The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 2: The Breach Between The Seven Church Ages And The Seven Seals 63-0317E

Day 18

75  Now, notice. Now, this Book is sealed, and—and you are sealed with the Book until the day of redemption. Again in Romans 8:22 and 23… Let's get that, and we'll give this background, then I think we'll understand it a little better if each person reads it for themselves. And giving you a few Scriptures here, so we can—we can look upon them, and while the hour's still young. Now, 8, Romans 8:22 to begin… For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the first fruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.
77  Oh, my, oh, my. Don't that make us old folks feel good? It ought make us all feel good, waiting for this hour. We understand this will take place at the first resurrection. See, nature is groaning; we are groaning; everything is groaning, because we realize there's something not right. And the only way you can groan and wait for it, is because there has been new life come in here that speaks of a new world.
78  Like the wife, here not long ago we went over here to the supermarket, and I said, "We found a strange thing: a lady had on a dress," and it was so strange. See? They—they… Nearly all of them don't wear dresses. You see? And somehow they're forgetful; they go out without them. So then we… They're willfully forgetful. So then Meda said to me; she said, "Bill, why is that?" She said… "Oh," I said, "it's just the spirit of the nation." And I said, "When you go to Germany, they have a certain spirit. Go to Finland, they have a national spirit. You come to America, we have a national spirit." Our national spirit is frolic (See?), jokes. You know why? We were founded upon the doctrine of the apostles. We were founding upon leadership of great men like Washington, Lincoln, but we have moved off of that foundation, and we know that we've got it coming. We know that a atomic bomb's got our name wrote on it. We know that slavery lays ahead of us, no need of fooling yourself.
82  It reminds me—like some of these comedians going down, and—and telling these jokes, and carrying on, and women carrying on the way they do and men together. It just reminds me of a little boy going through the graveyard, whistling, trying to make hisself believe he's not scared. Sure, he's scared. See? He ain't fooling nobody; that's why he's whistling. See? He's trying to say he's not scared, but he is. That's what's the matter today. But, oh, what a blessed hope for the believer that's lifting up hands, for redemption is drawing nigh when he sees these things appearing. It's a great time for the believer.
84  Now, these things, that the groaning in our bodies… Did you ever notice a tree how it struggles for life? It wants to live. And you notice a animal, how in—in death, how it struggles. You notice a human being. Everything, nature is groaning. We in ourselves are groaning. See? We know there's something wrong. We see from these verses that something has been lost, both to man and earth. Creation of all type has lost something, for we see from this inspired Word that it's groaning for some reason. You—you don't groan 'less there's a reason for it. As I spoke of the ink, it's a reason.
85  That's the way in praying for the sick; until you can find the cause… I know the cure, but I got to find the cause. That's why the visions are so needed and promised. It reveals the secret of the heart, tells the person where you made your mistake and what to do. See? No matter how much medicine you take, or how much oil you throw on their heads, or how loud anyone would scream over you, if there is something wrong, he will lay right there. I said, "he"; that's Satan. See, today, as advanced we are in medicine, we still don't know nothing about these things. You say, "He's got cancer." Well, that ain't nothing; that—that—that just names what it is. That names the medical name: cancer. That don't have anything to do with what it is. That's the name that we call it. We just call it the name, cancer. But really what it is, break it down, it's the devil. See?
87  Now we say "sin"; we just call it sin: break it down. What is sin? A lot of people say, "Drinking, committing adultery." No, no, that's the attributes of sin. See? That's what sin causes (See?), but real sin is unbelief. That's where—that's where it's named and called out. If you are a believer, you don't do those things. But no matter how holy you try to make yourself and how religious you try to be, if you do those things, you're an unbeliever. That's Scriptural.
88  Now, something's lost, and it's groaning. It's trying to get back to be back to its original condition. Would you imagine someone falling from the earth down into a deep pit somewhere, and was struggling, climbing, pulling… They must, by some means, get out of this pit. They're not in their original state, and frantically they're screaming; they're clawing the walls, making a noise or doing some way. They're—they're groaning because that they want to get back to their original state.
