Romans 12:9

“Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.”

The Apostle Paul in this chapter writes of acting in a way that is not self-seeking, but acting in a “sober” way, where we act with sincerity and humility. He then says we should walk in the calling that God has given us, in the best way we can. If we minister, then let us be patient to wait for the Lord’s leading. Let us be cheerful in giving, if we are called to give. Then the Apostle turns his attention to the greatest bond the Church has to hold it together: love.

Let love be without dissimulation. This is not human love, but rather, let your “agape” love, which is a supernatural, unconditional love, be without hypocrisy. One evidence that a person is living the Christian life is that God will exhibit Himself through an individual as an expression of agape love. God is love (1 John 4:8). God wants to show Himself through the Bride of Christ, and when love is projected through us onto each other, God is expressed in human form. We are God’s method of expressing Himself to the rest of the world.

The Apostle Paul says that when this expression of love happens, don’t let it be done as a hypocrite. Helping someone and telling them you love them, only to turn around and gossip about that person, is a hypocrisy that casts down all that God tried to do through us. Let our love for each other be genuine, with a Christ-like attitude. That kind of love comes from a sincere and honest heart that says, “Lord, I may not agree with that person, but let me be an encouragement and example to them.”

We must turn away from all the things that clearly show hypocrisy. Abhor evil, which means to detest it and put it far from us. We must cling, and really hold to, the things that we know are good and honest. The love of God expressing itself in our lives will cause us to detest the evil things that go on, and cause us to be drawn to that which is good.

Don’t let your love be sprinkled with hypocrisy. Detest the wrong and cling to the right.

55-0227A - “The Position Of A Believer In Christ”

Be careful. Don't look at great, high things, great crowds. Don't look at great demonstrations, or great healings, or great things like this. Look at the great Saviour, the Lord Jesus. The fruit of the Spirit is love. What is God? Love. And if you can't love your enemy, no matter what he says about you; your neighbor, no matter what he says about you… If from your heart, not with your lips, not with your knowledge that you should be doing it as a Christian, but something in your heart makes you love them anyway, regardless of what you say. Then it's time to come to the altar again. You just never quite got what you thought you, or what really you should've had. Amen.

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