The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 1: God Hiding Himself In Simplicity, Then Revealing Himself In The Same 63-0317M (Continued)

Day 11

298  Now, turn over to Malachi with me, the last book of the—last of the prophets in the Old Testament. Now, and in Malachi, listen here; Malachi picks it up just at the end time, so they be sure not to forget it. Malachi the 3rd chapter: Behold, I'll send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, who you delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the LORD of hosts. See? Still speaking of John… "Send My messenger before Me to prepare the way." Jesus spoke of it in Matthew 11:10. Said, "If you can receive it, that's who was spoken of, 'Behold I send my messenger before my face…'" See? That's right.
300  Now, how all this spoke. When it had been for seven hundred years there was to be a forerunner come before the Messiah; but when he came on the scene in such simplicity, they missed him. They missed him. Remember, he was a priest's son. Well, look how ridiculous that was for him not to follow the office of his father, go back to the seminary, but his job was too important. At nine years old he went into the wilderness, and he came out preaching. They missed it. He was so simple, too simple for their high-polished education to believe such a one. They thought when this man come… "How about: 'All the high places will be made low; all the low places be made high; all the rough places be made plain'?" David saw it and said, "The—the mountains skipped like little lambs and the leaves clapped their hands."
303  What, did it happen? An old whiskered guy like that with no education at all, with a piece of sheepskin wrapped around him, came stumbling out of the wilderness of Judaea saying, "Repent, for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand. And you bunch of snakes, don't you think to say 'I belong to a certain organization.' God's able of these stones to rise children to Abraham." My. "Well, that's not him there. We know that's not him." But it was him. See? He was making the path clean. See? There's when the rough places was made plain. There's where the high places was brought down. "Don't you think you got Abraham to your father? Don't begin to tell me that kind of stuff, 'cause God's able of these stones to rise children to Abraham." The high places was brought down. Oh my. That's it. Yes. See the difference?
305  He said that's what would take place. And when they come, they thought, "Oh, my." They was just ready to receive him, if he come to their own organization. But because he come like that, in such a simple way, yet in interpreting the Scriptures, the high places was made low. They didn't want to accept it, but they was. Boy, he shaved them off. He shook the hide right off them. Said, "You bunch of vipers. You snakes in the grass. I tell you the axe is laid to the root of the tree, and every tree that won't bring forth the fruits is cut down and cast into the fire. And I indeed will baptize you with water, but there's coming One after me Who's mightier than I. He will baptize you with the Holy Ghost and Fire, and His fan is in His hand. He will thoroughly purge the floors, and…?… of straw, burn up the chaff, and take the wheat to the garner." Amen. That was when the rough places was made plain (See?), but the people didn't get it; but it's just exactly with the Word, just exactly the way the Word said it, so simple that they missed it. They missed seeing it. Don't you be that blind. See? Don't you be that blind.
308  So listen. Now, they missed it. He was so simple for their common beliefs of such a person that he missed it. Again, what was it? God, which is the Word, hiding in simplicity, not a priest with his collar turned around, with smart education. Jesus asked them the same thing. He said, "What'd you go out to see?" when John's disciples come over. Said, "What'd you go to see? Did you go to see a man dressed with a priest robe on, you know, and soft clothing," He said, "that—that—that kind of a preacher?" He said, "Did you go to see that?" He said, "No". "Them kind kiss the babies, and, you know, and bury the dead." They—they don't know nothing about a two-handed sword on the battlefront. They was out there, some intellectual speech to some Kiwanis Club or something, you know. They're all right there, but when it comes out there it's battle to face it, they know nothing about it. See? Cause they—they—they're in kings' palaces. They fool around with that kind of celebrity." But said then, "What did you go to see? Did you go to see a reed shaken with any wind? A man that could say… Somebody'd say, 'You know, you belong to the—you belong to the Oneness, but if you'll come over here to the Assemblies, I'll tell you what I do: we'll—we'll make it…" "I believe I'll do that," a reed shaken… Not John. No, no, no, no.
