Ⅰ Peter 1:5
“Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.”

Sometimes you can feel like you are free floating in your faith. You might feel like it is just you and your ability to keep holding onto the Word. Even though it may seem like that, it is not the case. If you stand for the Word then you can be assured that God’s power will keep you through your faith, even until the very end. You are not kept by your own ability, but by your faith in the One who is more than able to keep you.

John the Baptist was a man who was kept by the power of God. He was a man who was born for the wilderness, covered over by the spirit of Elijah. He dwelled in the wilderness and so his habits and demeanor reflected that. He was honest with those around him and called right, right, and wrong, wrong. He called out the leaders of that time and stood for the Word.

He wasn’t very special in today’s view. He didn’t have a huge following when he stepped out from the wilderness. His doctrine was very strange according to what people had heard, but his whole life was intended to forerun something that would shake the whole of Israel and the rest of the world. God kept him by the Holy Spirit. God even gave him the Holy Spirit in his mother's womb. Jesus said there never was a greater man born of a woman than John the Baptist.

Rest assured that the power of God will keep you just as He kept John the Baptist. You are kept by your faith, not your ability to get it right or your own strength. God will build you up and He will carry you through. Rest assured no matter what you face in life, it is God who keeps you in the Faith.

61-0101 - “Revelation, Chapter Four #2”
So he lived off of locusts and wild honey. What a diet! But he was kept by the power of God. He didn't dress with his collar turned around; as somebody said last night, Brother Parnell or some of them. He didn't dress with a frock-tail coat, and all about it. Come out of the wilderness with a big, old piece of sheepskin wrapped around him. As I've said, maybe… We have to take a bath every day, and perhaps he never took one every three or four months, out there in the wilderness. I don't know. He wasn't very much to look at. He didn't have no pulpit. He didn't go into any big cities and have big campaigns. He stood out there on the banks of Jordan, mud up to his knees, and said, "You generation of vipers, who's warned you to flee from the wrath to come?" Hmm. That's when the high places was made low, see, and the low places made high. Uh-huh. Yes, sir.

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