The Seven Seals  by William M. Branham

Chapter 1: God Hiding Himself In Simplicity, Then Revealing Himself In The Same 63-0317M

Day 1

1  Thank you, Brother Neville. Lord bless you. Good morning, friends. I certainly deem this one of the highlights of my life, to be in the Tabernacle again this morning to see its beautiful structure and the order of the children of God setting in His house today. I was so astonished when I got here yesterday and seen the looks of the building. I never dreamed that it would be this way. When I seen the blueprints, that when they had drawn up the blueprints, I just seen another little room setting on the side, but now I find it to be a—a beautiful place. And we are grateful to the Almighty for this beautiful place. And we are…
3  I'm bringing you this morning greetings from my wife and my children who long to be here at this time for this dedicational service and these—a week of consecration to Christ; but the children are in school, and it's hard to get away. And… They have about worn away from their homesick feeling for the house, but we will never wear away the feeling for you people. You don't wear that away. There's such as having friends, and I—I appreciate friends, everywhere, but there's something about old friends: no matter where you make new friends, it still isn't the old. No matter where I'd ever roam, this spot will always be sacred. For about thirty years ago in a muddy pond bed, I dedicated this piece of ground to Jesus Christ when it wasn't nothing but a—a mud bed. This was all a pond. That's the reason the street's out of cater there, the—the road had to go around to get away from the pond that was in here.
5  And in here there used to be lilies, pond lilies come up. And the—the lily is a very strange flower. Though it is born in mud, it has to press its way through the mud and then through the waters and slime to get itself up to the top to show its beauty. And I—I think this morning that that's a whole lot what's happened here. That since that time, a little pond lily has pushed itself; and when it got to the top of the water, it spread its wings forth; its little petals went out, and it reflected the Lily of the Valley.
7  May it long stand. May it be a house fully dedicated to God. The Tabernacle itself has been dedicated in 1933, but thinking this morning it would be a—a very good thing for just a—a small service of dedication again and especially to the people who's… (with their love and devotion to Christ), has made this all possible.
8  And I want to thank each and every one of you for your offerings and so forth that you have put forth to dedicate this church to Christ. And I'm greatly in appreciations and thank the congregation to speak these words in behalf of our good brethren here of the church who's dedicated their services to this: Brother Banks Wood, our noble brother; Brother Roy Roberson, our noble brother; and many others who, with unselfishness and with singleness of heart, has put months in constructing this place the way it's been—stayed here to see that it was built just right. And…
9  When I walked in to see this pulpit, the kind I have always longed for all my life—I… Brother Wood knew what I liked. He never said he would build it, but he has built it. And I noticed the building and how the construction, it's just all… It's supreme.
10  And now, there's no words to express my feeling. There's just no way to do it (See?), and—but God understands. And may you each be rewarded for your contributions and all that you have done to make this place what it is in the way of a building, a house of the Lord. And now, I—I would like to say these words: Now, the building, as beautiful as it is, inside and out… My brother-in-law, Junior Weber, had the brick masonry… I don't see how it could have been anything better than what it is: a perfect job.
12  Another brother who's here (I never met the man), he put in the sound system. But noticing even in a flat building like this, I can just… There's no rebound to the acoustics; they're in the ceilings here—different ways. No matter where I stand, it's just the same. See? And every room is—is constructed that the speakers are in them. And you can make it any way you wish to hear. It's—I believe it was the hand of Almighty God Who did these things.
13  Now, if our Lord has so given us a building that we can worship Him in… For better than—around thirty years… We started off with a mud floor—sawdust, and set here by old coal stoves. And the contractor, Brother Wood, one of them, Brother Roberson was telling me that where those pilasters was, and those old stoves used to set in those rafters that went across, they had caught fire and had burned back maybe two or three feet. Why it didn't burn down, only God that kept it. And then after burning off and all the weight of the Tabernacle laying on that, why it did not fall in—only the hand of God. Now, it's undergirded with steel and setting on the ground built up strong.
14  Now, I think it's our duty to make the inside right by the grace of God to be so grateful to God that our… This will just not only be a beautiful building that we'll come to, but may everyone who comes in see the beautiful characteristic of Jesus Christ in every person that comes in. May it be a consecrated place to our Lord, a consecrated people, for no matter how beautiful the structure is (that we certainly do appreciate), the beauty of the church is the character of the people. I trust it'll always be a house of God of beauty.
15  Now, in the dedicational service of the original cornerstone being laid, a great vision came, and it's wrote in the cornerstone the morning I dedicated it.
16  And you might've wondered a few minutes ago why I was so long coming out. My first duty as I come into the new church, I married a young man and woman standing in the office. May it be a type that I'll be a loyal minister to Christ to get a Bride ready for the ceremonies of that day.
17  And now, let us do as we did at the beginning. When we started at the first dedication of the church, I was just a young man and my—maybe twenty-one, twenty-two years old when we laid the cornerstone. It was before I was even married. And I always wanted to see a place correctly in order and God's—for God to worship (See?) with His people. And we can only do that, not by a pretty building, but by a consecrated life is the only way we can do it.
18  And now, before we dedicate a dedicational prayer—read some Scriptures and dedicate the church back to God, and then I have some—I have a message on evangelism this morning to build in to my message coming up. And tonight, I want to take the 5th chapter of Revelations, which is blending in from the—from the Seven Church Ages to the Seven Seals, that I… Then we'll have… Monday night will be the white horse rider; Tuesday night, the black horse rider and on down—the four horse riders. And then the Sixth Seal being opened, and then Sunday morning, next Sunday morning, if the Lord willing (we'll see later, announce it later), maybe next Sunday morning have a prayer meeting for the sick in the building. And then Sunday night close off with… May the Lord help us to open the Seventh Seal, where there's just a short verse, and it says this: "There was silence in heaven for a half hour," by that silence… 23  Now, I don't know what these Seals mean. I am just as much at the end of my wits to them as perhaps some of you are this morning. We have ecclesiastical ideas that has been presented by man, but that will never touch it. And if you'll see, it has to come by inspiration. It must be; God Himself is the only One Who can do it, the Lamb, and tonight is that Book of Redemption.
24  Now, in this I… The reason I'm not announcing prayer meetings for the sick or so forth is because that I am—I'm staying with some friends, and I'm giving every minute of my time to study and prayer. And you know the vision that I had just before leaving and going out west—of those seven Angels come flying, so you'll understand a little later.
25  So now, now in the building I think that we ought to have in this, if it's been dedicated (or going to be dedicated in a few minutes to the worship of God), we should keep it that way. We should never buy or sell in the building. We should never do any business in this auditorium here; it should never be done in here. That is, such as permitting ministers to come in and sell books and everything. No matter what it is, there's other places to do that for… We—we shouldn't buy and sell in the house of our Lord. It should be a place of—of worship, holy, consecrated for that purpose. See? Now, He's give us a nice place; let's dedicate it to Him and dedicate ourselves with it to Him.
26  And now, this may seem a little rude, but it's not a place to visit; it's a place of worship. We should never even murmur a word inside of here, outside of worship, to one another unless it's absolutely necessary. See? We should never rally around; we should never run through the building or let our children run through the building. And so doing this, feeling not long ago that—of doing this, we constructed it so we could take care of all of it. Now, we have this set here… 'Course many people are strangers. The Tabernacle folks know this, that the building is going to be dedicated to the service of the Almighty.