Hebrews 12:29

“For our God is a consuming fire.”

You can’t get warm by a painted fire.

An illusion of something warm doesn’t keep you warm. It may be pleasing to look at and it may also be something to talk about, but a painted fire won’t warm you. This is the same in the spiritual. Paul told the Hebrews, “God is a consuming fire.” He isn’t a painted fire, but a raging consuming flame that burns bright and hot. Many religions have painted fires, but they offer no consuming power.

The Word comes by power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost, not words only (Ⅰ Corinthians 2:4). When Christ died on the cross it made the power of God accessible in the form of the Holy Spirit because the sacrifice had been made. The Holy Spirit will make the Believer a new creation and indwell them. The power of God consumes that person and the fire cleanses them from sin and iniquity.

A modern day denomination can’t paint their idea of what the consuming fire of God is. If the Scripture says one thing, and then the church declares a greater interpretation, saying we don’t have to follow it, there is a painted picture. The fire of God consumes everything in its path. It takes every desire and brings it into perfect harmony with the Word.

Don’t try to be warmed by a painted fire. Make sure the fire of God has consumed you. Consumed your habits, consumed your attitudes, and consumed your whole life. God’s power to transform is real.

Let the fire of God consume you.

51-0718 - “The Angel Of The Lord”

Now, if for instance, if today, if I could come here as it is very warm in the building tonight, and could paint you a picture here on the wall of a air-cooled, arctic place, or something, it would look very well. I'd say, "That's what was." But that doesn't make you be cool, does it, just a painted picture? For instance, you were freezing, and I painted you a picture of fire licking, and burning, like that, I'd… and people standing around getting warm, I'd say, "Looky there, that's fire." Why you can't get warm by a painted fire; it won't warm. That's something that was. You've got to have the fire yourself. What Jesus was then, He is now. If He was a fire, a warmth to the heart, and a soothing, a shelter in the time of storm, He is the same today.

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