Psalm 16:11
“Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.”

Everyone has their own unique life story to tell. We all have different experiences and different circumstances throughout our lives. No life is the same; some individuals have amazing stories to tell, and some may seem ordinary to most, but the fact remains that each individual has to choose their path in life.
David writes in this Psalm that when he sought the Lord He would show him the path of his life. That path would lead right into the presence of the Lord and there would be the fulness of joy on that path. He writes that at the right hand there are pleasures forevermore. Who did Stephen, the first martyr in the Bible, see at the right hand of God? “Thee” son of man, Christ. In Christ there are pleasures forevermore.

The Lord can show you the path of life. He will guide you onto that path that He has prepared for you and give you joy thereon. The joy of your salvation comes from dwelling in His presence; through the good times and through the bad times you can have joy everlasting. David had many bad times, but always the Lord’s path was the best way.

Perhaps you need to find your way back onto His path, or maybe you just need your joy restored on the road. Seek the Lord in all that you do, and He will make His way known to you. He will restore the joy of your salvation. Share the path of life to those around you. Always be ready to share the joy of walking on the Lord’s path.

On the Lord’s path there is joy and pleasures for evermore. Are you walking on His path?

62-0621B - “The Path Of Life”
Lord Jesus, the great Shepherd of the flock, I'm so glad, Lord, that You showed me the path of life. And I'm so glad to be walking down this grand old highway. I'm so thankful to have my arms join with these brothers today, as we're standing by the side of the highway, screaming with our voices in all the talents that You've give us to that dying mass of humanity out there to which You died for. Lord, help us, will You please?

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