you see it isn't—we—we've made a mistake somewhere; you got to come back. You'll never figure it with your mind. It just isn't… We just found out by the Scriptures that there's no man in heaven or in earth, or beneath the earth, or ever was, or ever will be that can do it. The Lamb alone can do it. So seminary explanation, whatever it might be, is just nothing. See? It takes the Lamb to reveal it. That's all. So we trust that He will help us.
24  John caught up in the 4th chapter to see things which was, which is, and which is to come. But the Church finishes at the 4th chapter, and Christ takes up the Church, caught up in the air to meet Him, and does not appear again until the 19th chapter when He comes back with—as King of king and Lord of lords with the Church. And now… Oh, I hope someday that we can get through it all, maybe before He comes. If we don't, we'll see it anyhow; so it doesn't matter.
25  Now, in this 5th chapter, the breaking of these Seals… And now, the seven-sealed Book… First we want to read the First Seal. Last evening (to background just a little more) we find out that when John looked and seen that Book still in the hands of the original Owner, God… You remember how it was lost? By Adam. He forfeited the Book of Life for the knowledge of Satan and lost his inheritance, lost everything, and no way for redemption. Then God, made in the likeness of men, came down and become a Redeemer to us to redeem us. And now, we find out that in days passed by, these things which was mysterious is to be opened up to us in the last days.
28  Now, we find out also in this, that as soon as John heard this announcement for the—the Kinsman Redeemer to come forth and to make His claims, there was no man that could do it. No man in heaven, no man in earth, no man beneath the earth, and no one was worthy even to look at the Book. Just think of that: no person at all worthy even look at it. And John just started weeping. He knowed that all… There was no chance for redemption then. Everything was failed, and quickly we find his weeping stopping quickly, because it was announced by one of the four beasts—or the elders, rather. One of the—the elders said, "Don't weep, John, for the Lion of the tribe of Juda has prevailed," in other words, "overcome and has conquered."