The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 1: God Hiding Himself In Simplicity, Then Revealing Himself In The Same 63-0317M (Continued)

Day 2

27  Therefore, dedicating ourselves, let's remember when we enter that sanctuary, keep still to one another and worship God. If we want to visit each other, there's places we may visit each other like that but never walking around where you can't hear yourself think, and some person come in, and they just don't know what to do. See? It's so much noise and things, it's just humanly… And I've seen it in churches until it has made me feel real bad, because we do not come into the sanctuary of the Lord to meet each other; we come here to worship God, then go to our homes. This sanctuary's dedicated to worship. When… Stand outside; talk anything you wish to as long as it's right and holy; go to one another's homes; visit one another in places; but when you enter that door, be quiet. You come here to talk to Him (See?) and let Him talk back to you. The trouble of it is, we do too much talking and don't listen enough. Then when we come in here, wait on Him.
29  Now, in the old Tabernacle, there might not be one person present this morning that was there the day of the dedication, when Major Ulrich played the music, and I stood behind three crosses here to dedicate the place. I would not permit anybody… The ushers stood at the door to see that nobody talked. When you done your talking outside, you come in. If you desired to, silently you come to the altar and prayed silently. You walked back to your seat, opened up the Bible. What your neighbor done, that was up to him. You had nothing to say. If you want to talk to him, say, "I'll see him outside. I'm in here to worship the Lord." You read His Word or set quietly.
30  And then the music—Sister Gertie, I don't know whether she's here this morning or not, Sister Gibbs. The old piano, I believe, set back in this corner the best of my remembrance. And she would play softly, "Down at the cross where my Saviour died," some real sweet soft music, and—and then until it come time for the service, and the song leader got up and led a couple of congregational songs, and then if they had some outstanding solo, they sang it, but never just a bunch of carrying on. And then the music continually played, and then when I heard that, I knowed it was my time to come out. When a minister walks into a congregation of people praying in the anointing of the Spirit, you're bound to hear from heaven. That's just all. There's no way to keep from it. But if you walk into confusion, then you—you're—you're so confused, the Spirit's grieved. And… We don't want that, no. We want to come here to worship. We have lovely homes that I'm going to speak about just in a minute and so forth at home, where we visit our friends and take them. This is the house of the Lord.
32  Now, there's little children, now, little babies. Now, they don't know no different. They… The only way they can get what they want is cry for it. And sometimes it's a drink of water, and sometimes they need attention. And so we have by the grace of God dedicated a room; it was called on the list a "cry room," but it's right straight in front of me. It's, other words, where the mothers can take their baby. Now, it's never bothers maybe me here at the pulpit; maybe I won't even notice it, being anointed, but there's other people setting near, and it bothers them. See? And they come here to hear the service. So the mothers, if your little baby starts whimpering, you can't help that. Why, sure it's a… You should, you ought to bring it. A real mother wants to take her baby to church, and that's the thing you should do. And we've got a room there to where you can see every corner of the building, all the auditorium, and a speaker there to where you can control the volume any way you want to, with a—a little toilet in the end, and water basin, and everything just exactly for the mother's convenience. With chairs and things you can set down, a place to change your baby if it needs to be changed and everything setting there. It's all fixed.
35  And then, many times teen-age children and sometimes adults will get to, you know, young people will pass notes or cut up or something in church. Now, you're old enough to know better than that. See? You should know better than that. See? You shouldn't come here… If you expect to be a real man someday and raise a family to the Kingdom of God, then start it off in the beginning (You see?), and—and act right and do right. And now, 'course… Now, the ushers stands at the corners of the buildings and so forth and if any carrying on, they are—they're ordained as their duty (and trustees set here in the front) that in a case of someone getting misbehaving, they are—are commissioned to ask the person to keep quiet.
