Job 1:10

“Hast not thou made an hedge about him, and about his house, and about all that he hath on every side? thou hast blessed the work of his hands, and his substance is increased in the land.”

In certain countries around the world people use a hedge to protect their homes from wild animals or intruders. Most people use a large fence nowadays, and in ancient times it was the same concept. A hedge repels what is outside and protects what is on the inside.

One day when the Lord asked satan about his servant, Job, satan said back, “Of course he is perfect, you have a hedge around him.” Satan was frustrated that God had put such a strong hedge of protection around Job’s family, wealth, and personal being. God was so protecting Job that satan couldn’t get to him. God’s blessing was upon Job in all that his hands set to do. No demon, and not even satan himself, could breach the protection God put around Job.

Job was a perfect and upright man, but not even he had the power of the Holy Spirit behind him like the Believer in this day and age has. If God put such a protection around Job that satan could not breach it, then what will He do for you? What would He do for your family?

Ask the Lord to lay a barrier of protection around you and your family. Make sure you are living the Word from within just as Job was doing. Make sure you are standing on the Word. And no matter what tests or trials God brings you through, He will never forsake you or allow you to handle more than you can bear.

The Lord will place a hedge of protection around you that nothing in this world can breach.

57-0901E - “Hebrews, Chapter Four”

Now, haven't you had a lot of temptations? Don't complain about them. Rejoice. God is with you. He is trying to prove your faith. Look at Job in the Old Testament, when He said, "Have you considered My servant Job, a just man, a perfect man? There is none like him on the earth." "Oh," he said, "sure, You got him hedged up: doesn't have any troubles, doesn't have any worries. He doesn't have any financial burdens, everything is fine. He don't have any sickness, any pain. Let me have him. I'll make him curse You, to Your face." He said, "He's in your hand, but don't you take his life." Oh! He done everything but take his life, but he couldn't move Job. Job knowed he stood pat on the Word. That's right. And all the devils out of hell couldn't move him, for he knowed he had offered that sacrifice. He was just. And they accused him, said, "You've sinned, Job, and God is punishing you." He knew that God hadn't… that he hadn't sinned before God. He knew that he was righteous. Not because he was a good man, but because He was accepting the burnt-offering in his stead.

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