313  "If you'll come and be a Sadducee and not be a Pharisee, or something or other. You didn't see anybody shook with the wind, not John." No, sir, brother. Not him. He said, "Then, what did you go to see? A prophet?" It'd take a prophet to do that. See? He said, "Now…" That was the evidence of a prophet. See? The Word of God with him. The Word comes to the prophet. See? Said, "What did you go to see, a prophet?" He said, "Yes, that's right." "But I say to you, even more than a prophet," for he was. Why was he more than a prophet? He was a messenger of the Covenant, that bridged the way between law and grace. He was the keystone in there that been spoke of. He said, "If you can receive it, this is he who the prophet spoke of. 'Behold (a… Malachi 3) I'll send My messenger before My face (See?) and he will prepare the way before Me." See? Oh, he was so simple, God again hiding in simplicity.
316  Then and watch what he done. He preached such a mighty Christ coming; "He's got His fan in His hand. He will—He's fanning His way. I mean He will thoroughly purge His floors. He will take up the trash and sweep it out yonder and burn it. That's right. He will gather up the grain and take it into the garner." See, he was inspired. But when Jesus come, they was looking for… And all them apostles, you know, they was looking for a great something to come. My, my. "Boy, He's coming. That's all there is to it. Boy, He will be mighty. He will kick them Romans off the face of the earth. My, He will make them Greeks go this way and Romans go that when He come." When He come, a little humble Fellow being pushed around from one side to the other. What was it? God hiding Himself in simplicity. Oh, my.
319  Then He stood at the end of His message and said, "Who can condemn Me of sin? What all the Bible said that I would do, if I do not the works of My Father, then condemn Me. But what did the Scriptures say that I would do that I haven't done?" Sin is unbelief you know." Who can accuse Me? If I cast out devils by the fingers of God, then show Me what you're doing by." Simplicity: even surrendered Himself unto death, but, oh, on that Easter morning. Hallelujah. That's where He purged the floor. He swept out the trash all right, brother. Yes, indeed. And the wheat was sealed in the garner—laying there in the ground with Eternal Life resting there, waiting for that great day that we're going to speak of the coming of the Lord when that life will come to Life, and we'll rise in that resurrection, be caught away with Him in the air and be gathered into the garner. And the trash will be burnt yonder, the husk that's wrapped around and tried to pull it this way or that way, will be burnt with unquenchable fire. Amen. Oh, isn't He wonderful? They missed Him: God in simplicity.
321  Why? Why, He never even preached in the ecclesiastical terms. He never. He never preached like a preacher. See? He preached like a… He used the terms of simplicity of God, the terms like "the axe is laid"; the terms of the "tree," the terms of "snakes," not some seminary teacher, as in the ecclesiastics of the day, like a Doctor of Divinity, Doctor So-and-so. He didn't do that. He preached like a woodsman out yonder somewhere. He talked about axes and trees and serpents and things like that, and wheat and garners, and everything like that. He'd be considered today a, I guess, a "soapbox preacher." I think He was called a "stump preacher" in that day, standing on a stump down there by Jordan…?… God in simplicity, hiding from the wisdom of the world…
322  Now, let's find out… Jesus said, "I thank Thee, Father, Thou has hid these things from the wise of the world and is going to reveal it to babies such as will learn." See? God hiding in simplicity in Christ, God hiding in simplicity in John… See? Just… See, He was—He was… Just think of it. God in simplicity, hiding Himself from the wisdom of the world. Now, we'll close in just a minute or two, 'cause I don't want to hold you no longer.
324  Look. Let's stop just a minute: something personal. Think of the day that we're living in (to close this off now). Think of the day we're living in: when God coming down in a little old humble place that we've been dwelling, healing the sick. And the rich and the haughty and the high scholared, "Days of miracles is passed. There's no such thing as divine healing."… You remember the message I preached from right across this piece of ground here, the morning that I left, about David and Goliath? Said, "How you going to meet an educated world out there, Brother Branham, with all this?" I said, "I can't help how I'm going to meet it, God said go." See? That's all. See? It's His Word; He promised it. The hour is here.
328  When that Angel, that you see in that picture over there, come down on the river down there that day, thirty years ago this coming June or thirty-three years ago, rather, this coming June, and said, "As John the Baptist was sent forth," (before five thousand people or more) "the hour has come when your message will spray the world." You remember the criticism if any you were there… I guess Roy Slaughter or some of them setting here might remember the day, or some—Mrs. Spencer or ever who would be—some of the old people here that would—would know. See? George Wright or some of them (See?), who know that, how it was… But hasn't it done it? It did it. And then in the midst when the—they turned down and said, "It's just a mental healing." And God turned right back around and sent an old dumb opossum in there and was healed by the power of God.