37  Then if they don't have that respect, it would be better that someone else had the seat, because there's somebody that wants to hear. There's somebody come for that purpose to hear and that's what we're here for, is to hear the Word of the Lord. And so everybody wants to hear, and we want it just as quiet as they can be—just as quiet as they can be. That is, not a bunch of talking and carrying on. Of course, somebody worshipping the Lord; that's expected. That's what it should be; that's what you're here for, is to worship the Lord. And just if you feel like praising God or shouting, just go right on (See?), 'cause that's what you're here for (See?), but—is to worship the Lord in your own way of worshipping. But there's nobody worships the Lord while you're talking and passing notes, and you're helping somebody else to get away from the worship of the Lord. See?
38  So we feel that that would be wrong, and we want to make that a ruling in our church, that in—in our congregation, that to this building, this church will be dedicated to the Kingdom of God and to the preaching of the Word. Pray; worship; that's the reason you should come here, to worship. Then… And then another thing, when service is over usually the people in churches… I don't—I don't think it's here 'cause I'm always gone (See?), 'cause I get away usually even in preaching other services, the anointing comes, and visions happen, and I'm wore out, and I step off into the room, and maybe Billy or some of the men there take me on to home and let me rest awhile till I get out of it, 'cause it's a very much of a strain. And then, I have seen churches though, to where the children were permitted to run all over the sanctuary, and—and the adults stand and holler across the room to one another. That's a good way to ruin the service coming that night or whatever time it is, See?
42  As soon as the service is dismissed leave the auditorium. You're through in the worship then. Then go out and talk to one another and whatever you want to do. If you've got something you want to talk to somebody, to see them, why, you go with them or to their home or whatever it is, but don't do it in the auditorium. Let's dedicate this to God. See? This is His meeting place where we meet with Him. See? And the law goes forth from the sanctuary, of course. And I—I believe that that would be pleasing to our heavenly Father.
43  And then when you come and you get to find out that gifts are beginning to fall among you… Now, usually it… I'll trust it'll never be here. But when people have a new church, the first thing you know, the congregation begin to get starchy. You never want that to be. After all, this is a place of worship. This is the house of the Lord. And if spiritual gifts begin to come among you… I understand that since I've been gone that people have moved in here from different parts of the country to make this their home. I'm thankful, grateful to God that I believe that the morning when I dedicated and laid that cornerstone there as a young man, I prayed for its standing to see the coming of Jesus Christ. And when I did, owing thousands of dollars—and they… You could take up an offering in a congregation of this size and get thirty or forty cents, and our obligation was somewhat a hundred an fifty, two hundred dollars a month. How could I ever do it? And I knowed that I was working, and I would pay it off. I… Seventeen years of pastoral without taking one cent, but giving everything that I had myself, outside of my living, and all that come into the little box on the back to the Kingdom of God… And people prophesied and predicted that within a year's time, it would be turned into a garage.
46  Satan tried to take it away from us one time in a flaw, in a fraud of a lawsuit: some man claimed he hurt his foot while he was working on it, and then let it go, and then—and he sued and wanted to take the Tabernacle. And for weeks I stood at the post, but in spite of all the misunderstandings and the predictions and what they said, she stands today as one of the prettiest auditoriums and the finest churches there is in the United States. That's right.
47  From here has went the Word of the living God around the world (See?), around the world, and it's constantly taken its circle around the globe from every nation under heaven as far as we know, around and around the world. Let us be thankful for this. Let us be grateful for this. And now that we have a place to dwell in, a roof under our head, a clean nice church to set in; let's dedicate ourselves newly to the task and consecrate ourselves to Christ. And…
49  Brother Neville, our noble brother and real pastor, servant of the living God, as far as that man knows the message, he holds with it with all he's got. That's right. He's a gentle person; he's a little a—afraid to—or not afraid, I don't mean that, but he's so—so awful gentle; he just will—doesn't speak out. You know, like to—to say a thing that's sharp and cutting or "set down," or "keep still." I—I've noticed that and listened to the tapes behind it. But it so happens that I can do that, so I—I—I want you to remember my words. You see? And this is all being taped (See?); everything is taped. And please let every deacon stand to his post of duty and remember that you're under a commission from God to hold that post sacred (See?), every trustee the same.