90  As when a person is struck with disease, aches, and pain, one time they wasn't that way; but they're groaning. Why? They're not right; there's something wrong, and they're groaning, and trying to get back to where they was when they had health. And when nature and people, as the Bible said, are groaning, it shows there's something that they're not in their ought-to-be condition. They have fallen from somewhere.
91  Now, we don't need anybody to interpret that for us. See? For of course, we know it was Eternal Life they had fallen from, and they lost their claims on Eternal Life by the fall of Adam and Eve, who fell from Eternal Life to death in the garden of Eden and brought all nature under them to death. A tree never died before Adam. A animal wouldn't die before Adam. And there's only one thing that cannot die, and that's God because He's Eternal. And that's the only way we can ever keep from dying; we have to have Eternal Life in us to be sons and daughters of God. But when we died (as I said in the message this morning) to sin we sold out our birthright and crossed this chasm. Now, we're beyond the reach of God on this other side of the chasm.
93  Now, of course, when Adam fell to death, he brought death upon all creation. Now, he was given free moral agency. It was given to them just as we—so to make a choice. Now, Adam and Eve, in the beginning there was a tree of right and wrong before them, and that same tree sets before each and—and every one of us. See, God isn't doing for Adam or for Eve… You say, "Well, it's their fault." No, not now it isn't. It's your fault. You can't place it on Adam now. You got to place it on yourself, because right and wrong is set before you. We're on the same basis as Adam and Eve.
95  But, you see, when we are redeemed, we no more want our own choice, but we want His choice. See, see? Now, Adam and Eve wanted their own choice. They wanted to—they wanted to find out what it was to have wisdom. So they—they probed into it, and it caused death.
97  Now, when a man's been redeemed, he don't care any more for scholarship. He don't care for any more of the things of the world, the wisdom of the world. He don't want no choice at all. Christ has been his choice, and that's all of it; he's redeemed. He just no more wants to lead himself. He don't want nobody to talk him into where to go and what to do. He just waits and finds out the choice of his Maker. See? Then he goes in the Name of his Maker, when the Maker tells him to go. But man seeking wisdom wants to find… Well, "This parish is pretty good, but they pay me more over yonder, so I'll go over there." See, see, wisdom…
99  Now, when Adam sinned by heeding his wife's reasoning, instead of holding to God's Word, that's what made Adam sin. His—his wife reasoned with Satan, and then produced the product to Adam, and Adam turned loose the Word and sold out. He lost also his inheritance when he lost his fellowship and right to Life. Remember, "The day you eat thereof, that day you die." And when he lost his Life, he also lost his inheritance in life, because he had completely supreme control of the earth. He was a god of the earth. God's the God of the universe, everywhere. But His son had this earth under his own control. He could speak; he could name; he could say; he could stop nature; he could do anything he wanted to. See? But when he did that, he lost his inheritance. Now, Adam could say, "Let this mountain here be moved over there," and it would do it. Adam could say, "Let this tree here, be plucked up and planted over here"; it would do it (See?), for he had complete, supreme control, as a minor god under God our Father, because he was a son of God.
102  Now, couldn't we stop here just a minute and get our real sermon. See? Oh, then if the Blood has cleansed it back, what about now? See? Look what that Son of God, the second Adam did (See?), and said, "The works that I do, shall you also." See, Adam lost his inheritance: the earth. Now, it passed from his hand to the one he sold out to: Satan. He sold his faith in God to Satan's reasonings. Therefore, his Eternal Life, his right to the Tree of Life, his right to the earth belonged to him, and he forfeited it every bit to the hands of Satan. He passed it from his hand to Satan. Therefore, now it has been… It returned and has been polluted, and the seed of Adam has destroyed the inheritance that Adam should've had; that's the earth. That's right. See? The seed of Adam…