Ⅰ John 4:4
“Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

Humankind was created to achieve. We constantly are trying to build better things, higher buildings, or faster cars. When we are not creating things, then we are trying to accomplish more in less time and become more efficient. Humans are designed to achieve things. God made us this way, to want to accomplish things and do things. But mankind gets into trouble when we leave God out of the picture.

It started in the very beginning, when Cain, by the nature of his father the devil, offered to God things that he had planted and grew from his own hand. He thought that God would much rather have things that he worked hard on instead of what Abel was offering Him. However, Abel had received a revelation of what God wanted. God accepted what Abel gave in faith and rejected what Cain offered by his own achievements.

In this life, we are only overcomers through what God has already done on the cross. We let the Holy Spirit work through us, it’s not us working through the Holy Spirit. We accomplish and achieve through Christ who gives us strength. When we leave God out of the picture, then we are operating on the basis of our own achievements, and it leads to death. Instead of doing things out of our own selfish motives, we should let God achieve His will through us. We must surrender our everything to become overcomers in this life.

It’s okay to achieve and do great things, just as long as it is God doing them through you.

58-1221E - “The Unity Of One God In The One Church”
And then, in this life, man begin to achieve things. But when he did, he begin to leave God out of the picture. He begin to have selfish motives. And—and when he did that, he begin to think of something for himself. And we find that it isn't long until he had corrupted the very planet that God had put him on. He had got it in such a condition till even His Creator, grieved Him at His heart, that He'd ever made a man. And you can imagine how God felt when He seen the very creature that He made in His image, and give him dominion, and how that He made him to do something for Him, and yet he turned all of his strengths and his power over to selfish desires and achievements.

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